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U.S. Open Fight -- Who's At Fault?!

9/3/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You gotta watch this video of an insane fight that broke out at the U.S. Open yesterday.

** warning -- the footage contains explicit language **

Here's what's clear:

-- The young man is a loudmouth
-- The woman clearly incites the young dude by slapping him in the face
-- The old man further incites the dude by aggressively approaching the dude and kicking a can

So we ask ...

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I'm not sure how anyone can criticise the younger guy for being a "loudmouth" or being rude when we can't see what started the argument in the 1st place. We see the younger guy get attaceked 3 times (twice by the woman and once by the guy). For all we know there were more attacks before the video starts.

The way I see it is that if the younger guy is a loudmouth then the woman is too. From what I can tell, all the younger guy does is tell the woman to "sit the f down" while the woman is equally as rude and far more aggressive.

I don't see how anyone with a brain can blame the younger guy for this incident.

1513 days ago


its hard to tell what they are arguing about but to me the older couple are at fault cause the lady hits the young guy twice the guy gets pissed off but he doesn't do anything, then the old guy's Viagra finally kicks in and decides to put him in a headlock, falls back and hurts himself. and to top it all off everyone jumps on the young guy even though he still isn't acting aggressive. even if the young guy was running his mouth i though older people were supposed to be more mature, and i don't mean the way they smell.

1513 days ago


you just know if it was a black dude there would be like 500 more comments full of racist ****. Thank god the dude wasn't black lol at least they cant blame us for this ****

1513 days ago

CL 00    

What a messed up situation......and THEY say WE(Black people)can't go anywhere and act like civilized individuals.

1513 days ago


Society Fail....again.

If I was sitting were the two Asian dudes were sitting, I would’ve choked out that punk. Talking all that mess to older people, he needs to learn some respect.

Alcohol+young idiot+NYC passive onlookers=old man gets thrown down three rows of seats

I am a Constitutionalist, however, freedom of speech is to prevent oppression no to prevent intoxicated foul mouths at sporting events.

1513 days ago


USA at its best!

1513 days ago


I would have beaten the living **** out of that old geezer.

1513 days ago


WTF! Where is Roger Huerta? Excuse me but the lady hit the young man first and he did not hit her back. Shoving her away was the right thing to do. Had he bitch slapped her like she needed, then call in Roger Huerta! Both the nasty looking low class lady and her grandpa were in the wrong! Hitting anyone is wrong period!!!!!!!!!

1513 days ago


The older couple was clearly in the wrong. The young man showed respect when he didn't slap the **** out of the woman when she slapped him first! And to add insult to injury the older man attacked the young man when he was walking by him. In order for you to get respect, you have to earn it! This is a damn shame! The young man can clearly take out charges on the couple! SMDH

1513 days ago

justice for all    

the old guy is lucky he didnt get killed when he fell. the lady is lucky she didnt get slapped in the face by the guy. i dont give two shizzles, if a woman hit me, and being it is thata i am a man, i give equal force back. cause that is no woman, thats a bitc%.

1513 days ago


Heard on the news that it was a woman and her dad fighting with a young punk who couldn't keep his obnoxious mouth shut. Don't understand why everyone thinks the old guy is to blame. It should have been handled differently, but the young punk seems to deserve a smack.

1513 days ago


Who gives a **** who was at fault. This was awesome.

1513 days ago


The posters here exemplify the decline of American society. The young guy was wrong on two counts, arguing with a woman and hitting or whatever he did to the old man. If he did not argue with the woman from the start, the old guy would not have been pushed to the point to come after him. If he had an issue he should have gone to security from the start. YOU WALK AWAY, you dont defend yourself etc. Second, security at the open is nonexistent and horrible. It took 45 minutes for them to show up, terrible. God forbid there was real danger presented to the whole crowd. they are inept.

1513 days ago


actually hes not italian and hes from NJ, and either way it never should have gotten physical.

1512 days ago



Yeah, being oldIES gave you the right to slap young people and can always get away with it. What a good example you are both!

1512 days ago
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