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TMZ's Preggo Picture Contest -- Final 5!

9/6/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The TMZ Preggo Picture Contest has been narrowed down to five -- and now it's up to you to decide which baby bump is going to come out headfirst!

Which of these beautiful baby bumps should score the $250 prize and some great gifts from TMZ?

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**


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The one of the abs was not nearly as good as the other woman with the dumbell and abs. Who the heck chooses these?

1515 days ago


Has society reached such a low that we now find a pregnant belly offensive? Seriously?? That is so shameful!
A pregnant woman is the most beautiful display of femininity I've ever seen and women having fun with their pregnancy (showing the joy of life inside them) is amazing!
Shame on all of you to call them disgusting. You are all a product of life in this manner. A woman carried you. A woman's belly grew to give you life. A woman caressed her belly nightly while you matured inside her.
Show respect and allow a mother to have a little fun.

1515 days ago


It may be natural but so is having a bowel movement and urinating. Some things need to be kept private.

1515 days ago



1515 days ago


Pregnancy should be a beautiful and very personal experience. I do not understand for the life of me the ugly and twisted looking beared abdomens and, especially, those that look like watermelons with dropsy (none of the pictures shown appear like my very high pregnancy as a petite woman. What is wrong with women today who flaunt their abdomens in bikins and tops that do not cover them? You'd think from appearances the past few years, they narcissists perceive that nobody outside of themselves has every conceived or given birth.

1515 days ago

There's a problem here    

Sorry but I can't get past the chica doing that ***** lip pose and making hand signs. Quite the madonna, that one.

1515 days ago

Bubba Ganoosh    

I blame Demi Moore and Vanity Fair for all this. Every since they put her on the cover buck naked with that pregnant belly people think this is something sexy. Well I got news for you, its not.

1515 days ago


Your all ****ing stupid. 3 of the pictures of only for fun, the bikini belly is fine, but the triplet belly is gross. You all need to grow up. Guys, one day you'll have wives who are pregnant. What? Your gonna think they are ugly and gross. And ladies? If you wants kids...that's how it works. You all need to grow up.

1515 days ago


dam look at all these sluts

1515 days ago

Proud American    

The woman in the bikini bring back memories of my pregnancy with my twins. And, that was when I was in my fourth month. But, I later in my pregnancy I was big as Oct-o-mom.

1515 days ago


I don't want to see any of these. This is so disgusting.

1515 days ago


some things you can't unsee, THE MOST DISTURBING OF ALL YOUR GALLERIES! WTF, the one where the woman had painted a picture of a red and green fetus on a canvas of stretch-marked skin?? That one particularly made my skin crawl. And the triple tummy?? Is that the pregnant chick from return of the living dead?? Something is medically wrong with that!

1515 days ago


"A pregnant woman is the most beautiful display of femininity I've ever seen and women having fun with their pregnancy (showing the joy of life inside them) is amazing!"

No, it is a beautiful display if you are involved or if this were still the dark ages and we had to repopulate the planet. As in, if it is your child she is carrying or you love or know the person. Other than that, it's just women walking around with their guts hanging out, assuming that everybody in the world is envying them for the ability to look like a bloated ****er spaniel.

newsflash folks, a lot of people/animals can become pregnant. It's nothing new and nothing special, however it does speak volumes to your delusions of grandeur.

"Some guy dumped a loaf in me about 7-9 months ago, now I'm going to flash it around because I lack any sense of integrity or humility. Because everyone must see that I can create life, therefore I > YOU!"

The pregnant belly has replaced the pocket chihuahua fad... You get an accessory for a couple of months, then don't really care how the kid turns out. We are due for some serious comeuppance.

Tell all the children who have to sleep alone tonight in an orphanage (and not overseas, right here in the Good Ol' US)who are hungry, have never had parents or just need a warm hug and know they are loved, how proud you are of your ability to not look past your own needs/vanity.

1515 days ago


She's throwing up a peace sign..... that's skanky? Wow.. get a life

1515 days ago


Do these people have any shame? Trailer trash breeding... wonderful.

1514 days ago
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