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Minka Kelly:

I Didn't Freak Out on Delta

9/7/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Minka Kelly claims she didn't freak out on an airplane earlier today ... and never called boyfriend Derek Jeter ... this according to her lawyer.


There's a report circulating that Minka had an epic meltdown on a flight from NY to LAX earlier today when she wasn't allowed to put her dog on her seat during takeoff.

According to the report, it took all seven flight attendants, a personal plea from the pilot ... and a phone call to boyfriend Derek Jeter to calm her down. 

But Kelly's lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ ... Minka paid extra to bring her dog on board the flight.  There was never an issue on the L.A./New York trip.  But Singer says on the return trip, the flight attendant would not let Minka's dog in the first class cabin during takeoff and landing because of space issues.  Singer says Minka took her dog back to coach for takeoff and landing and spent the rest of the time with her pooch in first class.

Singer calls the freak-out story "ridiculous," adding she would have been kicked off the flight if she went nuts.  As for calling Jeter, Singer says it didn't happen -- she called her manager who booked the flight in an attempt to convince the flight attendant she had made accommodations for the dog in first class.


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You can look info about # of attendants, arrival times, departure times, etc. up online without working for Delta or even being a customer. If he or she is telling the truth, they really didn't do anything to violate confidentiality or security.

1509 days ago


Are you concerned or curious?

Posted at 4:56 PM on Sep 7, 2010 by awards

Just curious.
Your comment came out from nowhere, so I just had to ask...

Posted at 5:25 PM on Sep 7, 2010 by MightyMad

Well, MM, seven flight attendants, the pilot and drama in first class is not what I would call "nowhere"; that stuff doesn't happen in cargo, no audience. Seems like you approve of her behavior and relate to it (jealous?) so I am concerned about your impulse control issues and role models, eh? Mad indeed?

1509 days ago


It does not matter if you pay extra for an animal in the cabin. They are not supposed to be out of their kennel. EVER. If she got away with it before - it is because either the flight crew was unaware OR they weren't doing their job.

But animals must ALWAYS be in their kennel while onboard an aircraft.

And having a melt down over there is beyond absurd.

With that attitude - Jeter won't be around long.

1509 days ago


She's cute!!!

1509 days ago


I doubt she had an "epic meltdown" or she would have been thrown off the flight! She was probably just upset that she couldn't have her dog with her during take-off and landing, especially since she paid for that right. I'd be pissed tickets are expensive, so the airline was at fault, if that was the case. I fly with my dog on Delta all the time and I've never had a problem like that so I don't understand what happened...I've even had him in the first row in first class and he was still able to sit by the front wall with no problems. It's probably just a BS story.

1508 days ago


All dogs ride in FIRST CLASS. Put the humans in the cargo hold. That's where most belong.

1508 days ago


Does she Ever Do any Real Work lately?

1508 days ago


Derek & his teammates won the championship last year because of me! Ask Mark Teix & Jeter!!!

1508 days ago


Please ask Mark Teix & Derek Jeter where did they get motivated to win the championship last year, and they'd say it was in Seattle, because I was there. It's a long story, so I keep it short and sweet : GO YANKEES!!!

1508 days ago


to ITN...# of flight attendants on a crew isn't "confidential" - anyone who flies on a regular basis and is familiar with FAA staffing for aircraft types knows how many flight attendants are staffed on any given flight.

So next time don't assume you know everything before you post a comment - it makes you look stupid.

1508 days ago


should have taken the plane to altitude,opened the door and asked her if she could fly

1508 days ago


This girl's the reason Derek's playing like ****. He's all wound up because they're getting married in November, and he knows he never should have proposed to this ho.

1508 days ago

Donald Ray    

How can Jeter kiss someone that lets a fkn' dog lick her on her lips after the dog just licked his OWN nuts and anus opening? White folks do this **** all the time. Jeter would need some chewing tobacco just to kill the taste, ewwwwww.

1508 days ago


Some of you guys are just disgusting. My dad freaks out if our food takes 45 minutes at a restaurant..because he PAID for it. She paid for the dog to be in the cabin with her and yes, on airplanes nowadays if you have the money, this is allowed.

Making crass comments about her mother, who died recently of cancer, and about her cleanliness and purported promiscuity just goes to show that the uninformed and I'll wager uneducated masses in this country are seriously overwhelming.

1508 days ago


Seriously people, who cares?

1508 days ago
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