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Kim K -- Can't Decide What She 'Likes Poking More'

9/1/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is helping that much-hyped Internet thingy finally fulfill its potential by delivering herself in skimpy outfits while purring, "I'm here to make you an offer you won't be able to refuse."

Kim and her badonkadonk shot a series of video messages for Cameo Stars -- y'know the company that also brought you Lindsay Lohan and Rachel Uchitel in skintight clothing.

Check out her outtakes because -- seriously -- when else are you ever going to hear Kim say this to you: "I can't decide what I like poking more ... you or these bubbles?"  Seriously.


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Some random guy    

Yikes, I think I meant to say it's hypocritical, not ironic. My mistake. And can you do me a favor and type your response up in paragraphs and not big walls of text please? It makes a response much easier to read though. I learned that from, you know, going to school and graduating... despite me making a mistake by misusing a word.

1507 days ago

Some random guy    

And you aren't pointing any fingers? The racism is true, and we are not the problem, stop singling out Mexicans as the only lawbreakers in this f*cking country! You keep singling us out as the only thing that's wrong with America, you're full of sh*t, and that's a fact. We do not give someone the reason to hate the entire country, that's just what narrow-minded as*holes like you do - hate an entire group of people just because some of them don't fit your standards of a civlized person. Now I won't sit here and act like every Mexican is a saint, but saying things like none of them have any redeeming qualities or if the country doesn't have anything good about it is just plain wrong and you know it.

You sure love generazling though, acting like there isn't a single Mexican that's worthy of being a good person, we're all bad people. You make me f*cking sick. I bet you hate all Muslims too because of 9/11. Oh and now you're gonna say other hispanics hate us, but why the hell should you care who they do or don't like, you said in your previous post that you do not like them either. So don't act like you're on their side now please.

It's easy for you to tell them to correct their problems, you weren't born into poverty like alot of them are, you don't know wtf it feels like. Stop blaming others for all your misery. I can scream racism all I want here, because you are a racist. And if America didn't want them here at all they would've never hired illegals to begin with, so shut the f*ck up. Cheap labor goes a long way.

I never thought some dumb*ss would post his Anti-Mexican BS on a story about Kim Kardashian. Maybe I'll read your b*tchings about your hate for Mexicans in a story about David Hasselhoff next time.

The truth is you're a damn bigot, YOU'RE WHATS WRONG WITH AMERICA. The hate in this country has to stop, starting with you. YES, THERE ARE MEXICANS THAT DON'T FOLLOW THE RULES HERE, BUT THERE ARE ALSO PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES INCLUDING YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS THAT DON'T FOLLOW THEM EITHER. LUMPING AN ENTIRE GROUP OF PEOPLE TOGETHER AS UNDESERABLES IS WHAT BIGOTS DO BEST, FACT. Every country has it's good and bad things about it. But you just can't see it. At least I won't be like you right now and hate every single person from a certain country (The U.S. in this case) because of what one of them (you) is saying. I'll take the high road.

1506 days ago

Some random guy    

Some typo corrections:

"don't fit your standards of a *civilized person"

"You sure love *generalizing though"


1506 days ago

Some random guy    

Okay, now by that brown comment, you just proved you're a racist piece of trash, nothing more, and that's all you ever will be. Anything else you have to say from that post on is completely useless. It really sucks to be you. 80% of Americans don't want them here huh? I like statistics you pull out of your fat ass, impressive. They've contributed nothing? No inventions, etc. And what the hell have you contributed besides blind ignorance and hate, again? That's right, nothing. They are slaves and YOU don't need cheap labor? Yeah, you don't, but America does, sorry. The majority rules when it comes to it, nobody cares about what you don't need. Hate to break it to you.

And don't even get me started on the immature-as-hell taco faced relative comment. You say all I do is point the fingers at my "taco-faced" relatives? All you do is point the fingers at Mexicans you stupid bigot. I f*cking told you I acknowledge that therer are Mexicans that commit crimes and do stupid sh*t, yet you continue to lump all of them together as being the same.You tell me to "civlize" my people? What the hell do you want me to do? They're grown-ups, they don't need me telling them how to act and what to do to make idiots like you happy. They control their own lives you dumba*s. You should teach all the American criminals to be civilized too if you want me to go out and somehow teach everyone right from wrong.

Oh my god, seriously, I thought you were an adult for a second! Kid, get the hell off the computer, you know nothing. You sure had me fooled. But if you really are an adult, then that's sad. Mexicans don't suck, intolerant pieces of fecal matter like YOU DO. YOU ARE UNWANTED, YOU don't represent the majority of Americans, thank god. I'm glad I'm the bigger person here and not stooping to your ignorant level by generalizing entire nations/ethnic groups of people because of the actions of some of them.

You are obviously incapabable of leaving a mature response, you resorted to insinuate brown people look like sh*t and calling my relatives "taco-faced", whatever the hell that means. But what can I expect from someone like you?

Now get the f*ck out of here and register on Stormfront like I told you, that site is calling your name. Have a nice day, and maybe someday you can take a trip to Mexico (or a predominantly Mexican/hispanic neighborhood) and tell them how you feel. And do it alone, don't bring your Neo-Nazi/white trash buddies with you. You call Mexicans beasts, well I know who the true beast is in this argument. His screenname is "OKS".

I honestly hope you grow up someday, but that's probably asking too much.

1506 days ago

Some random guy    

Lol, I just noticed the "Some Randumb Mexican Guy," you had in your last post.

You never cease to amaze me with your immaturity.

1506 days ago

Some random guy    

"Some Randumb Mexican Guy"

We're in Kindergarten again I see.

"who likes to make corrections to his posts and point fingers at everyone accept his fellow Mexicans for ruining this country"

OMFG, I told you a million times, I know there are Mexicans that do bad sh*t to this country, and I condemn their actions, but they aren't the only ones, politicians are the ones that are truly ruining the country. You point fingers at everyone except your own people. It's all the fault of the Mexicans, no one else it seems according to you.

"and who by the way you made an error that went uncorrected and I frankly am surprised,"

And what error would that be?

"All I can say is that I think you are trying to hit on me."

What is this a white flag? Trying to change the subject I see. About time you realized you weren't going to win this debate. Good for you. But to answer your question: in your dreams.

You done now?

1505 days ago

Some random guy    

By the way I'm not seeing you previous posts anymore. Why is that?

1505 days ago

Some random guy    

I was finally going to call it a day and agree with you. You're right, we don't need more criminals, and all of that, good point... then you go off and say we're solely to blame for the destruction of America, just us, nobody else. We're back to square one. For god's sake.

But what am I doing I'm supposed to stop taking you seriously because of your childish, racist comments from earlier. Your opinion should no longer matter anymore but yet I keep coming back for some reason, hoping to finally get through to you I guess but then you go and reignite the flames.

1504 days ago

Some random guy    

Wait... is my last post accurate as to where you're blaming Mexicans again as a whole for singlehandedly ruining this country, or just that I'm correct for admitting that SOME of them are a problem?

Which one do you mean? Please let it be the latter. I kinda had a knee-jerk reaction there and didn't think my response through that much so that's why I'm asking to make sure what you meant. Take back your racist sh*t from earlier too and we can shake hands...

1504 days ago

Some random guy    

Hmm, you have make valid points, and don't sound like an immature a*s like you did earlier. I think you've matured a little since I started talking to you. Or maybe you were smart the whole time but didn't quite think before you responded with some racist comments like you did earlier.

But yeah I hate it when I hear that illegals or illegal Mexicans commit crimes here, I think to myself "People hate us enough as it is, why do you have to make it worse for us? As if being here illegally isn't bad enough."

But I still have a problem with you saying "Mexican culture as a whole" does not value education. You can't fault an entire culture because some of them are uneducated or don't value education. A few poor, illiterate illegal immigrants from Mexico don't represent the entire Mexican culture. So saying that we as a whole don't value education is just wrong. CERTAIN Mexicans don't care about education, not all of them. I know plenty of them that are educated.

Also, there are Mexicans that try to be Americans once they are here, learn English, become American citizens. Not all of us act like we still live in Mexico. I sure don't, I am a permanent resident but I'll try to apply for citizenship in the future. I had an opportunity to go and visit Mexico back in June but I refused due to my paranoia over drug violence and all the crime that goes on.

I wasn't going to the beach like Cancun or Acapulco so it's not quite as safe. My sister said that when she was over there she saw a bunch of soldiers outside to watch for cartel members. It turns out that the trip wasn't so bad so I guess I worried about nothing. And others have said it's not really as dangerous as some people think or as bad as the media makes it out to be.

So while I currently live (and don't plan to live anywhere else at the moment) in the United States, I still don't forget where I come from, hence me defending Mexico/Mexicans in this thread.

1503 days ago

Daniel Arc    

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1502 days ago
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