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Jen Aniston -- Dinner or Date?

9/3/2010 8:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Studies have shown ... workplace romances have a pretty high success rate -- so maybe that's why Jennifer Aniston went on a dinner date with her "Cougar Town" co-star Josh Hopkins last night.

Aniston -- who will be guest starring on "Cougar Town" this season -- was photographed riding shotgun in Hopkins' ride after a romantic chow-fest at Madeo in Hollywood.

Of course, Jen was also reportedly spotted at a one-on-one dinner with Lindsay Lohan's ex-BF Harry Morton earlier this week. So, the question is ... is Jen hungry for a man ... or just hungry?


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for all you idiots... please remember this..

Jen has given up the goods to many and they have all left.. just like this tadpole here... once he dips ,, he'll bounce..

i think something more with jen not able to keep a man is real.

perhaps she's what?
1)stuck up?
2)too clingy? she has not been away from courtney in how many years?
3)is she really in love with courtney cox? i mean seriouslly
4) how come older men havent came around to even date her? cougar-ego?
5)sex is lame... she uses her looks to get everything then whines forever about not being sexy enough
6) Her life is like the characters she playes in her fims. ( which means she's filthy rich and boring as hell which is a curse in a nutshell)
7) she wants plastic surgery to become a man!
8) Jen knows she has a hot body and booty yet still sir-mix-alot will not film a video with her..
9) she spits not swallows.
10)... her last real man that really loved her more than brad.. Ross was a fake relationship which she assumed would be real after the show ended........

Jen.. you need a change for 2011.. c'mon.. how about Playboy at 40.

think about it..

dump the good girl image.. get bad.. get dirty.. you can get dirty can you?

1488 days ago


she looks stoned to me and I would know
the word is her boobs are something to kill for..

1488 days ago

billy cema    

Brad Pitt is Angelina's purse carrier. And he has been reported for ages to have bad odor.
He's no longer the womanly beauty of his youth.

Jen, why don't ya tape this photo on your mirror? You are unhappy; but that's not news about most celebrities.
It seems to me that if you do evil in show biz, you will be rewarded handsomely.
But I say, stick to the good. Don't stick it to the good, just to be rewarded. Don't fall in that trap!
In time love will be there. You will find it!

1488 days ago


So she has friends who are guys. Why does this mean she's dating them? I have firends who are girls. We aren't dating. Of course, that would just create problems with my wife. But even when I was single, I wasn't dating these girl friends.

1488 days ago

who dat    

She looks kinda drunk and really horny.

1488 days ago

Joe McKee    

I think she's hot and all, and probably about as tolerable as most women. Plus she's rich. What I don't understand, are her methods.

1488 days ago


You haters make me sick. And the sexual references are disgusting. NONE of you know Ms. Anniston and, trust me, she would not waste one minute of her time on you.
There has never been a scandal involving her and she TRIES to live a normal life.
Why don't you haters go back where you your mother's basement.

1488 days ago


I wonder if she called the paparazzi before or after she had finished her dessert

1488 days ago


FIRST OF ALL, this woman CRAVES attention and appears to be one of those, "in your face" to Angie. If she were WOMAN ENOUGH, one of America's most magnificent hunks would NOT have strayed, NEVER! Where is the BABY she TALKED about adopting? Didn't happen! Recently, she was QUOTED wanting to, "Have a baby!" There again, copycatting Angie. Contrary to public opinion, Angie DID NOT STEAL Brad from her. He LEFT WILLINGLY! History has proven, over and over, she is unable to hold on to ANY man. I dare not put into print what I suspect might be her problem. Actually, I feel sorry for her. No matter how she tries, a permanent relationship does not appear to be in her near future. All along, her strategy has been focused on Brad being jealous and dreaming he would come crawling back to her. It just might work!

1488 days ago


Butterfly, what's with all the anger and venom? Did you steal someone's man and are you projecting your guilt towards that woman onto Jennifer Aniston, who you obviously do not know? Hmmm?

1488 days ago


Big "F'n" deal, so she's had two dates in one week? Not only do i not care, BUT what is so wrong with a strong, beautiful, self-sufficient woman having fun?!

1488 days ago


Do any of you have a life?
I've looked at this and been strangely drawn to comments.
None of you make sense to me.
Could be that what draws me is what is also wrong with me.
Too much time on my hands.
Absolutely, couldn't care less about TMZ and what they endeavor to find out about people's private lives.
I GIVE!!!! Never again.
Good Luck to you ALL!!

1488 days ago


she does seem to debating going down..look at those eyes.

1488 days ago


I had a few office romances even though I was involved with a woman. Thats perfectly normal. It happens, when two get along and work together for like 13 hours a day. So I dont resent her, I wish her well. She deserves someone better than Brad.

Oh, and I also am sick of her copycatting of Angie. Angie is a first class biatch. I still wonder why is she doing that. She should stop with that crap asap, quit from acting for like a month, and go on vacation in Mexico or wherever to clear her head. She needs to talk to Charlize Theron, she makes movies, and she is a world traveler, she met all kinds of people on her journey.

1488 days ago


Brad Pitt is a douche. Angelina will always be the chick who wore a vial of Billy Bob Thornton's blood around her neck and as he so eloquently put it "...f#%&ed in the car on the way over..." She has done a good job attempting to class herself up. But in reality, she's strange. She and McStinky Pitts deserve one another.

1488 days ago
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