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Sam Ronson Dog Attack -- The 911 Call

9/1/2010 11:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made moments after Sam Ronson's dog Cadillac allegedly killed a 2-year-old Maltese ... in which the caller tells the operator, "A vicious bulldog killed another dog and bit its owner."

Sam Ronson 911 Call
The unidentified caller also claims the attack happened "in the hallway" of Sam's West Hollywood apartment early Monday morning.

At one point, the operator asks the caller, "Is the owner of the dog a male or a female?"
The caller replies, "I believe a male."

As we previously reported, Sam is now the focus of a criminal investigation surrounding the death of Tiger -- a 3-pound Maltese that was roaming the hallway without a leash.

Ronson has since shipped Cadillac to the East Coast to stay with family.


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She looks like a crack whore.

1511 days ago


What kind of careless, stupid AIRHEAD would leave a 3 lb. Maltese to wander around a hallway unsupervised to be killed or stolen? That poor dog deserved a better owner! That being said, Ronson should be prosecuted to the fullest extent for the savage attack of her also unattended, unsupervised VICIOUS dog. What a disgusting pig she is! Also, any dog that has lived with her should be put down just because it will have her dyke cooties....

1511 days ago


The 911 call states that the small dog's owner was bitten as well, so it doesn't sound like the small dog was just roaming the halls unsupervised.

1511 days ago


This is something that both owners could have prevented, I think people should not own dogs if they are not going to obey the leash laws period.

They have both subjected there animals to something that need not of happened. People now days have no respect for the laws, and are lazy owners of there pets.

I have a neighbor with a maltese dog that looks exactly like the one that died and the owner is so lazy she lets her dog out after dinner every night to poop on peoples lawns and I have had to knock on her door many times to pick up the poop as I am not afraid to confront her and spouse about this.

It's sickning and the next time I will have the police knocking with hopefully a citation as I have been to nice to my neighbor.

love my neighbor as myself but I have had enough. People don't respect other people and dogs it's ridiculous and shamefull.

The law should change that people that don't walk there dogs on a leash and don't pick the dogs poop up shouldn't own dogs, because they have no respect for there pets and they have no good morals.

The owners are suppose to be in control of the where abouts of there dogs, now the one owner won't have a model for a dog and the other shipped hers off to lala land?

1511 days ago


SNST DEALER AND revealing just a couple of dudes with little ****s, gotta have those pit bulls and jacked trucks to feel male.. so funny, basic psych class tells you, these two got no meat. ha
next, owner of dead dog needs to be put to sleep, no doubt one of those stupid chicks, too concerned about her beauty sleep and let her dog roam the hallway, put the owner to sleep. next, Sam the man..........oh she bugs, stop with the contrived behavior, we get it, you like women, you want to be a man, but so over the top, not cool, just like degenerate and chaz bono, they are trying so hard to be male, its just over the top, its not authentic behavior, look at sam the man when she walks or smokes, its so forced, all three of them are true messes. put them all to sleep, unfortunately dogs cannot chose who their owners are.

1511 days ago


I don't think the attack would have been prevented had the Maltese been on a leash, so you can't really say that the Maltese owner could have prevented an attack by an off leash bulldog.

1511 days ago


Listen closely folks. This caller is so ignorant and stupid, that to the police, Sam is a "the lady" and the dog is a "vicious BULLDOG". To the fire department the story completely changes to "I believe the owner is a MALE and the dog becomes a "vicious pit bull". What a douchebag who is just looking to cause trouble and problems for his neighbor. Sorry, I'm on Cadillac's AND Sam's side on this one. Too many inconsistencies in this *******'s recordings.

1511 days ago


There's a BIG difference between a PITBULL and an English bulldog dumbass. These breeds are MISUNDERSTOOD. Trust me, I've owned nothing but pits and English bulldogs with NO incidences. Enough is enough of *******s like this idiot claiming "pitbull" just to get officers there faster. How flippin ridiculous! Truly, why do any people care if Sam looks like a man or a woman. Stop your gay bashing ya complete MORONS.

1511 days ago


I really wish the idiot that states the maltese's owner was bit would get a damn hearing aide. This IDIOT that called 911 states the "vicious bulldog" bit THE OWNER OF IT. Exact words are "The dog bit its own owner". Geez, learn how to listen before posting for God's sake.

1511 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Skank Ronson's dog killed Bruce Vilanch?

1511 days ago


The caller was wasn’t stupid.
Understandably, he couldn’t figure out if Sam is male or female.
The owner of the Maltese is a woman

1511 days ago


The caller wasn’t stupid.
Understandably, he couldn’t figure out if Sam is male or female.
The owner of the Maltese is a woman............

“Per TMZ, someone called 911 at 11:10 a.m. to report that a woman and a small dog had been attacked by a "pit bull." The attack dog was later identified as a bulldog and its given home address matched Ronson's.
Animal Control did visit the scene but left without Cadillac”

1511 days ago


People who own dogs capable of killing should be sent to an island somewhere to live together away from sane society. A persons safety shouldn't depend solely on the neighbors ability to control and accurately judge the personality of their pets!
People should have to chose between owning a dog like this and living in a populated community. If it's that important to you to own one of these big a-hole dogs then seeya!

How would you like it if I moved in to the house beside your family and had a big harry pedofile living in my basement? Don't worry, he's well supervised and never leaves the yard! He'd never hurt anyone. Every once in a while he might start yelling and take a run at your kids but he's just playing. As long as your kids don't make any threatening gestures they'll be fine.

1511 days ago


Put that dog down. It already had to go throught socialization classes because of the last fiasco.

1511 days ago


looks like a mix of Ectasy and another prescription that is causing her disqusting weight loss.

I think her death would be the wake up call Lindsay needs.

1511 days ago
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