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MJ's Alleged Love Child Shot Down in Court

9/7/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The latest woman claiming to be Michael Jackson's illegitimate child will never be able to prove it ... because a judge has shut her down.

Michael Jackson Love Child

As we first reported, Mocienne Petit Jackson filed documents back in July -- claiming she's the love child created by Michael and Diana Ross' sister, Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee -- asking for a court-ordered DNA test.

An L.A. County Superior Court judge just ruled ... a DNA test is not in the cards. 

Mocienne also wanted custody of MJ's kids and a cut of the inheritance -- but those claims also went down in flames.

So MPJ's claims involving murder and abduction will never reach a jury ... damn.


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or maybe "Jenny" just was not funny.

1475 days ago


So what if she is? Isn't she intitled to something? Why not just do a DNA test? What is everybody affraid of? ...and what is with everyone ripping on her looks? Do you not have anything intelligent to say? I submit that from now on, anytime anyone has an ignorant comment in regards to someones appearance that they should post a pic of their magnificent selves in all their beauty and let us have a go at them. Seriously people, there must be some other way to get your feel goods than trashing a complete stranger!

1475 days ago


That's De'Angelo trying to make a comeback.

1475 days ago


Posted at 11:20 AM on Sep 7, 2010 by dibdib
I'm sorry that you didn't find it funny, I thought it fairly well described her point what she thought of this kind story. After Michael died, there were (still is) all sort loonies coming out of woodwork claiming to be Michael's daughter/secret wife/son etc.
I'm sorry, I did not meant to insult anyone, just a little bit of fun:-)

1475 days ago



Oh well and Flower Power you think you are funny? Have some self respect.

Posted at 11:05 AM on Sep 7, 2010 by dibdib

It's best to ignore any immature troll.Trolls in general purposefully post material to bait people.They enjoy getting a rise out of people,thriving on negative attention.It's an non-effective power play on these bullies' parts.And the key word is "Bully."
These people consider it fun,what they are doing.They have no interest in being correct,being thoughtful,being intelligent.

1475 days ago


Even after death the money leeches just don't stop.. and Oh Well....Just one more person ignorant enough to make statements that prove their ignorance.
It doesn't surprise me that after 25 years of media trash talk and bashing that these MJ haters exist..what surprises me is that the hate is so intense, they make comments! I guess their lives are very sad and empty that they must fill it with hate against a legend. A legend who not only broke musical and dance standards but also broke Guiness book records on giving the MOST to charity than any other human!! Expand your mind, educate yourself, read the 2005 trial transcript so that you may learn the true legacy of Michael Jackson. God knows.. the media will NEVER admit that they prejudged and maliciously demonized and dehumanized this gentle soul, whose goal in life was to serve impoverished nations and assist in the medical care of children whose family could not afford it. Shame on the media for filling the public's mind with distortions and lies all these years.

1475 days ago


good lord she's ugly

1475 days ago


Desperate for a dollar... She knows darn well Michael is not her father! Such a waste...

1475 days ago


OhWell, I'm going to have to decline that, hell will freeze before I step on your dark side, I like my sunny side of the road.

1475 days ago


Posting lies,posting mean-spirited comments that PURPOSEFULLY are meant to insult and defame another is not fun,nor is it humorous.

1475 days ago


Oh puhleeze he never touched a woman in that way.

1475 days ago

mj is the sexiest man ever    

i love you michael...this pic of the king is so hot

1475 days ago

mj is the sexiest man ever    

i am in love with you michael... this pic of the king is so hot

1475 days ago


Hey #10 - why don't you plan another trip back to the dimension you came from and drag her (Mocienne Petit Jackson along with you?? That way we all can feel safer here!!!!

1475 days ago


Poor Michael! When will the poor soul rest in peace? First his killer claims that Michael put the propofol in his body,then a male claims he is Michael's secret son,now the secret daughter.what will come next?

1475 days ago
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