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Angelina Jolie -- Doing Good Never Looked So Good

9/7/2010 2:07 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Using her super powers to better the world, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie visited with flood victims in Pakistan on Tuesday.


Somehow Angie even manages to make charity work look like a magazine cover shoot.


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"Magazine cover shoot". You got it exactly right!

1445 days ago

RJ Hunt    

#33 because she is an infidel cross worshiping

1445 days ago


# 2 you do realize she has tons of help, right? Nannie out the wazoo, body guards, maids, etc. I'd like her better if she stayed home and tended her children and dressed Shiloh like a little girl. She's dressed that baby ugly since birth.

1445 days ago


#48 - well, alrighty then.....

1445 days ago


Her acting and movies are atrocious; how else is she supposed to stay relevant? Plus it keeps up that image she and the media insist on shoving down our throats.

1445 days ago


And when they saw the veins protruding from her skeletal arms, they offered her their last bag of Red Cross Rice and Beans

1445 days ago


I am so sick of her phony charade. She has enough money of her own if she really wanted to help them. She is letting them eat cake- you see how she lives like a king. She does NOT care about the US- WE need help- we have orphans-WE have poverty. So easy for her to look to other countries to try and get worldwide press. PATHETIC

1445 days ago


No. Give me a break. What's with the "Beauty" caption on the upper left? Does this woman ever rant and rave to the press about the corrupt governments in these countries? Of course not. Does she ever rant and rave about the way women are less than second-class citizens in these countries? Of course not. And can't you tell she wears her pre-planned, well-rehearsed expressions just like the one here that are perfect for the photo-ops shown 'round the world! She is just a posturing fool. What REAL CHANGE is she responsible for in these oppressive lands? I'll tell you: NONE!

1445 days ago


#52-you may be sucking teats, but I'm at WORK on my break. When I get off I'm gonna go sit in my nice HOUSE and bask in the glory of my fully functioning AC. Thank you very much.

And, I'm praying you are not comparing her to Mother Theresa-now that dame was in in to win it for GOD and all the right reasons. She was a wonderful and self-less woman.

B-F-D! There are folks who do really nice things everyday and you don't see their faces plastered all over the place.

1445 days ago

John 8:32    

Angelina Jolie -- Doing Good Never Looked So Good !!!

U Rock...

God Bless...

John 8:32

1445 days ago


once again, she doesn't forget to bring a camera to record herself. if 'raising awareness' were an actual thing with this ditz, she'd insist those cameras focus on the actual destruction and suffering, not a close-up of her "deeply concerned" mug. another human tragedy reduced to the backdrop of a jolie photo shoot.

cue the brangeloonies who swear people wouldn't even know pakistan flooding existed if it weren't for her. to which i say, anyone who isn't a complete, vapid idiot has known about the issue for weeks. whatever few, moronic people magazine readers she's enlightened aren't solving this or any of the world's problems.

1445 days ago


This woman is a four time home wrecking whore w. a great p.r. time that said stop kissing your bro., wearing blood, and stealing men. Good for her for helping the world but what about ruining peoples marriages at the same time. Yes, it takes two to tango buy she is the devil in disguise. Did you read the article that she let's her kid's play w. fake blood? Great example for her kids. You are all fooled by the media. She wants to support Sarah Palin? Really? Enuf ssaid right there. She is great for not supporting Obama but for supporting Sara, RETARD Palin. HAHAHAHAHAHA...that makes my day.

1445 days ago


Who are you to judge in the first place! Angelina may not be the most moral person, but look at the good she is doing, she helps less fortunate countries in so many ways, she loves kids, she is a good mother. She is being a good role model for her children by helping others. Noone is perfect and only GOD can judge. Angelina is a beautiful person inside and out!! She proudly takes the title of UN Ambassador, which is more I can say for some off you people who sit on your ass all day and don't even help out in your own community, but you want to make smart ass comments and judge someone you can't even compare to. Way to go Angie!

1445 days ago


Love her but not even Angelia can sell Pakistan to me (maybe the American people too.) It's well known they hate us and I would rather keep giving money to Haiti and New Orleans then to Pakistan.

1445 days ago


Instead of Globe trotting all over the planet draging all of her kids with her. She should be at home giving her kids some kind of normal childhood. Her and Brad are weirdos. She should just send a check in the mail to the area affected by the floods.

1445 days ago
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