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Lindsay Lohan Stroller Accident

No Harm, No Foul

9/3/2010 7:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An eyewitness to the alleged Lindsay Lohan "hit-and-run" tells TMZ ... the photogs who sold the after-the-fact video are lying.

The eyewitness -- a photographer -- says Lindsay was leaving her apartment building Wednesday (not yesterday) and was turning onto Holloway Drive with a green light.  The photog says Lindsay "ever-so-slightly tapped the stroller -- like 1 mile an hour." 

The photog says Lindsay pulled over, asked the nanny pushing the stroller if everything was okay and was told everyone and everything was fine, so she drove off.

The story conflicts with the photogs who shot video after the incident.  One of them -- Brayan Jaime -- told TMZ ... Lindsay ran a red light and called the impact "a major hit" ... causing 3 wheels on the stroller to leave the ground.  Jaime says Lindsay fled the scene.

So far ... no one has gone to the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department to file a report.


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Why doesn't anyone just ignore her? Same goes for Paris Hilton, just ignore these so called "celeberties" and maybe - just maybe they will disappear into the so called - Who gives a **** pile? Lohan & Hilton just don't get it, just because they like to party 24/7 and really don't care about the law, because they think they are above it, and it doesn't apply to them, maybe it's time for some serious penetentiary time. No getting out of rehab after 3 days, no more special treatment because of their so called celeb status, put them away for a couple of years. And don't give me any B.S. about jail overcrowding, there's plenty of States and plenty of prisons to go around, throw their dumb ass stupidity acts into one of them. 'Nuff said.

1513 days ago


No question about it ... Lindsay needs SOMEBODY ELSE to be driving her around. At least until she gets into a situation where the paparazzi are leaving her alone a little bit. Why can't Lindsay just hire a limo or something? At least for the next month!

1513 days ago


Yet another train wreck for Lindsey......
it cant be,not her. This broad isnt going to stop drinking and drugging till she kills herself or worse,someone else.

BOYCOTT LINDSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1513 days ago


Robert, there are many normal gals in the world to be fixated on, why would you pick this f`ed up skank? I hope to see her working at WalMart someday. Won`t be able to afford drugs then.

1513 days ago


Has Lohan dyed her hair black again or is this an old photo? I am almost too scared to ask or read anything concerning this woman anymore.

1513 days ago


So here is my question. She was turning right on a green light in her Escalade. First off, if the light were green on her turn and she struck the stroller, that means one thing... The stroller was in the street!
Also, if the stroller were in the street it was probably in a blind spot to the Escalade. I am not a fan of Lohan's at all but to me, the nanny is at fault and Lohan probably didn't even see the stroller.

1513 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

Just came back from Machete and it was good.
Lindsay looked smoking hot in it.
Michelle Rodriguez is just absolutely gorgeous and so is Jessica Alba in it.
I need some alone time....

1513 days ago


How can she have a license after two DUIs everyone else that has two DUIs in California has a suspended license until they complete a 18 month DUI school. Is she violating her probation again ?

1513 days ago


I think everyone should just lay off and let her deal with her issues in private. Maybe if the media would back off for a little bit, things in her family would calm down. Do I think its okay that this stuff happens? Absolutely not!! But I also believe the world has bigger issues today than tracking what the Lohans do on a daily basis. Get a life. I'm just sayin!!!!

1513 days ago


so a video was shot. are we going to see the proof??? is it going to be aired on TV.?????

1513 days ago


Li-Lo should just lay-low for a year or so. If anything, get a chauffeur! Better yet, move out of LA. Someplace away from the press and negative influences.

1513 days ago


she should have floored it. Population control!

1513 days ago


It was a green light so clearly the nanny shouldn't have been on the road at that time. Everyone just wants to see the bad in whatever Lindsay does, even if this girl cleans up her act up and wins an oscar (which probs won't happen but still) you people will still slag her off and find fault with her.

So far she has done everything she has been asked to do, no one got hurt and truthfully if she did really hit the stroller i'm pretty sure it would have been more than a tap. Maybe get your facts straight first before you start going off on one just because its Lindsay Lohan. If it was any normal person no one would care about it. Get over yourselves, your all a bunch of arrogant, small minded jerks.

1513 days ago


I wonder what excuse her mother is going to give now? She is lucky that wasn't my child. She would have the car logo imprinted in her forehead - permanently.

1513 days ago


Whether she tapped it or not. Speeding past a child in a stroller is dangerous. She should have WAITED like a normal person for the lady and the child in the stroller to pass. Hello caution to the pedestrian. I can't believe the idiots who think it was ok for her to speed past the lady in the stroller, Lindsay OBVIOUSLY stopped because something happened. If it was your child it may have been different. I hate Lindsay Lohan and can't wait until the day I don't have to see her stupid face online or in a magazine again.

1513 days ago
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