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Deputy Who Busted Mel Gibson Sues

9/7/2010 7:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. Sheriff's Deputy who arrested Mel Gibson in the infamous 2006 arrest is suing the County of L.A., claiming he's the victim of retaliation.

James Mee Lawsuit

In the lawsuit, Deputy James Mee claims at the time of his arrest, Gibson was a spokesperson for the L.A. County Sheriff's Star Program and had filed a public service announcement for Sheriff Lee Baca, whom Mee says was Gibson's "close friend."

Mee claims he was "unjustly denied" a promotion -- the result of "religious discrimination and retaliation for plaintiff's religion and his report of anti-Semitic remarks by [Gibson]."

You'll recall, TMZ broke the story of Gibson's anti-Semitic rant.  Mee is Jewish.

The suit claims Sergeant Tracy Palmer erased a videotape involving the arrest of Gibson.  Sources tell TMZ Mee has said the alleged video shows Gibson out of control at the jail after his arrest.  Mee has told people the tape shows Gibson screaming at the top of his lungs and pacing in the cell.

TMZ has independently confirmed there was indeed a videotape of Mel at the jail -- the cameras are mounted and trained on the booking area in the Lost Hills jail.

This is the first time Mee has revealed at length the events of July 28, 2006. He claims, as TMZ first reported, he documented Gibson's tirade in his initial report but was ordered by superiors to rewrite the report, deleting the slurs. The lawsuit -- filed by attorneys Etan Lorant and Yael Trock -- goes on to say the original 4 pages in Mee's report were published by TMZ.

Mee says he was immediately targeted as the alleged TMZ leak, despite the fact that other non-Jewish deputies had access to the 4 pages.  Mee says he was unmercifully interrogated, received a negative job performance report and claims it was all the result of religious discrimination.

Mee says the department launched several investigations targeting him, to determine if he was the TMZ leak.  Although Mee didn't mention it, the Sheriff's Department secretly obtained search warrants for the work and home phone records of Harvey Levin.  The Sheriff's Department has never determined who leaked the document.

Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, "We are looking forward to telling the whole story and the whole story is not being told in this lawsuit.  Ethnicity and gender have nothing to do with any of this.  An investigation was launched by the Sheriff's Department to try and discover who was leaking official documents without authorization.  That is a crime."



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1483 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Ahhh... you need to work on your reading comprehension, sweetie.

1483 days ago


To Sam

This is regarding what you said you believe as Mr. Mee possibly having a reason for tormenting Gibson because of the movie. With all the activities a cop goes through in a day I don't think Mr. Mee would take the time out to just all of the sudden start mess with Gibson with what I read it most likely happened the way he said it happened and that's it.

And this type of movie Mel acted in is something that he knows would come with drawbacks. As this is what Christians have to go through to witness to the world and suffer like Christ did.

Christ came to save everyone of us Jew or Gentile and that includes us all he came to save the whole world not just some of us. The Messiah which is Christ was here already and we who are Christians are waiting for his second coming.

Christ had to come as a man in the flesh which was of Jewish orgin but he is hear in Spirit now. Read 1 Corinthians Chapter 12, the body of believers are his functioning spiritual body here on earth.

This is the reality of it all, and all I can say is I know the truth and like the Bible says the truth will set you free.

I'm not going to judge, but I will just have to stand on what the Bible says about the law and submitting to authority over us. Thats in the book of Romans Chapter 13

I hope this helps.

1483 days ago



I've heard a lot of this before; some of it sounds pretty suspicious. I hope you repost this later during the day when there are more people online. Good to see you back online!

1482 days ago


Mel is probably just a bad nasty drunk and a compassionate sweetheart when sober. He is getting help and this is good.

Officer Mee (an experienced cop) gave too much credibility to Mel's comments while drunk, why ???

Officer mee was probably 'trouble making' at the dept after that.

1482 days ago


Sam, i agree with you...people are quick to judge and in this case, unfortunately, Mee as a police officer to the public have more credibility than Mel atm esp b/c of OKskank's altered extortion tapes with him saying some racist remarks.

most people are so close minded about their lives that they would rather not look into the suspicious behavior and the underlying truth, rather, they just want to believe the simple explanation than what could be more this situation, with Oxskank and Mee have made this much more complicating...there is no proof Mel said any of those that Mee claims during his DUI arrest, Mel just apologized b/c of the public outcry at the time and Mel admits to being so drunk, he didnot remember what he said!

Must Mel start having a camera follow his every move to prove what he said and what not? with some people still believing those altered tapes that Oxskank has leaked, Mee is jumping on this wagon! wake up people and smell the coffee a bit!

paraphrasing: the Bible says that the righteous will be unjustly convicted but God is with you, Mel...May God Bless You...Hang in there, Mel...Many of us still believe in you.

1482 days ago


Sweetheart, Welcome Back!

i agree that Mee's version is very suspicious.

his unusual behavior ie. writing down what the offender has said during the arrest, writing down words of the said offender on the report.

this should have been a routine DUI arrest, instead, it became a Hollywood production against Mel, starting Mee!

Mee, police's behavior was very suspicious...idk what is opposite of being star-struck is, but that was Mee...he had a grudge? against a big Hollywood movie star?

just saying, Mee does not have an exemplary police work ethics or performance if you look at his work history!

1482 days ago


Good afternoon!
Has Mel murder someone, or what....?
I cant believe this manhunting. Poor man.
Team Mel Sweden!

1482 days ago



Mel is probably just a bad nasty drunk and a compassionate sweetheart when sober. He is getting help and this is good.
Officer Mee (an experienced cop) gave too much credibility to Mel's comments while drunk, why ???
Officer mee was probably 'trouble making' at the dept after that.
Posted at 3:16 AM on Sep 9, 2010 by Mee

We all have darksides, sometimes happened when we are in our darkest moment.

I'm not making excuses for Mel Gibson dui that night, it was wrong, he should know that as a father of 7 he should think of other family that he could have had run over if he lost control of his vehicle.

As for ranting, some drunks are happy drunks, some are sad drunks, some are angry drunks.
Mel Gibson was caught over the limit it was recorded 0.12% and was aggravated when stopped,
he went on defensives therefore the rantings.

That's a norm for us when apprehending drunks or or sober suspects.

Deputy James Mee 's error was he recorded on files Mel Gibson ranting to him alone. ( The Jewish was responsible for the war in the world) We know it isn't true so why make a big deal of it? He was drunk, he cannot chose his words. have you seen a paralytic drunk talking with commonsense?)

Police officers cannot arrest anyone for profanities that was directed to them, even racial taunting.

Any racial slur against police officer is not recorded, because he was on duty and that comes with the job, we are susceptible to that environment, when officers was sworn in, to their oath, they must understand the rules and guidelines. Being involved in any law enforcement units can be stressful, but no one is forcing people to take those jobs. But some police officer has personal vendetta and abusing the court systems to get the desired effects even passing the information's to the media.

Mel Gibson was arrested for dui (driving under the influence ) only once and was leaked through the media.

MEL GIBSON WAS CHARGED AND given three years probation, ordered to pay $1,400 in fines and attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

And they still crucifying him.The never ending vendetta till they get him beaten down to his knees.
James Mee's was not promoted for 17 years,when he arrested Mel Gibson.

Therefore he cannot used Mel Gibson case as the reason why he was overlooked.
17 years he should be on higher ranks even elevated to FBI division.

1482 days ago


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1482 days ago


Good evening Koalababy!

1482 days ago


hello Observer77, I shall be right back, on the phone to Canberra. Won't be long, hug!

1482 days ago


In this economy, this guy should be happy to have any "job" at all, if you want to call harassing people a job.....

This guy needs to STFU!

1482 days ago



Early hours, so please forgive this off topic post...

That suggestion for starting out in law enforcement - catching pedophiles online - OMG, that scares the life out of me. As a mum, I'd freak out at the thought of her doing that!

She came home after driving from Sydney with her dad and seeing an accident where people had been killed and said she wanted a career where she'd be there to hold them when they went. She was 15, so I said what about nursing but now she's got her heart set on law enforcement. Year 11 now. She's thinking of doing a degree in Criminal Justice and then applying to police college in NSW.

I told her what you said about how you love your job and she said, see, ANOTHER woman who loves being in law enforcement!

Hugs from me too.

1482 days ago


Hello Australia!

1482 days ago
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