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T.I. and His Wife -- Handcuffed and Busted

9/2/2010 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: TMZ has learned ... cops originally stopped the Maybach for making an illegal U-turn on Sunset Blvd.

TMZ has obtained photos of rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle in police custody on Sunset Blvd. last night ... after they were each arrested for allegedly possessing a controlled substance.

TI and Wife Arrested

T.I. was placed into a squad car with an unknown male.


"Tiny" was taken to a separate squad car -- both were transported to a local Sheriff's station.

As we first reported, cops pulled over T.I.'s ultra-expensive Maybach on Sunset Blvd around 10:18 PM for a traffic violation and then smelled marijuana. During a subsequent search of the vehicle, cops say they found a controlled substance -- we're told it was not cocaine. The class of the controlled substance that was found includes methamphetamines and ecstasy.

Both were booked on felony possession of a controlled substance.

They were released on $10,000 bail.

As we previously reported, T.I. was released from federal prison back in December -- where he served 7 months behind bars for illegally possessing machine guns and silencers.

Law enforcement confirms ... T.I. is still on probation from the gun conviction, which means last night's arrest could qualify as a violation of his probation ... and he could be sent back to prison.

UPDATE: "Tiny" just twittered, "Jus wanted 2say thank u 2every1 dats been leaving encouraging msgs & prayers! We love u guys:-)going 2bed now! So glad 2b n a nice clean bed."


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Yo its all good **** happens just regular **** in the life of a rappa everyone just needs to chill talking **** im sure they kids is good hommie TI is one of the realist rappas out Holla.
My name is Moses Galindo from El Paso texas get at me.

1471 days ago

Michelle D. Langford    

I'am really praying for u two, hope everything turns out good and continue to stick together. My birthday is September 25th, the same as TI, that makes me smile! Keep UR heads up, u are loved! REAL TALK FROM BALTIMORE!!!!!!

1470 days ago


I don't know why T.I is so in love with living with that ghetto hood lifestyle, he had an opportunity to get out the hood but yet he's one of those ignorant blacks that glorifies that lifestyle. I'm saying this because it's true, he just got of prison and he pulls this. It also tells me he doesn't care about his kids, he still smoking weed etc and tiny should be ashamed of herself, she has a 14 year old daughter. I know what they mean when they say money "can't buy you class". All they care about is living that ghetto lifestyles, ignorant blacks like them make me sick, they making their own people look bad.

1469 days ago


his wife a sexy black lady, yall stop that. in yall no like hell they didnt have meth, thats a white person drug. in if he did just get out of jail, who problem is that hes, not yours. so yall mind yall buisness. in get a life.

1467 days ago

r b dar'bee    

yeah, he need to go to jail/ im a hater on folks like you-dude u made it, get high off life, ha ha you so lame, loser... da hood is played out...a fool and money shall so depart..

1465 days ago

Cuntry 101    

I just cant beleive you dogg you need to sit down and prey for forgivness for whatever you done in th past because you definitely is being huanted!!!!!!

And for Tiny you need to help your mann for real shawdy!

1465 days ago

Michelle D. Langford    

I'am really praying for U 2, hope everything turns out good and continue to stick together. My birthday is September 25th, the same as TI's, that makes me smile.Keep UR heads up, U are loved!REAL TALK FROM BALTIMORE!!!!!!!

1464 days ago


are you kidding me. violation of probation/ parole ?do they come any dumber ?

1464 days ago


WTF!!! peeps on here don't want anyone to say **** because we don't know TI and his pitbull look-a-like wife tiny (the pit bull), they're all out there wanna b big n famous, n then they get busted with the SMELL of weed, you know they was smokin some killa, and was gonna go home and rock it up and smoke the pipe take some x n make another kid(5 already) and not know how to raise that one right either.

1464 days ago


i dont care if he did have "controlled substance",t.i does not deserve to go to jail!not my husband!

1463 days ago

kay kay     

yall yall hatin ass ppl need to shut the hell up some of all dumb ass caint spell and why yall on here talkin out da side of yo necks who da hell is yall were ya money @ were your record deal @ OH K SEEYALL ACTIN LIKE SHE GOT ALL DIS BECAUSE SHE HIS WIFE SHE WAS A STAR BEFORE THEY MEET AND YALL JUST MAD CUZ HE AINT MARRY U AND IT AINT ALWAYZ BOUT LOOKS CUZ HE CZN BE DA BADDEST B!!!H IN DA WORLD AND STILL NOT A WIFEY MATERIAL............DUCEZ LUK U TIP AND TINY KEEP YA HEADS UP AND STAY STRONG IM PRAYIN FA YA............KAY KAY

1463 days ago


**** all you mother****ers pissed off at TI for living his own life. You are suckers. TI is a true g, the rest of you are snitches, Why don't we look at the REAL ISSUE. WHICH IS THE LAWS AGAINST MARIJUANA in country! Possessing the herb has again ruined another life, with unessecary cruel punishments, such as confinement, financial obligations, and the slander of talented people on the internet. Prisons are privatly owned companies in America that are highly profitable by locking away medical patients and teenage kids. I believe and anyone with a level head should think about the big picture. I hope in the future we will look back in history at this time as the GREATEST AMERICAN LIE, WHICH IS THE PREJUDICE LIES AGAINST MARIJUANA. AND THE LAWS THAT HAVE RUINED OUR COUNTRY AND FAMILIES.

1461 days ago


Just send this dumb ass back to prison, as for his mutt looking wife-shoot it..

1461 days ago


Marijuana should be legalized. It should be legalized especially those who need it for medical care especially and for depressed people to use wisely. Drug laws in America should be changed so that there is Fairness in Sentencing. Right now the laws are designed to further enslave the Black Man. Most of the people imprisoned right this moment behind the UNFAIR drug laws are black. IT IS WHAT IT IS!
Right now Tiny is not Paris Hilton who does not even have to serve time for COCAINE or Lindsay running around getting into this or that trouble. PARIS -- she gets SPECIAL TREATMENT and on the cover of a magazine getting richer--TINY she faces real time. T. I. and Tiny are still loved in the hood and that is one thing we do not give up on our peeps. It seems simple to say -- It's a Real World Out There. Freedom is a gift. We are lucky to live in the USA. Yet, the rules are steep and Designed to Lock up the Blacks before the would lock up a white-- and Watchin Ya Back gotta be taken seriously.

1461 days ago


TI "now why you wanna go and do dat and do dat hay, now why you wanna go and do that ay ay"?

1461 days ago
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