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Lindsay Lohan

Is 'Today' the

One for Her?

9/6/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan has "multiple offers" for her first television interview since getting out of jail/rehab -- and one of her biggest suitors is "Today."

Sources tell TMZ the NBC show has definite interest in landing the coveted sit-down with LiLo -- a source at the Peacock says they are "actively" trying to sign her.

We're told Lindsay is strongly considering Matt Lauer & Co. -- among several other outlets -- which is ironic considering Dina Lohan's "Today" appearance didn't go over so well. 

Maybe now she can clear up once and for all just how many times she went to rehab.

UPDATE: Dina Lohan tells TMZ "no final decision has been made" on Lindsay's first TV appearance.


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Jim in Cali    

Good Grief. Seriously what is the point of her talking to anyone? Shouldn't she be concentrating on acting so low and behold she might actually have something to promote the next time she's interviewed instead of just talking about her "problems" like rehab, jail, drugs, etc.

She needs to get out of the public eye and enter back through her work (which is acting), not whoring herself out and whining about her jail stint to some douche bag like Matt Lauer. Until she does something that has artistic value Lohan is nothing but a trainwreck Paris Hilton type of celebrity at this point. You aren't that special Lindsay, the world isn't waiting on your words or lame excuses about why you went to jail or your rehab or anything like that.

1515 days ago


If they hooked her up to a lie detector, she'd have nothing to say. She lies about everything, so why watch a bunch of bullcrap spewed by a dishonest person who lives for negative attention?

1515 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

How much are they paying that old hag? She is a Nutcase and belongs in a Psycho Ward, not on TV. Remember how fellow nutcase Paris Hilton lied on Larry King's show? Stop giving publicity to these ignorant morons and maybe they will go away. If any of us appeared in Court with F...U painted on a fingernail, we would probably be in Prison. Anyone who thinks she's beautiful needs new glasses.

1515 days ago


Wow, the jealously is palpable. Why the resentment? I mean I couldnt care less about this girl but at some point it becomes more about you than her. Would you not go after the most money if people were offering it to you? Would you not accept a 7 figure deal for an acting role or work for whatever industry you are in? Someone on here said that they should hook her up to a lie detector.....I say sure, I will go after you. Lets dig into the intimate corners of your life and figure out what you have done. Clean out your own homes before trying to clean out others.

1515 days ago


I bet those PRESCRIPTION drugs that Lindsay was taking like Adderall had a lot to do with some of her erratic behavior. That stuff is like drinking a pot of coffee every day. It keeps you from sleeping at night and keeps you hyped up all the time. It's amazing that the doctors give that stuff to little kids for their so-called ADHD problems. Lindsay shouldn't have been taking those hardcore painkillers either. I wonder how long she'd been taking them.

I think Lindsay should be on a major "health kick" by stopping ALL prescription drugs, stop smoking, stop chugging Red Bull drinks all the time and of course stay away from street drugs and alcohol. I think she would be fine if she would just be very conscious of WHAT she is putting into her body. She should go to grocery stores like Wholefoods Market and load up on fresh veggies and fruits, lean chicken and fish, etc.

I bet Lindsay would LOOK great and FEEL great if she kept that up for a year or so. She'd have tons of energy. It's way better than relying on cigarettes and Red Bull or whatever to keep you energized. The cigarettes will cause all sorts of problems with her appearance and health in the long run. Drinking Red Bull all the time will mess up your skin and cause acid reflux problems eventually. That's why half of America is on Prilosec or Nexium ... way too much caffeine. It messes up your stomach. Lindsay shouldn't give a rat's azz what her friends think about her going on a "health kick". Forget all that high school "peer pressure" stuff. She should rebel against what her friends are doing just for the heck of it. To prove that she thinks for herself.

Maybe Lindsay would enjoy learning how to become a gourmet cook. I hear lots of people in Hollywood are into that. She could start watching cooking shows on TV like Rachael Ray or something. People in Hollywood need hobbies to stay busy and stay out of trouble. Lindsay should also get involved in some charities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do. That would help her image with the public, keep her out of trouble and doing stuff that helps other people. Helping other people in charity stuff helps HER too. It makes you feel good about yourself when you get involved with charity work. She needs to be hanging around with better people anyway. She needs to avoid those "24/7 party people" who are probably going nowhere in their life.

1515 days ago

who dat    

Linsay brought on everything bad that happened to her. She was so irresponsible that she didn't complete her court ordered classes. Then wears a FU fingernail to court. Receives special treatment (ad-seg), and a highly reduced sentence.

Pay her for what? What could she possibly have to say? The reason she doesn't work is because she has NO talent. The entire family is dysfunctional. The sooner they all go away, the better.

1515 days ago


I think Lindsay is like a lot of teenagers who go off to college at age 18. They get a lot of freedom and they pretty much go hog wild. Lindsay was able to have a LOT more freedom in her teenage years and early 20s because she had a few MILLION to play with. Being a typical gullible teenager, she found trouble. She got sucked into the "24/7 party scene" big time. Lindsay's parents getting divorced when she was a teenager probably made the situation even worse. It made her really mad at her father and all that. That's what she's probably talking a lot about in her therapy these days.

Most people her age have to study their brains out to prepare for their career and don't have time to do the stuff Lindsay was doing. Lindsay has had her "wild and crazy college years". Now she needs to grow up and get VERY serious about her career.

There's a time to have fun and a time to work. Lindsay needs to get into "work mode" and stay there 90% of the time like most people do. She'll have plenty of time to have fun with the rest of her time. Going to a party or a celebration is a lot more fun AFTER you've had a good month and accomplished something anyway. Going clubbing or whatever gets OLD in a hurry if you do it all the time.

1515 days ago

Miss Bu    

CHEERS heres to rewarding more bad behaviour at least she will have some party money.

1515 days ago


#47 Ugh

Lindsay is probably plenty intelligent. She probably has pretty good genes for learning. I bet she could graduate from college if she put her mind to it and stayed away from the "party scene". Her brother just graduated from college. He was there on a scholarship. Before he screwed up, Lindsay's father worked on Wall Street. Like a lot of families, the Lohan family probably has plenty of IQ but they tend to be very unwise at times and make plenty of mistakes.

According to this webpage I just googled up, maybe Lindsay should spend more time with her grandmother, Ann Sullivan:

"The Lohan family matriarch, she's Dina's mom and the kids' grandmother. As THE VOICE OF REASON in the household, Nana tells it like it is—and Dina pays attention! In her early days, Nana was a radio actress (maybe that's where the family showbiz bug comes from?), and she has a VERY GROUNDED PERSPECTIVE on Hollywood, fame and success. Though she's still grieving the loss of her husband, she's also a funny, sassy and a DOWN-TO-EARTH counterbalance to the tumultuous Lohan lifestyle."

1515 days ago


Who cares? She will just lie to America's face when asked anything about the drugs. She's still on them and she's still using them. It's easy to lie.

1515 days ago


I think I've finally managed to decode what she says. The following is a brief collection of her most common phrases that everyone needs to know.

Quack quack quack quack quack. Quack quack. Quack. Quack quack quack quack quack.
(Do you have any cocaine?)

Quack quack quack quack. Quack quack quack quack. Quack.
(Do you have any Belvedere?)

Quack quack. Quack quack. Quack quack quack.
(I switched realities with my assistant.)

Quack. Quack quack quack. Quack.
(It was the black guy.)

(Look at MEEEEEE!!!!!!)

That covers most of what anyone would need to carry on a conversation with her.

1515 days ago


The only difference between the starlets of the 30's and now is we dont have "Joan Crawford" rubbing it in how great she is and how much she is worth look at me look at me were in a depression, we have "Lindsay Lohan" and co.

1515 days ago


Look at how well Lindsay Lohan's movie "Machete" did this weekend. Not bad at all. The movie came in #2 at the box office just behind George Clooney's movie. Things are looking better for Lindsay.

Machete is getting some good reviews out there. I saw a reviewer from Texas on CNN give Machete an "A" rating yesterday.

1515 days ago


As long as Matt does the interview, I imagine it might have some entertainment value. If Meredith's doing it, it WILL NOT BE WORTH WATCHING! Meredith may be a nice lady and all, but she's a terribly horrendous, fluffy, boring, sissy, superficial interviewer who's afraid to ask questions. Seriously, her snooze factor is through the roof! Matt however, will get all up in her business and call her RIGHT out! Hopefully, it'll be a no-holds-barred interview, or it'll be crap.

1515 days ago


It should be Matt who does the interview but after dealing with her mother, he might not want to deal with this odd family again.
I do wonder how many times Lindsay will say how 'someone tried to set her up'...that's quite a popular phrase she uses.

1515 days ago
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