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Angelina Jolie -- Doing Good Never Looked So Good

9/7/2010 2:07 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Using her super powers to better the world, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie visited with flood victims in Pakistan on Tuesday.


Somehow Angie even manages to make charity work look like a magazine cover shoot.


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@ hmm: "I know a lot of people hate her because she's with brad . . ."

Yeah and jealousy. The woman is a true life heroine. She could just be another selfish celebrity, with the designer clothes, the partying and press confabs, but she puts her money where her mouth is! Best of all, SHE IS GENUINE, there is no bs with her. She is what it is and is not ashamed. You got to love anyone that does that, but more so for being a woman. Many of the hollywood actresses try to fit in within the expectations of them in a male dominated industry, but she is tough, gutsy, compassionate.

And for all those haters of her because she is with Mr. Pitt. Brad Pitt is a better man because of his relationship with her. Before her, all you would read about was his movies, his vacations, his passtimes and being a pothead. Now, he is a great dad, an activist and a philanthropist.

And, she did and profitably carried a big action movie, something hard for a female actress. Good bless you Jolie. The only worrysome thing is her thin frame, but it maybe genetic. Please take care of your health Jolie. Your won't be able to do all the work you do and want to do if you are not healthy.

1472 days ago


Someone once said it doesn't help to justfix your own house if the whole neighborhood is broken...seems like Angelina did...don'treacall exactly, but she primarily earns her income because of the citizens of the UNITED STATES. Americam women buy most of the magazines, movie tickets,dvds, etc... NOT the women of Pakistan. People Magazine is who payed millions of dollars for baby pics and they give it to another country! It's outrageous! She and Brad deserve each other.

I suppose I would look at it totally different if from time to time they helped the citizens of this great country. Even if it was just showing up for a photo op...

1472 days ago


Many actors give thousands/millions of dollars to causes. They do not have photographers snapping a photo of them writing the check. Most people who are interested in world news and affair (not angelina's) are knowledgeable about the conditions of third worlds. Many churches have started schools and care centers for many children and families in third world countries.....and yet the only person you (90) feel the need to research is Angela Jolie.
so get real......this is not someone that can live for more then a day in those conditions even with her crew and hairstylist.

1472 days ago


She is so fake.

1472 days ago


No, I don't think she always looks "lovely", she's too damned skinny and gaunt looking...that is NOT lovely! The robe she's in looks more like something out of a Wiccan ceremony than anything else. I do NOT admire this person whatsoever! I know there will be people thinking I'm just jealous...jealous of what?! I find nothing about her to admire or be jealous of.

1472 days ago


When you invite the press to take pictures of you doing "charity" work, it isn't really for charity, it is for you.

1472 days ago


What a HO! Just Saying...!!!

1472 days ago


She is the most disgusting skank that ever walked the earth. Brad and her together are especially disgusting. They think they can adopt all these children and do charity work and everyone will think they are wonderful. They make me want to puke!

1472 days ago

kali need to do some investigative work on her if you believe she is genuine...genuine for pr purposes sure but thats about it

1472 days ago


Charity work is usually supposed to be done anonymously if you're famous...she always makes sure there's a camera present to record her good deeds. Smacks of megalomania to me.

Posted at 11:43 AM on Sep 7, 2010 by Glen

some of you dumb azzes, she is the Ambassador for Good Will...stupid, it is her job to bring awareness to the world needs and these pics help us to see the world plights...she and Brad do give many millions anonymously. Bet you can't say that you do half of what they do!

1472 days ago

jealous of kate    

All a bunch of BULL- she flies into these countries FOR THE DAY, sits with a few chosen natives and has hundreds of pictures taken for rag magazines and her star standings go up. Last year she 'flew' into Myanmar for the day, and kept calling it Burma, it's old british name. She obviously was not 'versed' well or could not remember the name 'Myanmar'. When you do something like that, it is obvious that you are just a 'prop' for the United Nations and both the United Nations and Angie are using each other. Fine, but don't make her out to be a saint. They, the U.N. use her for the publicity and she uses them, again for the publicity. And if YOU, AT TMZ CAN'T SEE THAT, YOU SHOULD BE FIRED.

1472 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

all these rich actors and singers that call themselves celebrities are all fake.

1472 days ago


she's a natural beauty. I was a big time fan until she became a home wrecker.... But she's definitely a beautiful woman.

Posted at 11:56 AM on Sep 7, 2010 by Celebrities Suck

she is not a home wrecker...there would have to be a home for her to have wrecked! Obviously, Brad wasn't into the relationship with Aniston or he and Jolie would never have gotten together. i bet there was a lot of flirting and mayb some touching but they prob didn't GET TOGETHER until after Brad's divorce from the no talent Aniston!

Anyways,it isn't any of our business...most people agree that Brad is a better match to Jolie than the selfish, whiny, sleazy, lying Aniston

1472 days ago


I'd like to know HOW doing this is bringing attention to the problems? And did YOU make a donation to this as a result of seeing this photo of Jolie?

I never see these photos in articles or do***entaries about the problems.

I see these photos in articles about Jolie.

It's the Jolie lovers who have lost their grip on REALITY.

Posted at 12:04 PM on Sep 7, 2010 by Raejean

IF you don't see these pics of Jolie, WOULD YOU have known about the Pakistan probs? as a famous star as well as an Ambassador, she does at least make people see or talk about these plights!! Doesn't any of these probs make you a bit humble?

1472 days ago


For you brain-dead morons who think that this is all a publicity stunt cooked up by Angelina... read the text provided by TMZ. If you can not due to never bothering to learn how, get someone to help you.

Angelina is there on behalf of UNHCR. If that's too much for you, take one finger out of your nose or butt, and attempt to type UNHCR in your computer's search engine, or get any nine year old to do it for you. You might learn something, don't be afraid.
"United Nations High Commisioner for Refugees" is what you are in danger of learning about.

Because the world is populated by dumbasses such as yourself who can not pay attention to the world outside your single-wide, the United Nations has found it helpful to employ the volunteer help of high-profile celebrities to bring attention to the anguish of much of the world.

As you are too spoiled, stupid, and lazy to pay attention unless Angelina Jolie or other UN Ambassadors past and present such as Audrey Hepburn, Rober Moore, Danny Glover, Jackie Chan, Stevie Wonder, Charlize Theron, Muhammed Ali, Dionne Warwick etc. are there along with the global press to bring these stories in front of your toothless face, it obviously is quite effective.

Try to get through one day without being a hateful idiot.

1472 days ago
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