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Movie Theater Playing 'Last Exorcism' Burns Down

9/4/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A drive-in movie theater in Oklahoma burned down yesterday -- was it arson, a freak accident or the work of ... the devil?

See, this Tulsa landmark -- The Admiral Twin, which opened in 1951 -- was playing "The Last Exorcism." It was also playing "Predators," but those aren't real -- so we can rule them out as a suspect.

Bill French, Tulsa Fire Department public information officer, told the Tulsa World on Friday night that investigators were still not sure how the blaze started.

TMZ contacted the Tulsa Fire Department to see if they suspected a demon, someone possessed by a demon or even Satan himself had something to do with the blaze.

So far, no response.


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I am all for poking fun sometimes and having a good chuckle about whatever, but it breaks my heart to see this...article if you can even call it that. The Admiral Twin was a Route 66 landmark that was an icon for Tulsa. Tulsa and the surrounding cities absolutely love this place that was more than just a theatre. It was a terrible tragedy no matter what caused it and we are already fighting to rebuild. It saddens me that it is nothing more then a joke to you.

1417 days ago


Please become a fan on Facebook and donate to save the Admiral Twin:
Currently at 14,653 members!

1417 days ago


Been going there for over 30 years! So sad! You forgot to mention it's historic. The movie "The Outsiders" was filmed there!

1417 days ago


Not Funny!!! I've been going there for over 30 years!! It was historic. The move "The Outsiders" was filmed there as well. It's irreplacable whether they rebuild or not. My heart is broken!

1417 days ago


i personally hope every single person who had anything to do with this article losing something close to like this was to tulsa i grew up there and spent every summer with family and friend at this drive inn hope you had a good laugh about this and hope you get the heartache we are suffering from this in return for laughing and making a joke of our miss fortune only thing left to say is a big F*** you tmz

1417 days ago


hail satan!!!! \m/ lol! XD The Last Exorcism is awesome!! Also The Exorcist is still awesome to! I have seen it so many times for years!

in the name of the last exorcism compels you! :P

1417 days ago


I grew-up in Tulsa and have fond memories of the Admiral Twin. Movies? What movies? We were always more concerned about how to take full advantage of our dates. Drink of choice: slo gin or Bacardi 151 and coke. Condom: whatever a quarter would buy from the machines on the wall in the bathroom. Those were the days of bench seats, steering column gear shifts (which we'd remove to allow more room to . . . er . . . move), and plenty of fogged windows. Actually, I'd see more of the movie than they did. Hmmmm . . . Come to think of it, there's a very good chance my daughter was conceived there!

R.I.P Admiral Twin!

1417 days ago


Not everyone in Tulsa is devastated by this! I was devastated when my dog died. Just rebuild the F@#*ing thing.

1417 days ago


I'm from Tulsa, and it was probably just some freak accident. It was, after all, a giant wood and paper screen. But, if it was arson God help whoever did it because if they catch them they are gonna nail them to the wall. This was a piece of our history. People loved the Admiral Twin. It sad that it's gone. I hope they rebuild.

1417 days ago


This is really no laughing matter even though that is a bit creepy. I've grown up going to the Admiral every summer. I can't tell you how many birthday parties I've had and traditions many people have begun with this place. RIP Admiral Twin, I hope this is more of a seeya later

1417 days ago


I seriously dont belive the devil had anything to do with it, either coincidence or maybe some not so great people could have started it, either way, it's a shame. The drive-in is a place that holds many memories for many people and is a part of Tulsa's history.

I am 41, live in Tulsa and remember going to the Admiral Twin even as a child. I am happy to say a benefit is already in the making with bands from all over the area volunteering their time to play for the cause. The Admiral Twin will be rebuilt.

1417 days ago


What a dumass statement.

1417 days ago


Devastating is watching your friends apartment building burn down, then watching him being revived, and seeing a blanket melted to his skin. Be thankful no one was injured, be thankful that this type of press may bring the publicity to this landmark that it now needs to rebuild. Never wish for other people to go through the losses you have to endure, it's bad karma.

1417 days ago


Thank you all that are supporting the Drive-in and Tulsa. It might not be like losing someone but its losing a piece of our history, and something most of us grew up with. It's a very sad event, the tragic part is the fact that it was a historical thing and the only one of its kind with the wooden structure left. It is being rumored that someone was trying to steal the copper inside the screen and that's what caused the spark that started the fire. Not only have we lost this landmark that hopefully will be rebuilt but several people now have lost the last weeks of their jobs in this already bad economy. Who knows maybe ignorant press will help. But the fact is the joking still hurts those of us this drive-in meant so much to.

1417 days ago


Admiral Twin Benefit Concert Planned

A benefit concert to raise money rebuild the Admiral Twin is in the works.

Chuk Cooley, a local touring musician, is organizing the concert at another historic Tulsa location, the Rose Bowl on 11th Street.

Cooley tells that there are currently 10 bands lined up to perform at the concert and he's talking to several more that could be added to the bill. All of the bands will donate their show.

Sam Baker, owner of the Rose Bowl, confirms that the space has also been donated to the cause.

The concert is scheduled for October 10th at the Rose Bowl, 7419 E 11th Street. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children under 18.

All of the proceeds from the concert will go to benefit the Admiral Twin.

1417 days ago
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