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Tiger Woods -- Armed and Dangerous

9/5/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It takes some serious arm muscles to play mediocre golf -- and Tiger Woods sure has them.

Tiger struck the sleeveless version of the $100 million pose on Thursday in a hotel in Providence, RI -- he's in town for the Deutsche Bank Championship.

Tiger was tied for 87th place after the first round, but is seven shots back going in to Sunday.

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m skee    

most of yall just bunch of broke haters,get off tigers nutts..

1508 days ago


# 95
Has nothing to do with being rich or poor


before her mouth got plugged with 10 MIL spilled out some secret's

1508 days ago


looks more like he's in town for the douche bag championship. is he posing with his limo driver?

1507 days ago


You sure it wasn't the douchebag championship? He would've won without making a single swing!

1507 days ago


Jerry Ehrlic is a loser pafan, first of all there is no way you have a ferarri, no way and you know you would never trust a loser like that unless he is washing it. lets face it he has to pretend he knows celeberties to get laid, and btw he cheats on his ugly wife just about every week. get real, this guy pretends to be a millioare and lives in a house for 250k. he is the guy who walked into Lowes and through a box in the air to get himself hurt to sew them, look it up he is banned from that store-total fact. i know he cheats on his wife and because he tells everyone. lets face it when most people say his name, it is usually followed by a laugh and unfort i know him. he the the laughing stock of plymouth, and unfort his wife doesn't know all the drama he has following him, or maybe she does!

1507 days ago


i have to agree with mike jerry erlich is gross. he has tried and tried for years to pick me up as well as my hot girl friends. he usually winds up with the fat ugly drunk girls. oooh him and his gay friend are allways out, not sure if jerry is gay maybe bi, but his friend def is and he is totally grosser. to fatsos i can tell you that there are tons of stories about him and none of them put him in a good light just ask his brother he will laugh when you mention him. all i can say is that he is a pathological lier and his wife should get checked out for something. i know unfort my girl friend dated him while his wife was pregnant, she actually thought he played for the eagles, shows u how dumb people are. don't know why he is with tiger but, whatever the reason is it cant be good. get a life jerry you will never be famous or rich, get a life loser

1507 days ago


To "Cara and Mike"
You are clearly the same person and it is obvious who you are. Why so hateful, *****cat? Jealous brings out the worst in people like you. I know the Erhlich’s and they are wonderful people...Jerry is a fun, smart charismatic guy...which is why he was even able to get his picture with Tiger in the first place. Jerry thinks it is funny how many people have responded to a picture and he will not comment on line. So I will for the Erhlich’s. Love or hate it.. Jerry’s got more than you will ever have in his life. It seems that you are a lonely looser who needs to spew hate just to feel good about how bad your life really is.

How dare you make up lies to slander him on a public forum. Your business will suffer for these lies ….just wait and see. By the way you forgot to mention that Jerry’s the book on how to meet celebrities, which sells on amazon is the #1 selling book on how to meet celebrities. And his wife is one of the most beautiful women I know. Karma is a bitch and I know am sure I will not be stopping by your place of business any more as you are a real creep. Just wait until I tell the other ladies of Lafayette Hill what you did .….....

Peace, Love, and Happiness,

1507 days ago

Massage London    

That's a great post and I must say it's not only a simple but also a entertaining one. Thanks a lot.

1507 days ago


to mike/cara: Your complete and total illiteracy is the laughing stock of Plymouth. I'm not sure what school your graduated from (if you actually did) but they should burn down the school and shoot the English teachers.

1507 days ago


how can one person spell the word sue "sew" so many times? jerry rulez!

1507 days ago


I didn't know that Danny Devito was friends with Tiger Woods...

1506 days ago


I like when he says "done" here (Tiger Woods)
Kind of poetic...
the curb shot too!


1495 days ago


Listen up all you haters Tiger has so much money he don't care what you haters think. He can buy and sell all of you haters and Harvey and his crew to. Whatever you think about Tiger and his personal life he is and will always be the best golfer out there in your lifetime. As for drugs no way PGA won't let anyone do drugs now its very easy to see in todays tests. As for the GUNS Tiger is up a 4 AM everyday lifting weights and that has been knowen for years. To bad all your lifes are that bad that you go after someone elses life so you can feel like your not guilty of the things you bad mouth him for. This is just 1 year that was a short year for him but im sure he will win more times than most you you haters can count, but who cares just real golf fans. You all need to get your own lifes and stay out of others when you don't know all the real truth about this situation.

1492 days ago


People need to learn to separate his private life from his job, they are not one and the same geez. If every person that cheated had their job taken away from them, there would be a hell of alot of people out of work right now!! I hope he does well in the tournament. He still has children to support.

1471 days ago


This picture and comments have just been brought to my attention. I am disgusted, angry, and speechless at such ignorant, snotty, thoughtless people. I am Jerry's sister-in-law, the sister of is wife. How dare you make such rude comments? Grow up! This is high school BS. I truly cant stand people who love drama and get-off on belittleing someone you do not no. My sister is a wonderful person who will do anything for you. Leave my family out of your rude comments and stop worrying about what other people do with their lives.

1427 days ago
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