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JetBlue's Steven Slater Seeks Mental Health

9/7/2010 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The District Attorney's Office tells TMZ they are currently "evaluating" Slater's mental health -- including issues involving work stress, drugs and alcohol and more.

We're told a plea bargain is expected to be reached before the next hearing.

TMZ has spoken with yet another source confirming plea bargain talks which include Slater voluntarily seeking mental health treatment.

Former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater showed up in court this morning in NYC and will voluntarily admit himself into a mental health program for treatment, if the D.A. plea bargains his criminal case and agrees to a lesser sentence.


Steven -- who faces 7 years in prison for charges including reckless endangerment -- claimed a passenger went off on him and hit him on the head with the overhead bin, however sources at JetBlue tell TMZ there is no evidence this ever happened -- i.e., Slater made it up.

The D.A. and Slater's lawyer, Daniel Horwitz, agreed to meet and try and hash out the deal before the next court hearing. 

TMZ was in court and heard Horwitz and the D.A. discussing a plea bargain and a mental health program near the judge's bench -- in front of the judge.

090610_slater_presser_videoOutside of court, Horwitz and Slater's publicist Howard Bragman wouldn't comment on the possible plea bargain ... but did say Slater "resigned voluntarily" from JetBlue.


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30 days at most, and 6 months' probation. And a fine. He didn't hurt anybody (although he could have), and these people who are calling for a long jail term are just plain mean.

1516 days ago


what an azzhat.

1516 days ago


The guy is a nut, he won't be able to host anything without losing it.

1516 days ago

Y do he got    

POOR harvey posting a case like this ONE,he knows dam well as the judges and the court system itself that it is illegal to force anyone into a mental ward or drugging down treatment program.It is a basic human right NOT to be horded into mental wards to make deals with the legal system.This case and endless cases like it have been tryed in courts all around the national and every last one has been found to be illegal volation of !st rights!!.To take a drug to combat booze is totally insane.If he was found to be insane he could`nt be tryed untill he was sane catch 22.They are saying he is insane!! and thus thye have volated his human rights without ever going to court.His court room suit monkeys should be in jail for not defending him...he will never get a job after his team gets done making a mental muffin out of him and there goes ALL his human rights and he`s gay? right so hollywood isn`t even defending thier own.A sad sad day for human rights acts nuts get off and get lost in joblessness and mental wards forever THE AMERICAN WAY the doctors must work the judges must work the jail and courts must stay full or the colleges and TMZ`s go broke.He had a bad day talkie and get back to work no no get pills and side affects and be jobless for life keep the doctors working the wards full and the working class down.The court can NOT make you take any kind of treatment what soever unless they find you insane even than they can NOT make you take treatment but yes they can lock you away forever as they are doing here by taking away his right to work.NOW no one will ever hire him and his pills and doctors will make him go bank rupt the rich get richer the poor get smit on.He should have never walked away from his JOB the union was going to back him and he went wimpo and now he will be thier wimp fo life.Human rights volated he never hit anyone he is not a danger to himself or anyone he is not mental he had a bad stress day get back on the horse.Screw the court the judges the doctors the court room suit monkeys OR they will screw HIM! and that they are doing.Rule one of the court room never ever sign a mental deal going to jail would be better in this case for sure two or three weeks back to work NO mental man walking in the streets lost forever.The court is currupt looking to get him on ANYTHING one more for US they win.

1516 days ago

Y do he got    

This case pisses me off cast one more to the streets so they can mutter to themselfs for life just cuse ms bwitc wnet all butch on his twinkie have them both makup sell a movie of the weak and back 2work.They are overblowing this case and he will be a muffin in the street in hollywood nutterin bout dis and dat fo ever.THE COURT IS CURRUPT and sayin hes a drunk fo two brews that they made not him.FN run outastate a little bitty case but cams is on ACTION BS FFF FN IN cut and run you AN`t no NUT! write a book amke money f IT off never sign no mental eat my pills order~SS for a bullsmit judge.The phoop should be in jail for F kids if justics are real just as all the church father should be in jail also for Fn kids that an`t not justics only showboat judges and hollywood BS

1516 days ago


Jail jail jail

1516 days ago

Y do he got    

THE CHURCH can FN KID~SS and the courts do nothing!.One person stresses one day never hurts a soul and your nuts everyone stresses everyone!,deal with it a setddown why why why move on BUT I~D just CUT AND RUN and never look back write a book amke them spend a billion to get you to the court room ane everyone will see how foolish this case is.JET BLUE SUCKS worse than the KKK-mart~SS the whole jetblue system is stressed as everyone knows

1516 days ago

who dat    

Daniel Horwitz is a pretty good lawyer. Slater however, should be sent to jail. His dangerous actions are unacceptable. I really didn't appreciate his smug attitude afterwards (during the press conference). As if he was entitled to act that way. Anyone who watches any reality show this clown participates in, should also be jailed.

1516 days ago



1516 days ago


If this guy made up the story about an irate passenger, the next question is whether he knows that or not. Was he just telling a lie or is he delusional?

1516 days ago


Why is he showing up in a suit and tie? If he wants to plead insanity, he should show up in a rainbow wig, a Hello Kitty T-shirt, and a hoop skirt.

1516 days ago

Y do he got    

BI-POLAR ha ha ha no way,anger control but getting smacked in the face could be fight or flight,he ran so thats what it was fight or flight.He did the best thing he could get out of there NO fight.No mental yes send him to jail for 9 mins and 49 secs and he gets to sue JETBLUE for a few million,,they sucks and allowed this all to happen and are trying to cover it up.

1516 days ago

midnight star    

I agree, he had a bad day, but it was obvious more was going on that than from the beginning. He looked and acted gay and, say what you will, they do have "issues"....

1516 days ago

Y do he got    

I would`nt take his job at jet blue for a million$ ten days late five billion dollar short and some nutjob Butch smamk IE is mac in F dats pops bi solar polar he ha ha anger U know thats POOPS?

1516 days ago

Y do he got    

After years and years on the job THAT BUTCH SMACKED HIS BUG in flight he didn`t smack that butch cuse he`s a twink IE TOMTOM that why the hired a twank dumb dumb

1516 days ago
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