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Alicia Keys

Belly Up in NYC

9/3/2010 5:02 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Married for just over a month, Alicia Keys showed off her growing baby bump while strolling through Tribeca with her record producer husband Swizz Beatz on Wednesday.

No word on exactly when their latest production will drop.

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ew ew ew ew ew

Stop the madness...why the hell are you wearing shorts....?


1488 days ago


she looks like she ate too many Doozer buildings on fraggle rock. jim henson wants miss piggys legs back..LoL

1488 days ago


i hope she has hanes socks cause they might turn into bacon strips from those chankles. no need to say what she'd look like when she's 50, count the rings on those tree trunks. i bet the inner rings say her legs are that of a 60 yr old. sorry no compassion for the homewrecker. at least she has plenty of nestle crunch on her face to feed that baby. swizz looks like a black wheres waldo. a womans worth as much as her baby dad! good job alicia! wreck family, get pregnant and then get married. i see what you're worth industry slut. hey kelis is looking for a roommate.

1488 days ago


I will always love you gal,and wow she looks so beautiful even though she has gain some kilos.SHE LOOKS AMAZING

1488 days ago

olughu mikhael    

haters,keep hating!...despite d fact she's dnst change d fact she's d most beautiful female singer...swizz is up to tha tack...

1488 days ago


Can't believe there are such bitter people here. You sound a little jealous. No talent? Twelve grammy's, actress, many hit songs. Yeah, you sound a little jealous. Feel sorry for you. Guess you've got to look for something to knock her for. She has a beautiful voice and body. She is a one of a kind talent and a beautiful person. Her charity work is proof of that. I've found people love to see other people fail for some reason. Well that's not going to happen here, hopefully. AK is one of the strongest people in entertainment and hopefully will stay that way. She is handling all this madness very well. Love the little blue maternity top. Looks very cute. For the person who seems to be trying to sell her house, you're not doing a very good job because with your attitude I can't imagine anyone wanting to be anywhere near you. You sound like a Mashonda supporter. EEK Stay away! Mind your own house and business. Much love and respect to Alicia.

1488 days ago


Cover those TREE Stump legs..HORRR legs, crooked mouth..I never liked the kun&&

1488 days ago


I would like each and every one of you to post a full body picture of yourselves. I can guarantee that 90% of you on here critiquing this pregnant woman are all jacked What a bunch of miserable losers…. She can seriously care less what anyone of you thinks about her anyway. Check your bank account against hers and you'll know why.

1488 days ago


Flaunt it girl. You have much to be proud of. Anyone who can't appreciate what a person goes through to bring a beautiful life into this world is not worth listening to. You are doing great and everything that's happening now won't even matter in a few months. It's all worth it. Much respect and love. It's obvious they are just jealous. Ha ha Wear what you want, if you're not being judged about one thing, it will just be something else. Ignore the hate.

1488 days ago


hes gonna cheat on ur fat ass too!!

1488 days ago


Alicia is such a great singer. I wish that TMZ and others did not enable the belief that to be an artist you need to combine the natural elements of a skinny body, good music and the ability to speak intelligently.

What you get is Britney who can't sing, is fat- then skinny, and then has catchy songs. Your get others who are talented, but because they are fat or ugly, don't get a fair shake.

Alicia Keys is a nice looking girl, but she is now pregnant and married. Yes she has cottage cheese legs and yes she will probably never be skinny again, but who cares? The only people who will critisize are those without a girlfriend, wife or a significant other. Those that feel threatened when their "stars" they depend on for life change. You people need to get a life. As your stars you worship get married and have kids, maybe you should too.

People are not on this earth to remain the same size and shape there were at 18 for your beatoffaphilia.....

1488 days ago

Damn Gina    

Wow! Her legs are huge. It looks even worse that there is cellulite all over them. Poor Alicia.

1488 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

What Alicai Keys won't tell the public is that she is a homosexual woman who choose to get pregnant. who knows who the father really is. Well that is not the point. It's that she could say anyhing.
On a seperate note her ankle and legs are turining into elephantitus syndrome. That proves at least she is really pregnant.

1488 days ago


Wow, you people are so cruel on how she looks!! I think she is still beautiful.

1488 days ago


This would have been great if the top was actually a long dress. The short thing with the crazy sandals just isn't working. If your lower half isn't in great shape, a dress covers much and is cool if it's hot outside.Capris or longer shorts would have been better too.

Get thine-self to a stylist. Just say no to short shorts! And, just say no to "ankle-warmer" sandals unless your legs are great.

1488 days ago
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