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"NJ Housewife" Kim G -- From 2-Faced to 2-Pieces

9/8/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

While at the Jersey Shore this weekend, wannabe "Real Housewives of New Jersey" villain Kim G had no one to double-cross ... so she showed off her mature lady parts in a hot pink bikini instead.

Classy Kim, age unknown, really is a Shore thing.


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The verbal jujitsu is amazing.

What some of these people lack in decorum, they make up for it with an absence of tact and fact.

Until you have met and shared conversation with Kim G....shhhhhh because you have no idea what a wonderful lady she is and quite a classy one at that.

In "layman" terms for the verbal jujitsu warriors~ If you don't see it with your own eyes, or hear it with your own ears, don't invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth.

She has a killer figure...Jealousy is the highest form of flattery. So I guess you warriors have just done that.

Have a nice day.

1471 days ago


can't say it any better than #26 - very well said 3Storms !

1471 days ago


Yeah, Kim's a classy one.. screaming at that other woman calling her horrible names and screaming about her "square t*ts". Pure class right there.

She's a desperate old dried up hag looking to score a paycheck by getting on next years show. I bet she was hot in the 60's though, lol.

1471 days ago


She's a crazy bitch, desperate to be part of RHONJ, but you have to give her props for her body. She looks better than many women half her age.

1471 days ago

IDK Y    

TMZ PLEASEEEEE Never post something about her again. This is all getting to her head. She is NOT and NEVER will be one of the RHONJ. She wants to be sooo bad. Her fame needs to be ended before it even begins....PLEASE

1471 days ago


#34 - you mean the 1860...s, right ?

#35 - really, better than many women 1/2 her age? maybe those that are on The Biggest Losers, but c'mon 1/2 her age? really? You should make an appointment with your optometrist - I think you need a new Rx

1471 days ago

Throwback kid    

Wow, her waist is wider than her shoulders, totally disgusting!

1471 days ago


I think she looks fabulous. I am not even talking about her age just the fact that most 20 something year olds look terrible already (cellulite, sagging skin and stretch marks and she looks great. She must have been a knock out when she was young because she is very Grace Kelly looking now.
Too bad everybody is judged by a number. I hope she stays on the show.

1471 days ago

Lisa Lesser    

Who the heck it this Tom Murro guy?

# Come on Situation, we are waiting!! Don't worry, we can handle you guys!! Pilates-my version of your gym pays off. Check TMZ out today!! less than 20 seconds ago via web

# Seriously, you must do Arm Wrestling with Tom Murro & I will bob for pickes with Snooki. Have your people call my people. about 17 hours ago via web

# Hey Situation, the Instigation wants to have a POW WOW with you. Come On!! I also do GTL, but mine is Gym, Terrorizing, & Laundry!!! Yes!!! about 17 hours ago via web

# spent the day with Tom Murro in downtown Paterson at "Payless" buying shoes and backpacks for children of the less fortunate. 8:06 PM Sep 6th via web

# at The Jersey Shore hanging out at the private Beach Club in Long Branch with Kim D"s sister. Not slepping it on the public beach like ???

1471 days ago


Between that show and the Jersey shore, Italians come off as the biggset mooks. But that still doesn't even begin to cover the damage flavor flav did to black people.

1471 days ago


She looks great for her age. And all you young people putting this women down, your day will come, everybody gets old. Just hope you have a bikini body over 40. The average women these days are size 12 to big mama so she looks good for the average women over 40. No she not a swim suit model but have you been to the beach lately? I think to many people eat fast food. I work in a high school and overweight teens are everywhere. Now Im not saying overweight is bad so dont think that is what im saying. I can careless if someone is 100 lbs or 500 lbs. it really their business.

1471 days ago


Looks like a GLOW in the DARK bathing suit?
Gotta show the goods in order to sell

1471 days ago


We should all wish to look this good at that age. Those of you who mock her must be jealous.

1471 days ago


We should all wish to look this good at that age. Those of you mocking her must be jealous.

1471 days ago


Tom Murro has a website Celebrity Magnet. A 35 year old
Married, Father of girls under 10 years old who Kim
Grannatell on her numerous tweets has indicated that she
is presently in a torrid sexual relationship with this
Lothario. She has tweeted that she has purchased as per his
Request a Rolex Watch and a Mercedes Benz SUV which she tweets
are waiting for him with a red ribbon for his return from
Martha's Vinyard where he had a 4 second interaction with
Barack Obama. There are people in our town starting a campaign
to hold our noses when we see Mrs. Grannatell or Tom Murro

1470 days ago
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