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Jesse James & Kat Von D -- In Public

9/3/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kat Von D and Jesse James made their relationship "Hollywood official" last night -- they showed up together to Kat's Wonderland gallery opening in Hollywood.




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After watching that video, does anyone envy the life of the paps? People are always criticizing the celebs, but these guys are too much with the stupid questions?

1455 days ago


Kat goes from one guy to another. Uses them and learns what she can and then its on to the next. After seeing her show and how she handled her relationship with her "Rock", Cory, and then not taking any responsabilty for her part in his wanting to get the hell away from her its sad to see what a warped sense of self she has. She hired a liar of a shop manager and let her stay on and on and didn't have the balls to fire her and yet with Cory , they guy that helped her establish her business and gave her some credibility, she like "Oh he's a bad friend" when he stands up to her bull****. Her bother is a douche too. He needs to stick to folding his sister's t-shirts and STFU>

1455 days ago


Don't do tattoos myself but Kat is very talented. Watch her show all the time. Sorry to see Cory go.

1455 days ago


It looks like Jesse can finally be himself. Not some buttoned up Ken doll at the expense of having a hot wife. Kat is one of the most beautiful people on this earth with her looks and sensibility..... I hope they can both eventually be free.

1455 days ago


Hmm, i don't like to say it but this just shouts "star ****er" and i'm not talking about Kat, Jessie seems to be attracted to women with high profiles, well it just makes it hard to believe his last interview about how sorry he was about hurting Sandra, i thought he wanted her back, a bit too fast to move on for someone heartbroken, just saying.

1455 days ago


Jesse has gone Hollywood.

Like these two knuckleheads had noooo idea that the press would hunt them down like dogs drooling to get a picture of their every move?
Plus, how cliche for the two tatted up ones to hook up, I can hear the bromance friends right now, "oh, you should hook up with Kat dude, she is defenitly your type right?"

I think he is beginning to crave the attention, and she was already there in attention grabbing land.

Tattooing a woman is like slapping a bumper sticker on a BMW, never a good idea.

1455 days ago


Sorry, for the swear word, in my country things are not censored like this but i know American is different, sincere apologies, the phrase was from a Tori Amos song in which she calls Courtney Love a "you know what" for being with Kurt Cobain, i wouldn't use the word otherwise, cheers. I just don't trust this Jesse guy, don't know Kat but she she seems nice.

1455 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Now this is def for the publicity. I wonder how much she is paying him.

1455 days ago


It's amazing who Kat will shag to keep ratings up.

1455 days ago


Who will be next in line for them to screw over?

1455 days ago


Who gives a flying crap. When I have seen her on "LA INK", she seriously sounds like she either did too many drugs, has a learning disability, or perhaps mild retardation. As far as JJ, he could not have found a better mate. Congrats.

1455 days ago


They both look like they need to be run through a car wash. She doesn't sound very bright , did she even finish school. He turned into a fame whore. He needs someone to help pick out his clothes , dresses like someone off the streets.

1455 days ago


What a loser!!! Thank God Sandra is not with him anymore - she can do sooo much better.

1455 days ago

Kevin Collings    

Dear Kat,

Women like you are the reason why women don't respect other women, I don't understand why any women in their right mind, would date someone like Jesse James, after he admitted publicly to cheating on his wife with multiple women. You are one sad and pathetic example of a women.

1455 days ago


they both are pretty disgusting, shes got a manly voice and her hair looks like a wig. Jesse is a tramp that can't keep a marriage ...what losers.

1455 days ago
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