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Joe Jackson -- Spankings Kept Michael Out of Gangs

9/5/2010 11:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson says his heavy parental hand kept Michael Jackson away from gangs.


The interview with Joe was shot by over the summer and will be used as part of a movie Katherine Jackson is producing with Howard Mann.

In the clip, an interviewer asks Joe what he thinks about Michael's past comments about Joe's parenting -- alluding to allegations of physical abuse. Joe says, "I had to be like that because when raising him, in those days, so many gangs out there getting into trouble, going to jail. Most of them are dead now. He didn't have to worry about that."

The interviewer also asked if Joe had any regrets, "No! They tried to make a big issue when I spanked Michael or some of the kids, ya know? Just like they didn't spank their kids when they did wrong. The media twists everything."



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I officially hate this man!

1453 days ago


Read the autopsy report !
Michael Jackson was not a drug addict.

So many brainless sheep.

1453 days ago

Joe Jackson an illiterate child abuser    

Joe Jackson is and continues to be an Ass H&*%. None of them in that family was close to MJ at the time of his death or even up to 5 yrs before. Those kids went to live in a house with strangers!!! BTW where in hell does Randy get 60,000 dollars from for charity. A little before MJ died he was close to Welfare! They are all benefitting from MJ's death. They are happy he died, as he had cut them all off!!
JOE J is hust an evil piece of shi# who wanted to be member of the Jackson 5; he whored around with groupies while beating his sons especially MJ and crushing his self esteem in order to control him for as long as possible. This man is pure evil; you can see it in his face!! I HOPE THE MOVIE DOES NOT MAKE ONE RED CENT! I wont go to see it; I have seen THIS IS IT 3 TIMES AND HAVE THE DVD! GO to hell Joe, and Katherine too! child abusers and enablers, both!!

1453 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I challenge each and every one of you dolts to withold judgement on Joe until you have visited the Jackson home in Gary, Indiana.

Take I-94 to the Grant Street exit. Zig zag zig zag about 3 blocks northeast to 2300 Jackson Street.

Go ahead. Say hello to the few tourists that are always passin thru, but then try to pull over and be polite to the folks who live there next to the Jackson home.



I thought those nasty smelly hoodrats would kill me for just saying hello.

All those Jackson boys would be dead now. None of them had an ounce of common sense... Joe led them to superstardom and they all blew it including Mika himself. The only thing Joe could have done better would have been to share management of the family, but rest assured, Joe needed to be there with a big stick. A really BIG STICK.

This conversation wouldn't even be happening if it wasn't for Joe. Joe got them out of the ghetto, but it was up to the boys to stay out of the ghetto - and their boys again to move on even further from the ghetto.

But nope. That whole bunch is hell bent on heading straight back to Gary, Indiana

1453 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

When they created Joe Jackson, they "BROKE THE MOLD". Not only did he love his wife , The man loved his kids . You have got to feel something for this guy. Strong he has been through it all,all of the hate admiration jealousy envy tricks plots ploys etc and with always along side his wife and kids.

1453 days ago


spanking kept that quiet type out of gangs? no, but possibly from coming out as gay and flamboyant, it suppressed michael to the point of never growing up emotionally, michael lived his life on a kids level, daddy spanked the life out of michael and only left a great artist and a weak very weird man behind that artist who in turn was another man who never should've been around kids, just like his daddy, one was violent, one was too loving, yo udon't sleep in bed with kids taht are not yours, and whatever else inappropriate kichael did to the kids in his life, spanking isn't the only type of abuse, 'loving' too much is another type of abuse...

1453 days ago


I cant imagine a gang that would have taken little miss michael as a member. perhaps a girl gang or a dance gang ALA west side story. this family should just shutup and mourn in silence. Who would have ever thought MICHAEL, JANET and LATOYA were the sane mbrs of this family! Michael Jackson in a gang ~ LMAO!!!!

1453 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

FRED FARKEL # 42, you are hilarious.Thanx for some humor.

1453 days ago



1453 days ago

gimme a break!    

first i must say that i dont appreciate ppl stealing my "name"...
anyway so "Most of them are dead now. He didn't have to worry about that."
Cuz he's like..hmmm alive now or what?
and i hate to break this on you Joe but Michael was/is a gangsta...
Hey Joe i thought u said u never abused u did but it was for his own good? HUH? make up ur mind will u?!?

1453 days ago


It was probably the non-stop practicing Joe Jackson forced the kids do every day kept them out of gangs. Can't socialize with your gang buddies if your overlord father is terrorizing you into staying inside and singing all day.

Way to keep 'em safe, Joe. Jerk.

1453 days ago


I will be interested to find out if Joe gets any money from Michael's estate. In the state where I live the law is such that if you just write someone out, they can still make a claim and cash in. The only way I've seen someone totally excluded is if they were left say $5.00 purposely in the will. In that case that is all they get here.

My two cents... you must put the fear of God in children. They must have consequences...good or bad. The problem is these days they don't. Children haven't learned to cook, clean, pay bills, just responsibility in general. They are being babysat by teachers and televisions! They get in trouble only when the school calls.

People get off your butts and sit on the front porch with your kids!!Those litttle things really are the big things.

1453 days ago

Lee lee    

You know what?? I don't want to pretend to know more about any of Michael than any of us........But I think he got a raw end of the deal. He should have been appreciated more.

1453 days ago


BTW, I didn't mean you have to hit them! Sorry abt the rant.

1453 days ago


Read the autopsy report !
Michael Jackson was not a drug addict.

So many brainless sheep.

Posted at 4:38 AM on Sep 5, 2010 by vivi

He wasn't, but the autopsy report is fake, F.A.K.E.

1453 days ago
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