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Jen Aniston -- Dinner or Date?

9/3/2010 8:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Studies have shown ... workplace romances have a pretty high success rate -- so maybe that's why Jennifer Aniston went on a dinner date with her "Cougar Town" co-star Josh Hopkins last night.

Aniston -- who will be guest starring on "Cougar Town" this season -- was photographed riding shotgun in Hopkins' ride after a romantic chow-fest at Madeo in Hollywood.

Of course, Jen was also reportedly spotted at a one-on-one dinner with Lindsay Lohan's ex-BF Harry Morton earlier this week. So, the question is ... is Jen hungry for a man ... or just hungry?


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Jen's ****-faced :P

1474 days ago

Professor Chaos    

This is a good example of how dumb gossip writers are. Any time any straight single celebrity is seen with somebody else of the opposite sex they MUST be dating. Bunch of dumb gossip writers need to get AIDS.

1474 days ago


She looks like Lindsay on one of her drunken stupors

1474 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Hi, I'm Jennifer Aniston. I have $200 million in the bank from the dopey TV show I was on and 15 consecutive crappy movies I made that all flopped at the box office. I am as dumb as a box of rocks because I have an 8th grade education and have never read anything except a script. I am obsessed with my fading looks because, well, that's all I really have. I can't even claim credit for how I look, it's half genetics and half that I have a TEAM of people whose job it is to keep me looking under 41. I can't keep a man because I am obsessed with myself, and I am really lousy in the sack. I haven't sucked a d*ck in 15 years and can only have an orgasm looking in the mirror. I have absolutely nothing to offer any man which is why NONE ever stick around after getting into my panties. I can only date other idiot actors because there's nothing in my head except hair hightlights, teeth bleach, botox and spray tan fumes.
So everybody should feel sorry for me, $200 million can't buy me a man so maybe I will do a Sandra Bullock and adopt a fly baby. Hell, it worked for Angelina so.....

1474 days ago


Jennifer smokes so much weed that she probably still think she's on Friends when she does an episode of Cougar Town. This photo definitely shows Jennifer in an herb-induced post-munchies stupor.

1474 days ago


Really people. She's an adult woman and she can't go out to eat with a guy without being accused of being man hungry or needy? Believe it or not - many women are happily single. And, we can go out with men as friends or otherwise without have to make it into a "relationship". There is another world outside the box you live in.

Jen does, however need to expand and challenge herself soon if she is to remain an actor. Within 10 years - no matter how much time she spends in the gym or botox she might put in her face - she won't be considered cute and adorable anymore. Fickle Hollywood will have moved on. Then perhaps she won't have to worry about paparazzi climbing on the hood of cars to flash cameras in her face.

1474 days ago


Why do some of you people think that Marraige and children is for everyone..just because Jen has stayed single, and dates now and then, does NOT make her needy or desperate..if she wanted a child, she would have had one, same with a relationship...shes single, rich, beautiful, and seems perfectly happy with her life!

1474 days ago


Why do people think she hot ? She has a nice body now but later in life that will just go south and old ... She not pretty at all , this is why she always has that same hair style . If she change the style she ain't that good looking at all, Ulgy

1474 days ago


Dumb broad isn't wearing a seatbelt.

1474 days ago


OMG can't women have dinner with men anymore?? Do we have to assume it's a date??
And even if it was, it's Jennifer and Josh's business!!!
#teamAniston & #teamHopkins

1474 days ago


She looks drunk and I if its true and they are dating I am very happy for him hes Hot and a Great actor!

1474 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

I agree with #3. Who cares? Will we be seeing photos of her and her date nite when she's 55??

1474 days ago


I once read about Jennifer and Cheryl Crow bragging about using 3 sheets of toilet paper and 1 minute of shower water. This is where the smell comes from folks. They can save the planet, by cutting back on essentials, while living in expensive luxury.

1474 days ago


I hope this is true. I met Mr. Hopkins on a film he did and he is one of the nicest, most down to earth actors I've ever worked with. Heck of a nice guy. And Jen Aniston is sexy as hell

1474 days ago


you people are absolutely rediculous! get over yourselves, there is nothing wrong with jennifer, she is amazing and STILL beautiful! who cares if shes not over brad, thats what happens when you fall in love, you will ALWAYS love them. and she has a right to hate on angelina because angelina is skanky and weird as ****, brad is stupid for being with her, and everyone knows it. and just because jen is out to dinner with a man, doesnt mean shes f*****g him, they could just be friends you idiots! get your own life ans stay out of jens. :)

1474 days ago
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