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Lindsay Lohan --

Dangerous Liaisons

9/2/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan -- a woman who has been to rehab for alcohol abuse -- is flirting with known danger, and here are the pictures to prove it.

Lindsay was photographed Saturday at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood ... sitting at a table that appears to be littered with a few unknown beverages.

By day, hangin' poolside at her apartment is not a problem -- but by night ... the bar scene could be a very dangerous risk.



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There's a problem here    

Lindsay? GET YOUR FILTHY FINGERS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!! The pose is completely ridiculous and we've seen it like 958 times already. Seriously, those hands should be nowhere near your mouth. Nauseating.

1476 days ago


#16 The father a douchebag , what about the mother Dina? Talk about a douchebag. She lives off her daughter, follows her and friends to clubs like she was 20. Talk about a loser.That bleached blonde needs to get a life .Not live off her daughters purse strings.

1476 days ago


Ask Dr. Drew--if you're in recovery, you can't hang out at those places or with the people you used to hang out with.
The clock is ticking on her re-arrest and jail sentence. She'll end up getting a year or more in jail and then blame everyone else.

1476 days ago

who dat    

Who are the fuzzbumpers in the b&w photos?

1476 days ago


22 year recovering alcoholic here. A sober person does not come out of treatment and spend her first night in a bar, regardless of what she's drinking. She's still trying to demonstrate her control over alcohol. The first step of recovery necessitates admitting one is powerless. She is not sober and not in recovery. She has not hit bottom yet. Look for plenty more TMZ pieces on her partying.
One definition of addiction is repeating the same behavior day after day, expecting a different outcome each time.

1476 days ago


I keep saying it, BLOWhan has learned NOTHING from rehab. 2 major rules for a successful rehab are:

1) Take responsibility for your own actions, past & present
2) Avoid places like bars & parties that promote alcohol/drug consumption, especially because newly rehabbed people are at their weakest.

So, what does BLOWhan do immediately upon getting out of rehab? She gives a vanity fair interview where she blames her parents, her friends & others for all her troubles; she takes NO responsibility. And, immediately starts going to bars & parties again; photos show her hanging out at tables with booze on them. She's a stupid, arrogant little bitch, and I believe she'll be drinking/drugging immediately. What a dumbass...

1476 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Please start drinking soon, LiLoser...And take some bad cocaine. The media needs you gone forever

1476 days ago


If the drugs and alcohol don't get her, the cigarettes will! She must be crazy. She seems to have a pack with her at all times.

An actor's main tool is their voice. I don't think she really gives a fat rat's behind about anything.

1476 days ago


I think the chick next to Lilo in the poolside pic is Samantha Swetra from The City.

1476 days ago


The girl lounging beside her looks like Samantha from "The City". Yes, No?

1476 days ago


@Danielle and Toronto That is Samantha Swetra, she visits Lindsay from time to time. For the record, as others mentioned, Vanity Fair's interview took place BEFORE Lindsay went to jail/psych ward. Also, Chateau Marmont is not a club, it is a hotel/restaurant, Bar Marmont is a restaurant and like most restaurants, liquor is served there.

1476 days ago


i hate to use this word but she is clearly retarded!

1476 days ago


In CA it's usually a probation condition that one stay out of establishments that primarily seerve alcohol.

1476 days ago


Wow, an entire fansite came to bitch in these comments. No one gives a crap who she's with or how long she's known them, there are bottles on the table. If they're sitting there drinking in front of a recovering alcoholic what kind of great effing friends are they?

The cigs are back, the booze is right around the corner.

1476 days ago


Is that Sammy Sweetra from The City beside Lindsay at the pool???

1476 days ago
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