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Axl Rose Storms Off Stage after Flying Bottle Incident

9/2/2010 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Axl Rose shut down a live concert in Ireland last night to yell at the crowd after multiple people fired bottles onto the stage during their performance ... and it was all caught on tape.

Rose -- who literally called for his band to stop playing their instruments during their first song "Welcome to the Jungle" -- warned the crowd that he would pack up his stuff and leave if they kept up the shenanigans.

Of course, the crowd started to boo ... and Rose eventually walked off stage.

We're told the crowd was pissed because the band started their show more than 90 minutes behind schedule.

Eventually -- after several concert officials apologized to crowd -- Rose and company came back on the stage and finished the show.


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Isn't this the same idiot who back when Metallica's James Hetfield fried his arm Axl and GNR took the stage Axl got po'd and left then too..? What an egomaniacal baby!! :/

Posted at 10:26 AM on Sep 2, 2010 by bahhh

YES! "Fried" is putting it mildly! And instead of performing as contracted, Axl threw a hissy fit and left after a few songs. He was in the position to save the day, but what did he care? Fans were less than pleased. What with the trip to the trauma unit and all, James had to leave. Axl's excuse? So Axl hasn't grown or changed and thinks he's Marilyn Monroe or George Jones? His antics weren't cute then and they're just plain butt ugly as he is now.

1509 days ago


The LOSER is 90 min late send a missile at the cry Baby bitch!!!!!
Mommy there making fun of Me because I m A Goof!!!!!HAAAAAAA.HAAAAAAA

1509 days ago


Axl Rose is a goof !!!!!! Figure it out,,,, GOOF!!!!!!

1509 days ago


What a *****. Even Bieber kept performing after getting hit in the head with a bottle.

1509 days ago


I was at the gig in dublin last nite! it woz ridiculous!!! but it was a guns n roses concert in true guns n roses style....
He came on only 3/4 of an hour late the support band Danko Jones played for 1 hour and a half! way tooo long but it was obvious they were filling in time.
When axl came on he couldnt hear himself sumtin went wrong with his sound thingy. So the roadie came out on the middle of the stage and tried to fix it back on to his belt while axl kept singing. This took ages and eventuatlly axl got so pissed off he pulled out the mic and sound thingy attached to his belt and threw it at the sound guy!! about a minute later axl realised that he couldnt hear himself again and ran offstage to get it! Then they sang welcome to the jungle where ppl threw bottles onstage and he gave out to everyone! 5 songs later someone else threw one up and he picked it up and said 'goodnight' and walked offstage! the band didnt even know what was going on and you could see the guys at the side of the stage signalling 'cut the song'!
After about 40 mins they came back on, Only half the crowd were there coz they had all left, we stayed and guns n roses saw them sing the rest of the set however................ AXL was clearly so pissed off with the crowd that he just stood at the back of the stage and DID NOT MOVE AND INCh, for the rest of the set!

i was expecting them to come on late coz its what he does but because he came on so late the whole crowd was really drunk and got really angry Hence the booing and bottle throwing.
Entertaining night!

1509 days ago


90 minutes late....ummmm..that sounds about right....he's a ****!!

1509 days ago


This is y I am a Bret fan...never late, always awesome...and if panties happend to be thrown in his direction...he appreciates it. :)

1509 days ago

Mr Brownstone    

old man is a real mother****er

1509 days ago


LOL I guess Justin Bieber is more of a man than this Rose person. Hey Ms. Rose take some lessons from Justin Bieber.

1509 days ago


What's with these idiots throwing bottles? Someone's gonna get killed or lose an eye from that stuff hitting them in the head. Why are concerts becoming so violent? Is this a new trend? Why go to a show if you don't like the band? Throwing things at them isn't gonna solve anything. Dimwits.

1509 days ago



You buy tickets to a Guns and Roses show, these guys have a 17 year track record of being late, and you're mad they are late.

Ireland must not be known for their genius gene pool.

Posted at 10:28 AM on Sep 2, 2010 by Janine"

To be fair I wouldn't bet on there being any geniuses at a GNR concert. Thank goodness I never bothered. Paying good money to then be treated like begging peasants by these so called artists that decide what and when they want to perform..

1509 days ago


OK. Cut the crap now that Slash is getting divorsed and the one of many "new" Guns and Roses are going nowhere. Get the original back and take over the world once again!!

1509 days ago


I think Axl is a bigger tool than anything you can buy from Makita but I back him 100% on zero tolerance for stage projectiles.

1509 days ago


There is another element to this that most people don't realize. In Dublin many people don't have cars (like NYC) and the public transportation system ends for the night at 11:30pm. The curfew for the 02 stadium GNR were playing in that night is 11:30 for that very reason.

Weasel Rose didn't get his ass up on stage until after 11pm. So the majority of people there, if they were to stay for more than 30 mins of the show, would have to try to scramble for one of a few dozen taxis (versus thousands of people) or have no way home.

Axl is a self-obsessed ******* and his schtick was old 20 yrs ago.

1509 days ago


What's up with these kids throwing bottles and other objects on the stage? These young punks are just that...punks. Never in my days would anyone act like such an out of control fool. I expect this with rap concerts just because they are known for that and the crowd they get.

1509 days ago
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