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Uchitel Mourns Dead Fiance ... for the Cameras

9/1/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel made an emotional visit to a memorial dedicated to her former fiance who was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks ... and for good measure, she brought along Dr. Drew and a reality TV crew.

Rachel Uchitel Fiance
Cameras were rolling last Thursday as Uchitel -- who is starring in the upcoming season of "Celebrity Rehab" -- sat down near a plaque dedicated to Andy O'Grady in New York's Central Park and read a letter she had written to honor his memory.

A source close to the production tells us Rachel then placed the note in a bottle and dropped it in the water.


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Bubbles The Chimp    

Dr. Drew has already contacted me for the next Celebrity Rehab. I am traumatized from being in a zoo cage for too long and by TMZ torturing me by having to look at Wh*re Skanks with cellulite asse all day.

1456 days ago

Moe Green    

What a low life!

1456 days ago


There is no way in the world that she could walk away from that smiling if she truly loved that man. She's as fake as they make them.
I thought that might have been what started her down the wrong path was the fact her fiance was killed. I guess I was wrong. Anyone with a heart would've spent hours and hours crying after having to revisit that. Look at the smile on her face. Pathetic is the only thing I can come up with to describe her now.

1456 days ago


This also speaks a lot for DR DREW....Birds of a feather (fame whore's) belong together..BLA BLA BLA!!! This guy has defamed himself by associating his name with all of these TRULY-CRAP "Reality" Shows that he has been a part of.

1456 days ago

al baby    

I know this sounds wrong, but from what I have seen the poor man who died on 9/11(her fiancee) was spared a lifetime of misery with this thing.

Hes in heaven, she is in hell.

Not so bad after all.

1456 days ago


It's a photo op people; you don't think she's going to snatch that bottle back up? Otherwise someone else would and sell it on eBay. But yes, it's a pathetic excuse to get attention. I know someone that died in the WTC attacks; where's my camera crew?!??! Fame wh0re...

1456 days ago


So, she is saying it's her ex's death that is the reason she is a big slut bag? I mean, come one now! She can do better than this.

We all loose people we love and we all react differently to death-I get that. That was a long time ago-how long can she milk this jug of sh*t she keeps trying to sell us? I'm so disgusted with Dr. Drew. I USED to really like and respect him.

1456 days ago


Our tribe has spoken!
{and there are some pretty low characters out there}
Using 9-11 for your own twisted glory.

1456 days ago


She's disgusting. She doesn't have a dependency problem except for depending on other women's husbands. Other people lost loved ones in 9/11 not just you Rachel McWhorebag and you don't see them crapping all over their memory on some wretched cheese ball reality show featuring has been losers. I bet her dead fiance is rolling over in his grave at this. why can't she just take her money and be gone already.

1456 days ago


What I wouldn't give for someone to have come up behind her and pushed her in the water.

1456 days ago


#10, wombat.............that was so funny, "I'll tell your mom you said hi" I'm still laughing.

1456 days ago


i agree that dr drew is just as bad. that guy is another dr phil

1456 days ago

jack e. jett    

skank/whore/skank/whore/skank/whore......and NOTHING MORE.

1456 days ago


Dr. Screw is the one who is the piece of ****

1456 days ago


Drew Pinsky is no more professionally esteemed than Dr. Phil (less so) and this demonstrates his non-professional ethics by having this filmed for money on (their) behalf.

RU has one goal in mind and that is to regain sympathy from the public to cover the disgust of being a swine and destroying the sacredness of the marriages of other women. It didn't work with David, did it? Unlike Tiger Woods he and his wife didn't play cowards to the clever legal attempts at extorting family monies.

Shame on both of them for lacking civility and compassionate regard for this man's family. It's been throughout the internet that she sued his parents in an attempt to gain his death benefits. Yes, she's been at the "money game" a very long time it would seem.

1456 days ago
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