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The Situation -- Rollin' On Expensive Dubs

9/2/2010 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the car that abs bought --  a 2008 Bentley coup for The Situation, and all he had to shell out was around $100,000.


But Sitch isn't rollin' alone ... his brother, Marc Sorrentino, got a slightly less-expensive 2008 Bentley.

Our Sitch sources say both cars were paid for through the brothers' company -- MPS Entertainment ... brokered by Andy Eminger from Celebrity Rental.

We're told the boys are getting the cars suped up with custom rims and sweet sound systems.

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who gives a **** anyway. these ginzos are a royal embarrassment to all Italians... go away....SOON !!!

1491 days ago


God bless him. Go for it. I admire he is taking his brother along for the ride.

1491 days ago

go home!    

What is hilarious is this loser only has probably a year or two in the public eye left and instead of saving it for his retirement, he is gonna spend all this money he is making probably in the first year. LOL he is going to end up with nothing just like he will be nothing to the media in a couple years.

That isn't "hating" its just F A C T S! Ha! Loser!

1491 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

These so-called italians make me sick. I am really from Italy. Rome to be exact...and these fools would not survive in real Italy. They are like black people wearing African clothes and necklaces with the shape of Africa when they have not stepped one foot there. Italy laughs in disgust at these clowns.

1491 days ago


Wow, its funny how much people hate on him for buying a bently, I do not like the show but give the dude props, he's making millions because people think hes funny. What is wrong with that?

1491 days ago



1491 days ago


Stop hatin on the situation. At least he is being smart with his money. Most of you on here just mad because you don't have his money!

1490 days ago


Very nice lol. Nice to see him taking care of his bro and prob his parents too. Don't forget where you came from man take care of your family.

1490 days ago


I can't believe he is dumb enough to think his money will last. Actually, yes I can. His 15 minutes of fame could end any second. It's not like he has any actual skills. If he were smart then he would save his money.

I have a good feeling he will be the first one voted off Dancing with the "Stars".

1490 days ago


He got the car from Celebrity Rentals? So basically, he's renting a Bentley? Well that's even more lame.

And let's be honest here. $100k for a car isn't exactly a rare thing these days. I work in vehicle leasing and have done seven cars in the past three months that are over $100k. Normal, people spending a little more on their cars.

1490 days ago


Rims and a sound system do not qualify as 'souped up' Might as well be a 19 year old kid with a civic and a 'fart pipe'

1490 days ago


He's got to be the most unattractive man to ever live!

1490 days ago



1488 days ago

Mike H.    

I am not a big fan of the show, actually I feel a bit dumber everytime I watch an episode.

You have to hand it to the guy though, it is estimated that he will be making 5 mil in 2010 and double that in 2011. Not too bad. I would take the money and run with it too. He is going to be set for life if he handles the "situation" with the smallest amount of common sense. Time will tell, remember that MC Hammer blew through 100 mil in the time it takes to say; I bought 10 lambo's and I have money grubbin, lip flappin, family and friends Yo....

1488 days ago


Great the oldest guy from the show will have a cool ride to pick up teeny boppers with. You all saw it. They would pick up the youngest girls in the clubs to bring them back to the house and get nothing. lame idiots

1487 days ago
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