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U.S. Open Fight -- Who's At Fault?!

9/3/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You gotta watch this video of an insane fight that broke out at the U.S. Open yesterday.

** warning -- the footage contains explicit language **

Here's what's clear:

-- The young man is a loudmouth
-- The woman clearly incites the young dude by slapping him in the face
-- The old man further incites the dude by aggressively approaching the dude and kicking a can

So we ask ...

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There's no excuse for the younger dude to be yelling and cursing out an older woman like that, period. I don't care what happened that led up to it. I'd like to see if he'd be yelling that way at Brock Lesnar or someone, he'd probably keep his trap shut. Really brave the way he bitched out some old people . . . This guy is clearly an obnoxious loudmouth. Nothing could have happened that would excuse his behavior towards these older people. The older guy is from a different generation, and for this douche to curse out and verbally abuse his daughter in public was clearly provocation to defend her honor.

1475 days ago


i think they were all just being completely retarded but atleaat they made the tennis match more exciting than it was gonna be so thank you douchebag us open fans a tip of the hat to you.

1475 days ago

jimmy b cape cod    

just normal behavior for low class NEW YORKER'S....

1475 days ago


Man, can you imagine if this had been a basketball game and the folks fighting were black!?! What happened to making sure all the internet trolls remind us "oh this is just how black people are". Why is no one mentioning that these are all white folks. or fights with white folks aren't "racial"

1475 days ago


"young guy "DEFENDED" himself" OMG!!PLEASE! The guy was mouthing off out loud,being Very DIS-RESPECTABLE & The lady had enough ,What did she get more 'F'**** THIS AND THAT.out of his piece of trash no good mouth!!!! With young kids,elderly people in the stands and this"Trash Mouth" PUNK was Highly offensive & OBNOXIOUS & someone finaly had enough & stood up & said so!That poor old man from back in the time where "young punks" Did not Speek to women like that. He was defending her & LOOKS LIKE he was confronting the Punk & lost his balance!Thank God "Gentelmen" STILL Exist!!

1475 days ago


Really Tracle? Is that why TMZ POLL has the old man and woman at fault? 40-0 Love

1475 days ago


Hey Tracie, what is shown on this video is GANG VIOLENCE. A textbook example of how easily a crowd turns on a single person. The young man is the only one who did not resort to violence. Get it now? And if you don't like cursing, as an earlier post said, get the **** out of New York City. It's the spirit of the city, and if you want the classier seats, pay for them and sit up front with the people who are not 'DIS-RESPECTABLE', whatever the **** that means.

1475 days ago


the old folks should've let well enough alone , you put your hands on someone and you take a chance on getting you ass handed to you . and by the way i'm an old dude too !!! i don't start anything with anybody , but by the same token i WILL defend myself , and i've been trained to do so .

1474 days ago


Well I'm 62 and the punk would of had his ass kicked! Garonteeeeeed

1474 days ago


So fake. Man, do I despise hate this culture,

1474 days ago


To those who say that woman and old man were justified because he was cursing in front of childern, well ask yourself how much better explain were they setting by attacking the man. They should have gotten up and went down to security and told them what was going on.

1474 days ago


the kid is a punk. having no respect for the people around him.there's usuaually one of these jerks at any event. lady had the balls to do what everybody else wanted to do!

1473 days ago


the kid is a punk. having no respect for the people around him.there's usuaually one of these jerks at any event. lady had the balls to do what everybody else wanted to do!

1473 days ago


the kid is a punk...how brilliant of you to spot that...lets be the police and attack him for it...because we have "balls"...u sound like a punk for what you wrote in ur posting

1472 days ago


i know i wasn't there, and i'm sure most of the people commenting here weren't there. so for everyone here to automatically blame the older couple is pretty ridiculous. ok sure, maybe the altercation should not have become physical, some might say there really is no excuse for that. others will add that if people wanted to watch the game quietly/peacefully, "stay at home," but all fans that have gone to a sporting event know that watching sports live is totally different and there is a certain decorum expected and generally enforced at each respective sport/arena/event. Example: everyone MUST be silent when a golfer making his swing; sj sharks fans are not allowed to stand up and move around when the puck is live because it is distracting to other paying fans as well...etc.

and the fact that people there rushed to the defense of the old couple probably meant that this younger fellow was being a d-bag throughout the match and deserved what he got and if anything, the old couple was actually standing up for everyone and doing what security should have done.

and think about it...why would everyone that was audible be yelling to kick that kid out even after he got into the physical altercation with the couple? now i'm not saying the couple is innocent, but i'm pretty damn sure that kid deserved it.

and again, for all those people telling the couple to stay at home, why do you pay to watch a movie at the theaters? what if some kid was flashing a laser pointer at the screen the whole time, or was on his phone, or was yelling obscenities? yea think about it before you just come to the conclusion that the old couple was completely at fault.

1470 days ago
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