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Angelina Jolie -- Doing Good Never Looked So Good

9/7/2010 2:07 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Using her super powers to better the world, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie visited with flood victims in Pakistan on Tuesday.


Somehow Angie even manages to make charity work look like a magazine cover shoot.


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What good has she done for the U.S.A.? Can anyone tell me when and where she has done any good for America?

What about Mexico when they had their huge earth quake?

If she hasn't, then I don't like her...but if she did, then she is alright in my book.

1509 days ago


I can sense, that the force is strong with this one;-)

1509 days ago


I'm especially loving her eye makeup. Do you suppose she travels with her makeup and hair girl? Or do you think she does her own? She always looks so pretty for these pictures. Kind of "Audrey Hepburnish" from her movies...and 'goodwill deeds, also". Never seen without the big smokey eyes. Cool.

1509 days ago


Michael Jackson in a burka

1509 days ago


She is always helping people in countries different than hers, poor people suffers the same here as well as abroad. Charity starts at home.

1509 days ago


have personal photographer will travel.

1509 days ago


The reason organizations such as the UN want celebrities (like Angelina Jolie, there on behalf of the UN) is precisely because pictures of the celeb plus the locals plus a bit about the situation will get (for free) into all sorts of places that a straightforward news story will not. TMZ for example isn't interested in pictures of flooding or local people dealing with it, but it is indeed interested in a shot of Jolie. Hence you are not going to see Jolie-free pictures at this site. Brad Pitt does the same thing - TMZ showed pics of him in New Orleans, but doesn't routinely show pics of all the "nobodies" still living in trailers unless someone like Brad Pitt is standing beside them. Doesn't mean the celebs are being obnoxiously public about their charity work, they're just cleverly using the dimwitted media to get a little bit of attention focused somewhere besides crotch shots and reaching a bigger audience as a result.

Princess DIana figured that out also - she felt tormented by the media attention at every move she made, until she realized that she could go places and they would follow, and get some free publicity for a good cause. From then on, she used the media for that purpose.

1509 days ago


Angelina has devoted 10 years of her life helping refugees not to mentioned her giving money across the globe including the U.S. She walks the walk, her movie 'Salt' is a great flick. Brad Pitt is doing wonderful things in NOLA, their kids have foundations set up in their names in various countries. From Bosnia to Pakistan to Ecuador to Ethiopia to New Orleans, Angelina is loved (or hated by naysayers) for the good she does. I think she does the good works so she can be a better person, as we all should. Thanks Angelina, for the awareness and good you do.

1509 days ago


Several more entries at the SOS site.

Jolie first became personally aware of worldwide humanitarian crises while filming Tomb Raider in Cambodia. She eventually turned to UNHCR for more information on international trouble spots.[50] In the following months she visited refugee camps around the world to learn more about the situation and the conditions in these areas. In February 2001, Jolie went on her first field visit, an 18-day mission to Sierra Leone and Tanzania; she later expressed her shock at what she had witnessed.[50] In the coming months she returned to Cambodia for two weeks and later met with Afghan refugees in Pakistan where she donated $1 million for Afghan refugees in response to an international UNHCR emergency appeal.[51] She insisted on covering all costs related to her missions and shared the same rudimentary working and living conditions as UNHCR field staff on all of her visits
It has all the trips made on behalf of refugees. Hmm, a lot of time, money, travel and such for "photo ops". Get real.

1509 days ago


Many people think she does all this charity work to attempt to clean up her image. May be true, may not be. I really do believe charity should start at home, and have never seen her lift a finger for the US, NEVER. And, I don't think she ever will as I don't think she likes Americans. I believe she beileves her own hype and spin, and really feels above most Americans. It is clear by that tilt of her head and look in her eye while gliding down the red carpet on the arm of Brad Pitt. Brad used to walk and talk as a human being that knew how blessed he was to have the life he had, now he looks just as "angry and entitled" as AJ. Hey Brangelina - Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. And I really don't think, at least AJ, gives a damn about Americans. I believe she sees herself, like her kids, as "Citizens of the World". She wouldn't piss on most Americans if they were on fire. Sorry, just my .02.....

1509 days ago


Angelina doesn't "get" anything except how to get her face out there. Big deal, she's hopping all over the world helping unfortunates every few months. She's got a ton of money and plenty of extra time - what's the big deal??? I'd love to help just for the sheer joy of it, "no pictures, please!" But my family is one of those "local" unfortunates without a paycheck coming in. Hubby and I are in our fifties and can't find work at Walmart (and they're talking about raising the retirement age?? What a laugh.) Anyway, who gives a crap about Angelina and her good works. Lets see she and Brad give away the majority of their money to charity - now THAT would be something!

1509 days ago


@ 86 - totally in agreement with you.. charity work should start at home. i mean.. there are LOTS of people that need help in our country, lots of homeless,poor, hungary etc..she should concentrate on giving hope and awareness in OUR country and why not adopt a child from OUR country... they need love and a home too!!!

1509 days ago

suzy martinez    

using her super powers ? Ahahahaha funny she is a super hero i love Angelina she rocks ! to all you angelina haters your just jelouse because she is so beutiful.

1509 days ago


I guess it is just the stars that work their asses off helping others that should give up ALL of their money, relent all of their possessions and go earn more money to give away for Americans while others tan and vacation in Cabo. Yeah, shame on Brad and Angie, dirty Sean Penn too. Madonna, you cheap skate...sell all your belongs because diane and harley's pockets comes first.

200K to SOS orphans USA chapter + more to other chapters
5million + to NOLA
million? Springfield,MO schools and hospital/area

Yeah, Brad and Angie, what the hell are you thinking? Pony up. These women demand all of it. geez.

1509 days ago


If I had the money I too could look good anywhere. As for her children, not done in the normal adoption fashion, I guess she parents???But, it is a lot easier with multiple nannies. If being one of us is that important, live like us. One house, no nannies, a small monthly budget, all clothes pass from child to child. And, you get little to no clothing allowance. If I had the time and money, and did not feel the need to raise my children myself, I would gladly go over there have my picture taken and give a few hundred thousand. She or no one is any better than we are and money will not in the end get you above those who cannot go where you go right now.

1509 days ago
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