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Jennifer Lopez

'American Idol' Deal


9/2/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez is in the final stages of negotiations with "American Idol" -- and we're told it's all but a done deal and Jennifer will be the last critical link in the chain.

Sources connected to the negotiations tell TMZ ... contrary to some news reports ... there has been no drama and no diva demands.  As one source puts it, "It's been typical negotiating."

We're told ... absent a last-minute snag (which is highly unlikely) ... the deal could be inked as early as next week.

"Idol" sources say producers believe Jennifer is the key to re-energizing the show.


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Well, this show is definitely heading down the drain if Diva Lopez is cast. What a joke,she can't sing and her music label dropped her, and she is going to be a judge of other's people's singing??? Guess they couldn't get real judges, so settled for this demanding diva. Guess she got her compound dressing room and 12 person makeup and hair stylists. Not to mention the $20 Mil she wanted to show that fat butt of hers on TV. The show is going to be about J-LO, you can bet J-Lo is not gonna take a back seat to any star wannabe. This woman is a legend in her own mind. Her career is in the toilet and she is hoping that American Idol will revive it. News for you, J-Lo, you can't revive a no talent career. Here is one person who won't be watching if she is on.

1420 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

This show is getting so stupid. I bet they start allowing contestants to use autotune full time on the show soon.

1420 days ago


YES, I KNEW IT! JENNIFER LOPEZ IS GOING TO ROCK THE HOUSE! eff all the haters, hahahahahahaha

1420 days ago


Not trying to be dramatic here but....won't watch the show with her on it! She brings nothing but attitude, fake smiles and no talent. Boy oh boy is this show heading downhill FAST!

1420 days ago


WOW!!! You guys are so critical of Jennifer. In fact, she CAN sing. Ellen could NOT sing at all and she was a judge. I would absolutely watch, although I haven't watched since Paula left and when I tried to watch last season, there was simply no talent on the show. Jennifer is a great choice!!!!

1420 days ago


How do they figure that people not watching her movies (or buying her albums) will watch her on tv?

This chick is nails on a chalkboard to me.

1420 days ago


She's a failed singer - why would she be qualified to evaluate others singing when she sucks ---
Terrible decision. I'm not going to watch this show and I'm sure A.I. will loose a lot of viewers because of Jennifer Lopez...Out of all the great musicians...they pick someone who has a bad track record.

Hopefully within the next week...someone at A.I. will put the breaks on that deal and find someone that actually has a career in music!

1420 days ago


Well, if she's coming aboard then I say let's bring on Mango as the 4th judge!

1420 days ago

keeping it real    

OH NO! Jennifer Lopez. Her Singing Career is OVER!
Ever since she got with Mark Anthony, she has made all the wrong moves.
She doesn't even know a hit song anymore! Her last two cd's SUCKED! She has let the Latino community down!
I want JLO BACK! Not this WACK/HACK Jennifer Lopez! Honey your Not Selina! Get over it! and Get Back to JLO! I was fooled by them Rocks that you got!

1420 days ago


She needs to stick to Love Stories in the theaters.... and this is the best american idol could do??? i will not watch!!

1420 days ago


The only thing the show has going for it is Ryan Seacrest and the contestants. Maybe that is what it is supposed to be about. I won't be watching it any more because as incredible as it may seem, Jennifer Lopez is even more boring than Ellen DeGeneres. Aren't judges supposed to be experts in their field in order to be qualified to judge these singers? The people who choose the judges sure don't give it a lot of thought, do they?

1420 days ago


I stopped watching the show Adam Lambert's season. Simon Pissed me off by begging for votes for him... katie perry pissed me off by wearing a cape that said "adam lambert" which was a slap in the face to her fans who supported the other two...

That season, American Idol stopped being about actual talent.

never watched another episode and will not watch any longer either. American Idol will be a thing of the past after this upcoming season anyway.

1420 days ago


At least the talent show is not looking for "THE NEXT AMERICAN ACTOR". Gigli? She can't even find a decent looking husband. Ben was lucky to get out.

1420 days ago


Are these show producers stupid? Every movie she's been in is a bomb. She rarely appears on stage because she can't sing. And she either lip syncs or her mic is really low and they play her pre record auto tune recordings loudly.

Whats she going teach contestants, how to use auto tune software?

1420 days ago


They probable asked Simon and he said she's a great pick. Obviously he wants the show to fail since he's left the show.

1420 days ago
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