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Lindsay Lohan --

Dangerous Liaisons

9/2/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan -- a woman who has been to rehab for alcohol abuse -- is flirting with known danger, and here are the pictures to prove it.

Lindsay was photographed Saturday at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood ... sitting at a table that appears to be littered with a few unknown beverages.

By day, hangin' poolside at her apartment is not a problem -- but by night ... the bar scene could be a very dangerous risk.



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Tick Tock Tick Tock............

1509 days ago


I can't believe how disgusting TMZ is! These are private pictures from facebook that TMZ decided to just go and snoop around to collect. Here's something else TMZ didn't tell you; the bottle in question is a bottle of TruBlood, which can be seen clearly in other pics. TMZ you are disgusting!

1509 days ago


Lilo aka.The Wreck of the Hesperus..

1509 days ago


Susan, Susan, you poor naive excuse for a human being. Just because she's being tested (allegedly) 2x a week, just completed rehab (all be it, abbreviated)doesn't mean she is now somehow immune to "peer pressure". We know that Lindsay has a drug and alcohol problem. TMZ is simply saying that, maybe, she shouldn't oughtta be hanging out at bars, or any place where alcohol is readily available.

Maybe you should re-read the article before before getting mad at TMZ. Or at least re-read the last sentence of the article. You know? The one that says:

"By day, hangin' poolside at her apartment is not a problem -- but by night ... the bar scene could be a very dangerous risk."

Translation: Hey Linz! Hang out with whoever you want. You just may want to think twice about where you hang out with them.

1509 days ago


Not good, not good at all.

1509 days ago


She should find new friends who like to drink tea or coffee.
Tea anyone?

1509 days ago


I was rooting for her to get recovery and get well. But apparently she's going to bar's which aren't banned from her probation, but surely if she was taking this recovery seriously she could find a better place to hang out at. In recovery they say to stay away from people, PLACES, and things.

She knows this yet she's still risking her life by going to a place that is a temptation to her disease.....

And #5 Carvey ?----- The article was written BEFORE she went to jail and rehab???? She open's her mouth she's lying.

Although she was quoted as saying that she would stay out of clubs because there no fun anyway, in order to get her career back.

But judging by these pictures her career is over. Unless she goes into porn. And shame on the doctor's who had her released early ! You all will have blood on your hand's when this girl dies and she will die young. She'll be lucky to make it to 30. It's just plain pathetic that her besty friends would take her to a club to celeb her release ! Good friends, yea right !

1509 days ago


i thought that if you were on probation for a alcohol related offense you cant go into and hang out in a bar? she should be violated

1509 days ago


I really wouldn't be surprised to hear that she dies, not of a drug overdose, but a fatal asthma attack.

1509 days ago


What Lindsay says and does are two different things. She spoke in the article about not having a drinking or drugging problem. That if it were true she would need a hospital or detox in order to get off the stuff.

That is truly B.S. Anyone yes even an alcoholic or drug addict can detox at home safely without the need for intervention. So this girl is so in denial that it's frightening. She put's out these interviews as though they are the god's honest truth. I don't think Lindsay knows what the truth is....pathetic has been.

1509 days ago


LiLo is a party girl. She's gotta have a posse and she's gotta party. She's done nothing serious in her entire life. Her acting, as rudimentary as it is, is play. Keanu Reeves is a better actor. She's a kid at mind and heart trapped in an adult body. Not until she takes herself and her craft seriously will she dig out of this deep denial she lives in. Good luck.

1509 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

is Dina's new name Susan?

1509 days ago


Loving the side boob...

1509 days ago


Heard yesterday she was blaming Britney Spears for her bad habits. This girl has learned nothing. I guess personal responsibility isn't part of her belief system. She's spittin' in the face of the justice system. Lets see if they let her get away with it.

1509 days ago


So far she is actually doing good. She has passed all of her drug test, she has gone to every aa meeting, she has checked in with her PO when she is suppose to and she has been attending her therapy sessions. I have not seen her falling out of a night club drunk or any cracked out tweets.

Of course it has only been a few weeks but lets not create stories of doom just yet TMZ.

1509 days ago
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