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Kanye Goes on

Twitter Rampage,

Seeks Forgiveness

9/4/2010 3:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just a few days shy of the one-year anniversary of his infamous Taylor Swift-interrupting rant, Kanye West decided to complete the Twitter step of his 12-step forgiveness recovery plan ... by unleashing a flurry of tweets to express forgiveness, regret and nearly every emotion in between.

Kanye posted nearly 100 tweets in a little over two hours. It started innocently enough with: "Man I love Twitter... I've always been at the mercy of the press but no more...  The media tried to demonize me."

Then it moved on to: "Remember in Anchor Man when Ron Burgandy cursed on air and the entire city turned on him? But this wasn't a joke. This was & is my real life."

And: "People tweeted that they wish I was dead... No listen.  They wanted me to die people. I carry that. I smile and take pictures through that."

Then he finally brought up Taylor: "I wrote a song for Taylor Swift that's so beautiful and I want her to have it. If she won't take it then I'll perform it for her."

Later: "When I woke up from the crazy nightmare I looked in the mirror and said GROW UP KANYE ... I take the responsibility for my actions ... I am not a bad person. Even in that moment I was only trying to do good but people don't always need my help ... Beyonce didn't need that. MTV didn't need that and Taylor and her family friends and fans definitely  didn't want or need that."

After several more it ended with, "I'm sorry Taylor." 

Kanye has gone Twitter silent since then. 


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Hes dumber than I thought ..

1474 days ago


kanyes a chronic narcissist ... he needs therapy before i can forgive him

1474 days ago


Re:117 Dude, that was SO uncool. I don't agree with the way either Kanye or Chris handled themselves, but your comment is WAY over the top.

1474 days ago


He needs to go back to English 101.

It was the MTV Awards for goodness sakes people! Taylor Swift is NOT a real artist. She is a teenage girls version of Justin Bieber fever. Her songs are all about being a teen and falling in love. Not too much substance there and don't think for a second that she and her mama didn't sell Taylor's soul to the devil for her celebrity.

1474 days ago


Sorry, pal but I dont think its just the Swift incident that got people to hate you. Its your string of incidents and arrogant bad attitude. The Swift thing was just the final straw to a lot of people. I am not impressed by him and he wants to call me a "hater" (which doesnt seem right in this instance since he frankly acted like a ass) then fine. I would say the same thing to his face that I would say here. I'd like to see HIM react to all these people face to face though.

1474 days ago


I don't forgive or not forgive him, I don't even know him, therefore his actions have no effect on me.

I do however think that he might have a drug or alcohol problem, or else some mental issues Whatever it is, I hope he gets some help for it.

1474 days ago


HE'S ONE BIG ****Y BOY............he'll never change.

1474 days ago


I think its so unfair to people like Kanye to be judged so harsh. Just because he's famous doesn't mean he has to be perfect or even near to perfect. I think most important thing is that he realizes his mistake and is taking steps to be better. Hate is not a solution people if one of you today became famous there is no guarantee that you would know exactly how to act everywhere and not give in to your emotions. Therefore I think everyone should just leave Kayne alone and not push him to be perfect, love him as he is and his music is great.

1474 days ago


i simply cant forgive someone for making that kind of crapy music

1474 days ago



1474 days ago


Yes, forgive him, give him yet another chance -- so he can really hang himself this time. The sooner we forget about this loser the better.

1474 days ago


I like Kanye's music, and Kanye as a person but he's a freakin idiot sometimes... especially when he thinks he is a loved, adorable, admired for his mind individual in public. dude, we like ur rhymes, beats, and videos... that's it, ur opinion doesn't matter after that...

1474 days ago


he made her?? lol what morons could really believe that? she made herself by acting like a lady and not droping to his level. she works hard for what she has earned. and he just drinks/snorts/puffs his away!

1474 days ago


# 80 you are 100% clueless its clear a hell of alot of people knew of her you loser twit!

1474 days ago


Kanye should be arrested for media whoring.

1474 days ago
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