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T.I. and Tiny -- His and Hers Mug Shots

9/3/2010 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the mug shots taken by T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle -- right after they were arrested on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood late Wednesday night. 

TI and Tiny Mug Shots

As we first reported, the newlyweds were arrested around 10:18 PM after cops say they were in possession of a controlled substance. We're told the substance in question is ecstasy.

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Joe Jackson an illiterate child abuser    

You folks call Fantasia ugly; but this woman 'Tiny' is really really ugly...but I guess because she's light-skinned, it's not all that bad. Fantasia aint ugly, she is an attractive dark-skinned woman - a beauty in the english caribbean; this b.... Tiny Cottle is damn ugly, but as the blogger said, she must be doing something right!

1477 days ago


@Poor Haters- No one said she isn't paid. Everyone is just saying she's uglier than sin. Good for her that she got a good looking man. Even better for her that she can keep him. He still doesn't make her look any prettier though LoL
What would make her look good is if she could take a good looking man, like TI, and give him some help and turn him around. That would impress the hell out of me (not that they care what I or anyone else thinks of them for that matter). Be a good wife to your man. Keep your man on top and then looks wouldn't be such an issue. =)

1477 days ago


no wonder he does drugs,he would have to be blasted to go to bed with that alieon...she is rough looking

1477 days ago


What an idiot, dude just got out and now he is going back. Apparently he didn't learn his lesson. I thought he was cleaning up his act. If your going to smoke, smoke at home and stay there.

1477 days ago


He looks mad. She looks sad. I'm laughing at both of them. Who are these nobodies and why do people care?

1477 days ago


She aint all that but is he some gorgeous stud? He's a shrimp and he weighs about 100 pounds. look at those flaring nostrils of his... plus I remember seeing pix of him performing a song and in the middle of performing he took a t shirt a fan tossed on stage and put it down his pants... his pants sagged down and errybody saw his BUSH. he got a big ole afro down south

1477 days ago

Ozzie X    

T.I. is a decent looking guy.. why in the world would he be with something like that? He is obviously not that bright.

1477 days ago


2010 Bonnie and Clyde or should i say Pinky and the Brain. Take your pick who is pinky and who is brain?.

They're Pinky and The Brain
Yes, Pinky and The Brain
One is a genius
The other's insane.

1477 days ago


OMG she must need to use a bath towel to blow that nose!

Folks I think we have our first tripple-bagger!

1477 days ago


I guess the old T.I. ain't dead and gone after all.

1477 days ago


Her nose takes up at least half of her face.....ewww...yuck!

1477 days ago

jackie marmolejo    

Wow, people I take it YOUR all perfect and beautiful & have never committed any sin in life? Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.

1477 days ago


he should go back to jail, no respect to authorities!

1477 days ago


LMFAO!! I really can give two ****s what happened to these "peeps" but I do have to comment on this hideous looking creature. How can you not?? She should be arrested for simply looking like that. She can traumatize a lot people with that bull dog face. HAHAHAHA!!

1477 days ago


she looks like a black Snooki

1477 days ago
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