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U.S. Open Fight -- Who's At Fault?!

9/3/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You gotta watch this video of an insane fight that broke out at the U.S. Open yesterday.

** warning -- the footage contains explicit language **

Here's what's clear:

-- The young man is a loudmouth
-- The woman clearly incites the young dude by slapping him in the face
-- The old man further incites the dude by aggressively approaching the dude and kicking a can

So we ask ...

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Shamontiel, Chicago Relationships Examiner    

See, this is when I stop sympathizing with women in fights. You can't just go around slapping men for no good reason. Nothing this man said to her was worth her just slapping him like that. Than it itself should get HER sued. Violence is violence. The old man kicked the can. Old or not, when you step to somebody like you want to do bodily harm, whatever happens after that (without weapons) is between those two. I understand why security came to him first considering it looked like he was standing over the old guy when he was just getting up and old girl was STILL talking crazy. The older couple needed to have been kicked out.

1512 days ago

the real    

You people are all stupid!!! The young guy is talking during the game, ruining everyone's experience, and they get up and ask him to stop, he says he doesnt f-ing care about anyone's feelings cuz he's got a big bet on the game, then he cusses out the two so the old guy smacks his beer and the young guy spears him down the f-ing steps!!! He's an old guy! He hit his head on the chair and could have got a concussion!!! That a-hole should be banned from all the tennis games!!! Young people have no respect, and i am a young guy!!!

1512 days ago


Only in New Yawk

1512 days ago


The kid needed to be slapped around. He had zero respect for women or his elders. I believe the old man was completely justified in pummeling the kid. Perhaps he should have thought about whether or not he could handle it before he did it, but good for him. If that kid talked to someonein my family like that, I would fight him. But I would win.

1512 days ago

Captain Janks    

I have to side with all the people who were there...obviously the young guy pissed off more than just the lady and old fella... You can't tell me no one else heard the arguement! The young guy was being disrespectful and now he looks like the ass that he is!

1512 days ago


Those of you who sided with the young guy are truly sick f***s. I hope that when you're old and grey, and some young a**hole provokes you, that you get the ever-loving s**t beaten out of you. Karma will find you. What goes around...

1512 days ago


Check out the laws of the State of New York on self-defence. The young punk is in the right legally, and he showed a lot of restraint. The two need to get sued. They don't seem to understand, along with a lot of people posting here, that he could have had both of them for lunch. They look like they've done this before, by the way, and they were playing off the sympathy of the crowd. I'd have kicked her a@@.

1512 days ago


Biggest Douchebag? How bout' the idiots and the peanut gallery behind the camera (mostly from the first angle). Plus the "security" team that tried to ass rape him when he wasnt even at fault in the first place.

1512 days ago


Anyone think this looks contrived? It seems a little played when the guy is talking to the woman that slaps him. Just my opinion.

1512 days ago


More proof that yanks are gay

The burd deserved to be slapped down and the old guy threw the first punch and deserved a slap, as for the crowd, securitttty securittty jesus christ

1512 days ago


Since when did people from the Trailer Park go to watch the US Open? I thought tennis was more of a yuppie sport?

The trashy old people are obviously at fault. The fat woman in a wife beater slapped the young guy at the beginning. Later, the old guy appears to have smacked the guy in the face, making him lose his beer can. He gets up, and the old guy just attacks him. After they fall, and the young guy heads up the stairs, the old lady run at him and starts choking him. He pushes her away, she falls and gets thrown against the railing by a sh*tload of dudes.

They should send the old people to jail. They physically attacked him.

1512 days ago


Hey hardwood22, what's worng with someone waving his harm while arguing? How do you argue? How do you argue? Does it scare you someone that moves harm and hands? Easy with name calling...unsecure f...

1512 days ago


The "young guy" has a name...Joey. And he is absolutely NOT at fault.

1512 days ago

BB not bb    

These old people were just trying to act tough and show off. This is your brain on fifty years of pot. Maybe they were having LSD flashbacks. Who ever heard of a lady slapping a man for heckling at a sports event? Then the old man rushes up to be a hero and falls down the stairs.

Meanwhile, the poor guy who paid for his ticket and is tyring to watch the game gets tackled by a pack of men for no clear reason. Everyone felt like just beating up on the poor guy.

1512 days ago


It's easy to say "oh they never should've attacked him" "oh they deserve it"

I guarantee at least 90% of you (especially males) would've thrown a punch if that guy had insulted you or your wife.

I don't agree with it, but I don't judge the couple for reacting the way they did, because maybe I would've done the same thing.

1512 days ago
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