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Oksana to Judge:

Make Mel Pay For My PR

9/7/2010 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva spent tens of thousands of dollars in PR to thwart public perception that she sold the secret tapes -- and now she wants Mel Gibson to foot the bill ... this according to sources.

Mel Gibson Oksana Money
We're told Oksana racked up $84,000 in PR expenses and certain unpaid legal fees.  As for the PR fees, our sources say Oksana felt hiring PR reps was the only way counter someone as big and powerful as Mel Gibson.  Oksana -- who insists she didn't sell the tapes -- felt she was getting trashed in the media.

Sources say Oksana wants Judge Scott Gordon in the custody/child support case to clear the $84,000 debt.

Here's the disconnect.  The judge would never award money for PR expenses.  Aside from legal fees, Judge Gordon would adjust the existing agreement -- $5,000 a month plus the house -- only based on the needs of baby Lucia.

As we first reported ... Oksana's lawyers have gone to court and asked Judge Gordon to up the monthly child support obligation to upwards of $40,000.

We're told the judge has yet to rule on the request.



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My professor's definition of public relations.
Public Relations is the management function which evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of an individual or organization with the public interest, and plans, executes and evaluates a program of action to earn public understanding and exceptance.

1448 days ago


Get over it people and stop trying to make either of these people innocent.

Mel Gibson wanted sex with a young pretty woman and if this wasn't true he wouldn't have had a baby by a woman 14 years younger than him duhhhh.

Oksana wanted money and the prestige of being Mel Gibson's woman and if this wasn't true she would have continued her own career and dated someone closer to her age.

Gibson nor Oksana wins a "Doing the right thing," award.

Now as far as Gibson being a "racists," I don't doubt it at all nor do I care. I still have love for other men whose skin happens to be white, ( Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, George Clooney... and others actors of all skin colors, who could care less about what color a persons skin is or their religion.

1448 days ago


How much does or did Mel spend on his other children per month?

1448 days ago


How come Mel doesn't sue for custody himself.

Considering the stable nature of his first family, he should have a strong case should he decide to go for full custody, and give her only visiting rights.

While that'd be a long shot for a normal guy, for billionaire able to hire the very best, and spend until the other side is worn out, it would be the eventual foregone conclusion.

Take the kid yourself Mel.

1444 days ago


I'm off to buy a bunch of Icon Production movies in support of Mel. List of Icon movies here:

1435 days ago
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