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Alicia Keys

Belly Up in NYC

9/3/2010 5:02 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Married for just over a month, Alicia Keys showed off her growing baby bump while strolling through Tribeca with her record producer husband Swizz Beatz on Wednesday.

No word on exactly when their latest production will drop.

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Swizz search of his next ho to impregnate.

1509 days ago


You cannot be serious, Teri! There is nothing remotely attractive about Swizz Beatz. Believe me, most of us women would have no problem resisting the temptation of such a low-life.

"How many of you haters are without sin? How many of you envious women have kept your legs closed? Be honest! And how many of you would jump all over Swizz if he came your way? Be honest! Tell the truth and shame the devil!"

1509 days ago


You damn right, I am serious! If Swizz or Alicia Keys came your way, you would jump all over it. The fame and fortune alone would intrigue you, as it does most people.

It's people like yourself, Shandroid, who are hate mongers and envious spreading nasty things about people who haven't hurt you in any way. What did Alicia do to you for you to talk so harshly about her?

If you weren't envious, why else would you be disrespecting and talking down about people you don't even know personally. You don't know the cir***stances surrounding Alicia and Swizz Beatz's relationship. But, yet, you have so much criticism and self righteous antics about something you don't know any thing about. What's up with that?

And why is it so important to you that their relationship evolved? Have they hurt you personally? Did they invade your life and start spewing vicious things about you, the way you're doing to them?

Get over it! Get your own life! Stop spreading hate!

1509 days ago


This message is for Quincing Snuff -

What exactly do you do in the music industry? Most people that I know in the industry do not waste their time in forums such as this one. In fact they are so consumed with business that they don't have time to join open forums and debate on non sense.

Also, just a comment, you sound bitter as if someone in the industry has done you wrong. Or, perhaps you haven't made it big in the industry. Perhaps this accounts for your bitterness?

1509 days ago


Wow, Teri, what exactly has Swizz and Alicia done for YOU lately? There is nothing in Swizz's personal life that impresses me. As typical, Swizz has numerous children from a couple of women (condom?), he left one woman while she was pregnant, and now, without skipping a beat (or getting married first) this idiot knocks up Alicia. Believe me, sweetie, they won't last.

Since you are so supportive of Mr. Beatz (off), you can go ahead and be positive, but I don't see much, besides his professional talent to be supportive of.

1509 days ago


Quincing Snuff

U are one bitter BEE-ATCH!!! Alicia keys is a simply Beautiful woman who made it big in the music industry. And u are what??? NoT much judging from your post. It's time to move on and accept that you did not have what it takes to be as successul as she is. And for those of you other bitter people, her calves are fat, so what? All of us have some body issues and being successful does not necessarily change that unless you want to spend loads of time at the plastic surgeons office. And remember, alicia keys is a famous and absolutely successful beauty.

1509 days ago



It is not about me being positive, it's not about me being supportive of Alicia and Beatz's choices in life, and it's not about what Beatz and Alicia have done for me lately, as you put it.

It is about me not being judgmental and self righteous as you are. I am sure you have family members who have made similar mistakes as Alicia and Beatz. What they have done is not uncommon. Whether I agree with it or not is irrelevant because it's none of my business. And it's not your business neither.

If you like their music, listen to it. If not, listen to something else. There's no need to bad mouth them. There's no need to imply that Alicia is a "Ho" or that Beatz is "low life." How does that impact you personally? Why are you so offended by their choices in life?

1509 days ago

truth hurts    

Please don't give this homewrecker attention

1509 days ago


To Truth Hurts:

The last I read, the relationship between Beatz and his ex-wife was over way before he and Alicia started their relationship. If this is the case, why do you call Alicia a "home wrecker?"

It sounds to me that their home was already wrecked way before Alicia came on board. I don't defend "home wreckers." However, I believe that if a relationship is over, it's over. No one can do further damage.

1509 days ago


I have to agree with Quincing Snuff.
It Doesn't seem to me to be about bitterness as much as it does the truth.
Alecia Keys had made a decent career for herself, but has only done so due to the power of Clive Davis. She is of mediocre talents and her melodies ARE BASIC and lyrics simple and repetitive.
I am also in the entertainment industry (Television) and on down time, I do check out TMZ and also I read the Star, and US weekly and Hollywood Reporter and many others. I only comment when I feel a strong need to toss some reality onto some delusional people.

And if you don't think that either "whatsittoyou", or" Teri" or "Lin" are in Alecia's camp or even her herself, then your naive.
Celebs read TMZ all the time and look to fill their narcissism by reading about themselves here. I have clients who do so.

I used to think Alecia was a decent girl, but after reading Swizz Beats (or whatever his immature name is) wife's open letter to her, I realized that it's the wife who is the lady and decent girl and Alecia who is the hypocrite, narcissist who doesn't walk the walk that she talks in her amateur lyrics. She professes to be a superwoman and but she is a homewrecker.

I guess like she said 700 times during that lyrical slug of a song "No One", ///No One No One No One uh uh Unnnnnnn, ...Can get in the way of what I'm feelin///

Not Even a WIFE

1509 days ago

Chris O.    

Ewwww she has always been a big dumper sloppy bottom but this is over the top grossness.
And she is a homewrecker to boot. She will get hers. I would be SURPRISED if he wasn't ALREADY CHEATING since she is fat and gross. Some women look great pregnant ---- this chick, notsomuch

1509 days ago


Dude look at her knee, is that a baby face?!!!! oh my word its a baby face!!!

1508 days ago


@Teri: Well, perhaps when there are no kids involved, I can pretty much say.."whatever," but in this case, there are many kids involved (I think at least 3 inc. Alicia's baby) who have to suffer through all of Swizz's crap. Mashonda says that he DID cheat with Alicia ( but who really knows if he did or not. Let's get real, though, I would bet money on the fact that Swizz cheated on Mashonda even before Alicia (you can insert your rants against this statement). Oh! I guess he did...see below.

I am not going to apologize for being the type of person who has some morals and believes in the vows of marriage and having kids inside marriage, rather that outside. You would think there is no such thing as birth control these days!

Oh, and feel free to stop psychoanalyzing me ("How does this impact you personally") as I would no doubt surprise you if you found out that I was just an average mom. Alicia IS a fool for choosing Swizz as a husband simply because of his track record. According to Wikipedia, "Swizz has a daughter named Nicole, born in July 2008, with Jahna Sebastian." Who the Hell is that? Oh, someone he cheated on his WIFE with (they announced their divorce in April 2008.) So, I really don't know what you consider to be an upstanding, faithful, non-low-lifelike man, but this kind of sheist certainly fits my description. So, yeah, since you don't seem to give a rat's butt about the kids involved, I am offended for their sake.

1508 days ago



So, are you saying that if there were no kids involved, you wouldn't care either way? The infidelity is o.k. as long as there's no children involved? Now that's hypocritical.

There are many of us on this message board who have morals and believe in the vows of marriage. But also as a Christian, I believe that judgment is the Lord's and the Lord's only. The Bible says, "He without sin, throw the first stone."

Did you know that if Alica and Beatz asked God for forgiveness and repent that God will forgive them. He would forget what they have done and give them a clean slate. And in the meantime, you'll still be here ranting about your self righteous and moral antics and judging others.

No one has made you the "moral police." It's good that you have morals. I am an advocate of morals myself. However, I believe that we should stop judging each other and leave that up to God. Rather, we should pay attention to what's going on in our own backyard and stay out of others.

1508 days ago



You say that Alicia's music is basic and mediocre? Well, someone other than yourself and Quincing Snuff thinks differently because she has received numerous Grammy Awards and her record sales has soar. Her success is not attributed to Clive Davis' influence. Alicia has earned impeccable success based on her own merits. Clive Davis is not on the stage singing, dancing and playing the piano;it's Alicia. In addition, Alicia writes her own lyrics and music. How many entertainers are doing that? Not too many.

Also, Alicia's lyrics are clean and tasteful. I don't hear any curse words or derogatory messages in her songs. Do you?

Alicia obviously has a large fan base. If not, she would not have achieved the success that she has. Therefore, the opinion of the minority is not relevant.

1508 days ago
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