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Lindsay Lohan Stroller Accident

No Harm, No Foul

9/3/2010 7:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An eyewitness to the alleged Lindsay Lohan "hit-and-run" tells TMZ ... the photogs who sold the after-the-fact video are lying.

The eyewitness -- a photographer -- says Lindsay was leaving her apartment building Wednesday (not yesterday) and was turning onto Holloway Drive with a green light.  The photog says Lindsay "ever-so-slightly tapped the stroller -- like 1 mile an hour." 

The photog says Lindsay pulled over, asked the nanny pushing the stroller if everything was okay and was told everyone and everything was fine, so she drove off.

The story conflicts with the photogs who shot video after the incident.  One of them -- Brayan Jaime -- told TMZ ... Lindsay ran a red light and called the impact "a major hit" ... causing 3 wheels on the stroller to leave the ground.  Jaime says Lindsay fled the scene.

So far ... no one has gone to the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department to file a report.


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(!?) cant believed these photographers! they both claimed they saw lindsey l. drove and hit someone but never MADE A SHOT when she stop and talk to the baby's nanny! come on. why didn't made a any shot of the scene when she went her car and talk with the nanny or drove off as one of the photographer claimed. what crap. idiots. we all need the truth what really happen.

1475 days ago


Well i can see around corners, the sidewalk sees to that. If you can`t see then you go slow enough to make sure there`s no jaywalkers. Doesn`t matter what color the light was, you just don`t hit baby strollers.

1475 days ago


Even if all she did was "tap" the stroller, what does that say about where her mind was at? She sure wasn't paying attention to driving if she didn't see a whole person walking toward her let alone the fact the woman was pushing a stroller. I would be thanking God my child was ok because a split second sooner, and they wouldn't have been. The deal is, what if it was a "tap" and not a "hit" was too close. Period. She hasn't learned a thing.

1475 days ago


this whole story doesnt look good : we can't have the news in the hands of moneyseeker idiots with a camera.. everything must go back to the pros . Enough is enough now

1475 days ago


TMZ started this amateur-news-making biz here. But at least TMZ do check and double-check the stores: now it's all a jungle, everybody wants to make big news either it's true or not.

And it is in TMZ's best interest to contain and isolate the amateurs "news makers" before its too late and send the credibility down the toilet.

1475 days ago


This so "breaking news" story about Lindsay sure sounds like a big exaggeration and more "RUMORS" like the name of one of her new songs. Lindsay does songs about the stuff that's going on in her life ... and the paparazzi is a DAILY part of it.

Lindsay looks pretty good in this video. It's way better than a video I saw with Paris Hilton a few days ago with some 13 year old boy in it.

Lindsay's going to be doing a new album with some of the people that have worked with Britney Spears. Maybe Britney is even helping her out these days. Who knows?

Maybe Samantha Ronson will do a good job helping to produce the album. Lindsay better get some good songwriters to work with her on the lyrics and the music. Even the best female singers like Madonna gets LOTS of help along the way.

1475 days ago


Now what? Every single day!
Most of these characters make more money in a year then most hard working people make in 20 years. But they all continually screw things up for themselves.
If the brats like the snotty kristen stewart, Lohan, and others, would step back and think, "holy f**k, I just made 1 (or how many) million this week, this month or this year. Definitely not from talent, but lucky to be in a movie that made some bucks - so they then make other movies and continue to rake in the dough. They really lose sight of the amount of zeros they have in their bank accounts.. and they are definitely not mental heavy weights performing life saving surgery. Sad to see so many of them acting entitled and stupid, almost every day of the week.
But, makes for good entertainment.

1475 days ago


Lindsay it's time to move back to NYC . too many parasites over there: as you can see they'll do whatever they can to make few bucks with no control from anything and anybody.

time to go back to NYC, sooner is better.

Even the paparazzi here are more serious, well organized and with dignity: over there the Law of the Jungle took the entire news business now in the hands of any amateur with a digital camera snapping and processing with photoshop.

come back to NYC, Linsday.

1475 days ago


She has a pea for a brain.
Not smart at all, a real dumb woman.
As an actress she can only play a whorre, drug addict, or slut.
Would the audience believe her to be a mother? NO
doctor? NO, teacher? NO.
Just a real low life stupid person.

1475 days ago


Even if she had hit the stroller at full speed, backed up and ran over it again killing both the nanny and the baby, Lindsay's supporters would still be here making excuses for her. The girl simply can't drive. She doesn't possess the mental ability to be totally self-absorbed and operate a vehicle at the same time. Thank goodness nobody was hurt. But it's only a matter of time before she hurts or kills someone. I'm completely in favor of revoking her citizenship and deporting her to whatever country will take her.

1475 days ago


This happened close to her home? Than the damn paps are responsible if there was an incident. They must have chased her from her house. They make so much money off stories about Lohan, If there wasn't nothing to say they'd make it up. It's not like she's gonna fight back, or anybody would believe her if she did.

1475 days ago


Hopefully, this is an more honest version of what really happened.

1475 days ago


For God's sake get a professional driver for ALL TIMES. Forget about a driver's license! These types of accidents are usually someone else's fault -- unless they have Lindsay's legal record. Then it could easily mean a life sentence for being at the wrong place at the wrong time and behind the wheel. Forget driving, Lindsay. It isn't for you -- if your mother Dina won't advise you properly then I will.

1475 days ago


This child continues to be a hazard to herself and others!
Blessedly no one was hurt but this child is dangerous!

1475 days ago


this b**ch has had her head up her a** for so long, that we all have just grown complacent to her misjudgments. Now, she almost killed a baby. Wake up people.

1475 days ago
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