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Deputy Who Busted Mel Gibson Sues

9/7/2010 7:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. Sheriff's Deputy who arrested Mel Gibson in the infamous 2006 arrest is suing the County of L.A., claiming he's the victim of retaliation.

James Mee Lawsuit

In the lawsuit, Deputy James Mee claims at the time of his arrest, Gibson was a spokesperson for the L.A. County Sheriff's Star Program and had filed a public service announcement for Sheriff Lee Baca, whom Mee says was Gibson's "close friend."

Mee claims he was "unjustly denied" a promotion -- the result of "religious discrimination and retaliation for plaintiff's religion and his report of anti-Semitic remarks by [Gibson]."

You'll recall, TMZ broke the story of Gibson's anti-Semitic rant.  Mee is Jewish.

The suit claims Sergeant Tracy Palmer erased a videotape involving the arrest of Gibson.  Sources tell TMZ Mee has said the alleged video shows Gibson out of control at the jail after his arrest.  Mee has told people the tape shows Gibson screaming at the top of his lungs and pacing in the cell.

TMZ has independently confirmed there was indeed a videotape of Mel at the jail -- the cameras are mounted and trained on the booking area in the Lost Hills jail.

This is the first time Mee has revealed at length the events of July 28, 2006. He claims, as TMZ first reported, he documented Gibson's tirade in his initial report but was ordered by superiors to rewrite the report, deleting the slurs. The lawsuit -- filed by attorneys Etan Lorant and Yael Trock -- goes on to say the original 4 pages in Mee's report were published by TMZ.

Mee says he was immediately targeted as the alleged TMZ leak, despite the fact that other non-Jewish deputies had access to the 4 pages.  Mee says he was unmercifully interrogated, received a negative job performance report and claims it was all the result of religious discrimination.

Mee says the department launched several investigations targeting him, to determine if he was the TMZ leak.  Although Mee didn't mention it, the Sheriff's Department secretly obtained search warrants for the work and home phone records of Harvey Levin.  The Sheriff's Department has never determined who leaked the document.

Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, "We are looking forward to telling the whole story and the whole story is not being told in this lawsuit.  Ethnicity and gender have nothing to do with any of this.  An investigation was launched by the Sheriff's Department to try and discover who was leaking official documents without authorization.  That is a crime."



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Gibson and 2006 sorta set TMZ and Harvey on the map, if ya didn't watch Court TV. lol
However, this was ROL and Oksana's own BS that brought Harvey the hits, all he had to do was give us the bones of what was going on. I think this has been kinda "read between the lines" deals with Oxsoma and Mel.
Personally, I wish someone would make of movie of this. Especially about Oksana and her mother...they are 'Fatal Attraction' type of gold -digger sociopaths, hope Gibson checked to see if Oksana took a policy out on him or his kid. A movie might remind these not so/ middle age male slumps to wake the flip up to gold-diggers and out Gloria Alred for being a legal Madame.

1508 days ago


I just don't think it's fair to take pot shots at Harvy when he's provided this forum for Mel supporters and has not run us off.

Posted at 7:12 PM on Sep 7, 2010 by Sam

Sam who are Mel's supporters?
Sweet, Sweetheart, Truth?
Maria Ashot? the one who called Cyrious Harvey
it is just virtual game and Harvey
let the bullies come over and over again
under different nick even observer was surprised
how come sweet could see our IP adreses
now we know because Harvey did not give a toot about justice

1508 days ago


As I said before you cannot charge Mel for his racist ranting.
He was charged for dui, because that was unlawful.

People reacted badly to what he said, because he was an actor and they wanted him as role model.

They forget he is human and he is also capable to all human error.
Which he publicly apologized for his stupid ranting.

Whether your a priest, Rabbi, a monks, actors, doesn't meant your perfect. No one is perfect in this planet.

1508 days ago


I'm assuming that Deputy Mee has filed complaints through all of the proper "STATE and FEDERAL" channels and has been issued "A RIGHT TO SUE LETTER" because these authorities have determined his complaints represent possible "VIOLATIONS OF HIS CIVIL RIGHTS" by "HIS EMPLOYERS" -- NOT MEL GIBSON! The basis of Deputy Mee's complaints seem to be related to what has transpired in his working environment since Mel Gibson's "high profile" DUI arrest. This is a matter that has to be litigated between Deputy Mee and HIS EMPLOYER, Los Angeles County. Just as many of you TEAM MEL posters insist that Oksana Grigorieva's "alleged accusations" against Mel Gibson have to be judged in a "COURT OF LAW" NOT "THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION", THE SAME CONSIDERATION SHOULD BE GIVEN TO DEPUTY JAMES MEE'S ALLEGATIONS!!! "RIGHT TO SUE LETTERS" ARE NOT ISSUED TO ANYONE WHO MERELY FILES A COMPLAINT. Reliable evidence had to be present in order to substantiate Deputy Mee's complaints; otherwise, HE WOULD NOT HAVE RECEIVED ONE!!! REGARDLESS OF THE TIMING, LUMPING DEPUTY MEE'S LITIGATION WOES TOGETHER WITH MEL GIBSON'S IS A MISTAKE!!!

1508 days ago


Another crying baby who wants a piece of pie.

It is understandable that such thing happens in California. If someone is not happy about his/her life, then got involved a celebrity and then tried to squeez money out.

1508 days ago


I love how people post comments without actually reading the pdf of the lawsuit it's actually pretty telling.

This man was mistreating by his department,It's clear and as plain as day that he did not leak Mel's dui arrest report his whole life was went through by the authorities bank accounts tapped phones search warrants for his car house and computer etc etc and they found that he did not leak the report infact 10 other officers had access to said report and none of them were investiagted why? Because this man was a Jew and the others were non Jewish. And Mel was FRIENDS with the Sheriff cause Mel at the time was a celeb spokesperson for the department even made PSA for the department which is why this man was given A DIRECT ORDER from his Watch Commander LT. and Watch Sargeant to rewrite the report and not included the racist stuff and also to write supplemental report that did included the racist stuff but was to be marked confidental and stored in a safe. Harvey Levin was involved obviously and stated flat out that this man did not leak the report,He didn't say who did but made it very clear it was not this man to the authorites.

There is plenty of evidence to support this man's lawsuit but even so I wish him good luck!

So people what you parents told you as a child is true! READING IS FUN!

1508 days ago


Thanks Ann@ 112. It seems the rush to justice happened in 2010 as it did in '06 for Mel. Some stars just seem to never get away from their pasts, even if they apologize or make amends. Silly people believe PR flacks paid to spin, a liar selling a story or extorting for money or tabloids making up 7/8 of the story to sell copies.
It seems that stars that do the most for humanity and giving back are the most targeted as "bad" sometimes by the media or made fun by the media and the public actually believes this rot. I always look to see if a star or someone has a PR person, and wonder why?

1508 days ago


be right back:) going for a long walk and smell some roses along the way:) take care all and god bless!

1508 days ago


Sincerity, You're right the letter states that Mee is suing LA County because he feels his promotion was denied after the handling of the Mel case, the leaking of information and also because of what he deems to be unfair treatment by the LA Sheriff's department!
The problem is it's taken 4 years to get that letter to sue, IF he went through the channels you mention then it's still going to look strange to everyone outside that suddenly he's given the go ahead to sue and the whole Mel business is dragged up again
just as the DA is set to decide on charges of extortion one Mel and Octomum's twin's claim of dv!! Whether it's so or not, it looks just a little too convenient hm?! Since Mee himself has claimed a video of Mel was deleted, MEE has brought MEL right back into it all again! He may not be suing Mel but LA County, but in doing so it gives him the chance to take pot shots at Mel again over anything said or claimed to be said that night! That means it brings into focus a drunk rant, racist comments and Mel's behaviour right at a time when Mel has this case with Oskansa waiting to be decided on! If you don't think it's a little too convenient that Mee's lawyer just got the go ahead to sue then perhaps we live in another dimension to one another!
Anything to it or not it looks suspiciously well timed to stick a knife in Mels back hm?!

1508 days ago


Mel need LONGTERM INPATIENT CARE of at least 2 years for his alcoholism. It has destroyed him.

1508 days ago


Lol wrong two words: Rip Torn. Now that was some good stuff too.

Everything you say to the police before during and after an arrest can and usually is recorded either in writen form video or audio form it's just that not everything one the fame and power and friends to have it taken out of a report.

1508 days ago


The Sheriff's Department downplayed the incident until Mee's initial report was made public by Mee was suspected of leaking details to the celebrity news site. Despite records showing calls between his home and TMZ founder Harvey Levin, no charges were filed against the deputy.

If you ask me, he should be grateful charges weren't filed against him. TMZgossip, he was not instructed to eliminate the racial slurs. He was told to put them in a supplemental report which is kept from the public. Nobody's hiding anything here. He was drunk. He said sh*t. Should his life be ruined as a result??? No. He paid for his crime...which was a DUI, btw......and he should be allowed to move on. That's why they HAVE supplemental reports. His remarks had nothing to do with the DUI. There was no reason to put it in the public arrest report. He's being villified and Mee is an ******* who wants big bucks and an early retirement.

1508 days ago


Sqiggy, get your facts straight. Mee was told to take them out of the PUBLIC report and put it in a SUPPLEMENTAL report. Don't skew the facts.

1508 days ago


Read the whole story and not the gossip version.,0,5461420.story

1508 days ago


@SAM (#71)

I read your post and YOU ARE AS WRONG AS TWO LEFT SHOES!!! Telling any group of people, "It's way time for all folks to stop whining over past wrongs done to their forefathers" is "MYOPIC AND INSENSITIVE". Just as YOUR ancestors and their cultural history are precious to you, doesn't make those of other people ANY LESS PRECIOUS TO THEM!!! I would REALLY LOVE to see you STAND IN FRONT OF A GATHERING OF PEOPLE made up of different RACIAL and ETHNIC backgrounds and SAY SO TO THEIR FACES!!! Why don't you try doing so??? IT WOULD GIVE YOU A "WELL DESERVED LESSON" IN HUMILITY AND COMPASSION. THE ONLY "IDIOT" WHO WOULD SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT IS ONE WHO DOESN'T HAVE THESE QUALITIES.

1508 days ago
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