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Deputy Who Busted Mel Gibson Sues

9/7/2010 7:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. Sheriff's Deputy who arrested Mel Gibson in the infamous 2006 arrest is suing the County of L.A., claiming he's the victim of retaliation.

James Mee Lawsuit

In the lawsuit, Deputy James Mee claims at the time of his arrest, Gibson was a spokesperson for the L.A. County Sheriff's Star Program and had filed a public service announcement for Sheriff Lee Baca, whom Mee says was Gibson's "close friend."

Mee claims he was "unjustly denied" a promotion -- the result of "religious discrimination and retaliation for plaintiff's religion and his report of anti-Semitic remarks by [Gibson]."

You'll recall, TMZ broke the story of Gibson's anti-Semitic rant.  Mee is Jewish.

The suit claims Sergeant Tracy Palmer erased a videotape involving the arrest of Gibson.  Sources tell TMZ Mee has said the alleged video shows Gibson out of control at the jail after his arrest.  Mee has told people the tape shows Gibson screaming at the top of his lungs and pacing in the cell.

TMZ has independently confirmed there was indeed a videotape of Mel at the jail -- the cameras are mounted and trained on the booking area in the Lost Hills jail.

This is the first time Mee has revealed at length the events of July 28, 2006. He claims, as TMZ first reported, he documented Gibson's tirade in his initial report but was ordered by superiors to rewrite the report, deleting the slurs. The lawsuit -- filed by attorneys Etan Lorant and Yael Trock -- goes on to say the original 4 pages in Mee's report were published by TMZ.

Mee says he was immediately targeted as the alleged TMZ leak, despite the fact that other non-Jewish deputies had access to the 4 pages.  Mee says he was unmercifully interrogated, received a negative job performance report and claims it was all the result of religious discrimination.

Mee says the department launched several investigations targeting him, to determine if he was the TMZ leak.  Although Mee didn't mention it, the Sheriff's Department secretly obtained search warrants for the work and home phone records of Harvey Levin.  The Sheriff's Department has never determined who leaked the document.

Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, "We are looking forward to telling the whole story and the whole story is not being told in this lawsuit.  Ethnicity and gender have nothing to do with any of this.  An investigation was launched by the Sheriff's Department to try and discover who was leaking official documents without authorization.  That is a crime."



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Praying for you and your family, Mr Mel Gibson. Good luck, Take care, and may God Bless you and protect you today and always.
Your timing is lousy Me. For God's sake, give Mel Gibson a break!

1441 days ago


no matter the efforts made over time
The Christ, Jesus won't hidden from mankind

I wish M.G. would bring more stories of The Christ to the movie screen, as only his talent can do, not that he needs the money

1441 days ago


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... wake me up when Mee's BS charges are over.

Here's a clue officer - you likely suck at your job. Welcome to the real world even though you once had the good fortune to pull over a drunken celeb and sell his azz down the river.

Glory days... pay day... it's over.

1441 days ago


Thanks Scotty for #262 reply

1440 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

Aye Carumba! LOL....I have been following this back and forth for more pages than I can recall. Let's not start a Hol War here...if you can't agree, then agree to disagree and respect one anothers views...

1440 days ago


It make me wonder if TMZgossip works for TMZ and has his hand on Mel Gibson stolen dui files 4 years ago?

Because he kept justifying 2006 arrest of Mel Gibson.
He can't moved on from that, he can't accept that Mel was given three years probation, ordered to pay $1,400 in fines and attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

""You need to do more research on your bipolar Idol!!!
but hey, don't let the FACTS get in the way of your fantasies!!!!!
Posted at 8:27 AM on Sep 10, 2010 by TMZgossip""

He might be bipolar but he doesn't deserved you're forever crucifying him and kept telling other posters about his previous dui arrest to put credible on other claims against Mel Gibson like deputy Mee being overlooked for promotions.

If Mel Gibson is that such a tyrant,misogynist,racist to the core.
He'd employed thousands of people to make his movie over the years,male.female, children of many colors.

After his dui arrest you'd think they would have had come out in droves and sued him then?
Instead they've defended him and given him some glowing and fond memories when they are working with him.

The same during Oksana humiliating tapes leaked to ROL.
If you notice only one person came out for his 15 minutes of fame trying to attached Mel Gibson for lacked of promotions.
And was not even directly linked or employed by Mel Gibson.

He has like couple of hours with Mel Gibson with infamous dui arrest and alleged racist rants to deputy James Mee.

"James Mee had acted like a thin skinned child reporting to his superiors"

"He called me JEWS, he insinuated to me that jews are the causes of the world war, bla bla bla." No wonder he was treated with grossed contempt.

1440 days ago


Gibson was arrested for DUI in 1984 & wasn't allowed to drive for 3 months. While drunk driving in Toronto Ontario, Gibson was in a car accident.
You need to do more research on your bipolar Idol!!!
but hey, don't let the FACTS get in the way of your fantasies!!!!!
Posted at 8:27 AM on Sep 10, 2010 by TMZgossip

Wow talking about Mel Gibson avid fan/ hater/stalker you seem had all his movements recorded? are you an ex-cop/detective?

1984 I was 8 years old enjoying my childhood.

1440 days ago


research this;
Oliver Stone Mel Gibson

1440 days ago


research this;
Oliver Stone Mel Gibson

Posted at 6:12 PM on Sep 10, 2010 by michelle

It's pretty amazing Stone was let off the hook... and he was allegedly sober. If you want someone in Hollyweird that is certifiable look no further than Oliver Stone.

1440 days ago



"He called me JEWS, he insinuated to me that jews are the causes of the world war, bla bla bla." No wonder he was treated with grossed contempt.

Posted at 4:47 PM on Sep 10, 2010 by KoalaBabe

there was no insinuation..there was a rabid, idiotic statement by your mindless IDOL


Wow talking about Mel Gibson avid fan/ hater/stalker you seem had all his movements recorded? are you an ex-cop/detective?

1984 I was 8 years old enjoying my childhood.

Posted at 5:09 PM on Sep 10, 2010 by KoalaBabe

some (read that as YOU) are mindless and too lazy to do research.

others like to actually know what they are typing about, rather then play follow the loser

google/ yahoo/ bing/ canoe and dozens of other search engines are at your fingertips
or, you can continue to sheeple behind idiots like sweet'tard-the-banned and spew nonsense

in '84 I owned a bar in Toronto
go figure!!

Posted at 5:43 PM on Sep 10, 2010 by TMZgossip

I already read it earlier, so do you expect me to changed my opinion and hate him too?

I am one of those people that always give people a chances, and don't forever dredging their past to justify my hatred.

Obviously you're older man, you're not a role model to us young people, we are in fact learning how to hold grudge from you.

So if your this intelligent man, you claimed you are, teach us wisdom's not hate or misery.

Now this retard aussie as you said,in league with Sweetheart and all lunatics Mel supporter,will go and have breakfast.

"stick and stones will break my bones, but words cannot hurt me"

1440 days ago


Honestly I don't get it - What happened to freedom of speech? What happened to expressing an opinion? So....I happen not to like particularily chiuhuahuas I prefer large dogs like great pyrenees - It does not mean I hate those little dogs - quite the latter - I do like some small ones - but my preference is for large dogs - If I happen to make a comment about some religious group - that's a generality - what the heck does that mean - I could say I find all catholics very rigid or I find jews to be very clickish - or baptists are very demonstrative - IT"s my opinion and I have every right to it!
It does NOT mean that EVERY INDIVIDUAL is thought of in that way it only means in general I find this a trait amoung a group - Does it mean I am prejudiced against any of the above? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Just like I would say Wow! All italians are great cooks or Man those Germans make great policemen -

This whole discussion is so stupid! All claims of prejudice and anti-semitism are so stupid - When did this country become so narrow minded that freedom of speech was abandonned?

I don't really care what Mel said or did not say - whatever it was he has every right to feel that AT THE MOMENT! In the big scheme of life it means absolutely NOTHING!

I wish adults would start acting like adults - being responsible and realizing this is ONE LIFE WE HAVE - Quit all the squabbling about stupid things that have no meaning -

Get your egos out of your azz!

1440 days ago


To TMZGossip:

You should take comfort in the fact that Mr. Gibson is a far better person than you.

1440 days ago


where is Curious?

1440 days ago


The father, Petr Chernukha, claims the Oscar winner's circle of friends were "irritated" by his relationship with Grigorieva and hoped the prostitutes would spark a split.

"They brought prostitutes for Mel to his office and even to their house when Oksana was away," the 66-year-old Chernukha tells The Sun newspaper.

Chernukha also discussed the ongoing domestic violence investigation in which Gibson is accused of attacking his former girlfriend. He claims Gibson pushed Grigorieva while she was holding their 10-month-old daughter Lucia and also tossed a chair through a glass door.

The father also claims that Gibson hit Grigorieva's 12-year-old son Alexander, her child with actor Timothy Dalton.

"Mel was openly jealous of Oksana's attention to her son," he told the publication. "He hated Alexander and even hit him once. After that Oksana did her best to avoid them being together."
lies world Jewish media
OK Sasha is 13 years old, August 7 was his birthday
1- if Mel hit 12 years old Sasha -
Why Timothy Dalton did not remove his only son from Mel's house?

Ok Lucia was born October 30, 2009
2-if Mel push Oksana with 10 month old baby in her arms-
that must happens sometimes this week
as Lucia just turn to 10 month on August 30, 2010

maybe Petr Chernukha should go preach
about domestic violence to his hometown in Russia

1440 days ago


TMZgossip - Well relax in that old easy chair and have a nap - you deserve it! My goodness - you have been a virtual saint amoung people haven't you? By your response you have never had a drink and driven - not even when you were 20 something - you never swore - I guess you never had a passionate relationship either - You never said you did not like someone - Now don't cut hairs here - I mean anyone - of any race and religion - Well I guess you have been very safe and comfortable living in your ivory cube in your straightjacket since life means you engage with the world at large!
Good luck with yours by the way - seems a very narrow cube to me!

1440 days ago
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