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Dog-Eat-Dog Victim's Owner -- The Desperate Plea

9/12/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The owner of Tiger -- the dog that was murdered by Samantha Ronson's bulldog -- has now reached out to the local mayor following the deadly attack ... because she wants "to make something good come out of this tragedy."

 Farnouche Kamran wrote a letter to the Mayor of West Hollywood, John Duran, where she requests an appointment to tell him "my story, my tragedy, so it does not happen to anyone else."

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, Kamran briefly explains how Sam's dog has a history of violence and "was to be muzzled at all times" -- but was still "let out alone, without a leash, and without supervision."

According to the letter, Kamran's ultimate goal is to discuss "responsible dog ownership" and to make owners more accountable for the actions of their pets.

The criminal investigation into Sam over the incident is still pending.


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Hate to say it but Samantha Ronson should be put down and her dog given to a responsible pet owner.

1467 days ago


Isn't this whole thing just a tad blown out of proportions? I know this is sad for the dog owner and Ronson should get fined, but damn..dogs attack other dogs every day, that's what aggressive dogs do. This small dog could never make it in the wild. LOL We purposedly breed wimp dogs and expect alpha dogs to treat them like human babies...NOT.

1467 days ago


Maybe she will get a real dog next time instead of a rat. Survival of the fittest and all.

1467 days ago

Mr Baxter    

I'm so glad someone is standing up for dog rights. The woman is right in taking the mayor's time from other so called "important" things to discuss the canine cause. She should demand the election of a dog mayor, someone to look out for man's best friend. Never again should a dog live in fear, never again should a dog suffer anxiety going out to purge excrement from its poop hole.

1467 days ago


I love dogs, but this woman is really starting to cheese me off. I'm surprised she doesn't make an appearance on Robertson, to get some pap exposure.

1467 days ago


I own a bulldog & you can't muzzle them. Lady this was a horrible accident now you are just getting on every ones last nerve. Ronson took care of the situation & moved the dog. Geez, how do you think she feels, she lost a dog also...

to Cartman - she gave the dog to friends on the east coast (at least that was what was reported the day after this happened)

1467 days ago

Martin Carranza    

There animals. Survival of the fittest wimpy dogs are lame Samantha's bulldog did what animals do a weak dog sucks

1467 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

This Bruce Vilanch look-alike mongrel is dead. Get over it.

1467 days ago


Geez. Again with this story? I feel bad for both dog owners, but it's not like this is something of consequence to the world. TMZ - work harder to find REAL stories. Radar - Here I come!

1467 days ago


Sounds like Tiger was cruisin the halls too. First off get a dog that a kitten couldn't kick it's ass..Don't know if a 3 pound canine qualifies as a dog. I will agree (based on here say)that all dogs once they the front door must be on a leash. Think this California State Law goes back to the late 80's. If a dog has a record - he's screwed. Was Tiger "off a leash" as well. If not why didn't the owner just kick him in the head or fling the dog up on the leash into her arms..Bulldogs are short and not known for jumping at all.

1467 days ago


To #7 - Really??? Going to the mayor about the animal world? I think we have other, more important things to deal with..I've always said, "When have a house, then you get a dog". Live in a condo or apartment building - shouldn't have one..if you do - then protect your 3 oz. insect little dog. Cats get killed all the time - nobody calls the mayor..kook.

1467 days ago


is that an arse in the background

1467 days ago


This woman has a valid point. What if it was a little kid who got bit or hurt? Or it was your dog. If you have a pet you are responsible for it and it's actions.

1467 days ago


OMFG. And does she also want to call it "Tiger's Law"?

1467 days ago


Umm....I believe little Tiger was out without a leash as well!!!!

1467 days ago
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