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JetBlue's Steven Slater Seeks Mental Health

9/7/2010 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The District Attorney's Office tells TMZ they are currently "evaluating" Slater's mental health -- including issues involving work stress, drugs and alcohol and more.

We're told a plea bargain is expected to be reached before the next hearing.

TMZ has spoken with yet another source confirming plea bargain talks which include Slater voluntarily seeking mental health treatment.

Former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater showed up in court this morning in NYC and will voluntarily admit himself into a mental health program for treatment, if the D.A. plea bargains his criminal case and agrees to a lesser sentence.


Steven -- who faces 7 years in prison for charges including reckless endangerment -- claimed a passenger went off on him and hit him on the head with the overhead bin, however sources at JetBlue tell TMZ there is no evidence this ever happened -- i.e., Slater made it up.

The D.A. and Slater's lawyer, Daniel Horwitz, agreed to meet and try and hash out the deal before the next court hearing. 

TMZ was in court and heard Horwitz and the D.A. discussing a plea bargain and a mental health program near the judge's bench -- in front of the judge.

090610_slater_presser_videoOutside of court, Horwitz and Slater's publicist Howard Bragman wouldn't comment on the possible plea bargain ... but did say Slater "resigned voluntarily" from JetBlue.


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Slater INTENSIONALLY released the emergency slide and with beers in hand slid down to the tarmac and walked away. This was planned. No consideration for ground crew who could have been hurt. RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT.

Slater is now trying to pull the mental crap to keep his ass out of jail and yet sane enough to have Howard Bragman as a Publisist. How does that work?

Slater is a professional. If that was you or me causing a problem we would be in handcuffs. Slater you were wrong and you know it.

1476 days ago


Steven doesn't need ANY mental health guidance. His response was reasonable given the fact that this passenger closed the overhead bin door on his forehead. Passengers are becoming more and more brave and violent. I am well traveled and have seen solid evidence to support that. They think flight attendants are their to wait on them and be abused for it. No, I am not a flight attendant. Just a business woman who has paid attention over the last 30 years of travel. It's a horrendous prob.

1476 days ago


I hate this guys face!! That stupid smirk he's always wearing bugs me!!

1476 days ago


Maybe the woman in question is in cahoots with this weirdo and staged all this for...I smell Reality Show...he probably was trying to follow what the Balloon family did...hope he goes to jail!

1476 days ago

who dat    

"resigned voluntarily"...that's rich. Jet blue would have thrown him out on his ass. As an air carrier, you can't have a obviously impulsive, dangerous individual in the air. How long would it have been before he decided to pop the door at 30k feet, cause his bf was mean to him.

1476 days ago

hey look at me    

Was he a pole smoker before the incident, or did the stress lead him to that lifestyle?

1476 days ago


Only in Zoo York do you see these ridiculous "alternative" sentencing programs.

Put him on probation, fine him, and send him to jail. No reality show, no nothing.

Don't call him hero, call him S^%THEAD...

1476 days ago


Oh, and it's already been reported (of course not here) that Stevie boy is HIV+.

Accountability, responsibility..oh no, not for Stevie boy.

1476 days ago



1476 days ago


JetBlue doesn't have to release the name of the alleged wild passenger - if she exists, I'm sure Slater knows who she is. Flight attendants do know their passenger lists.

And if JetBlue did hand out some cash to the passengers (not uncommon to compensate for something unpleasant happening) - that wouldn't prevent somebody from coming forward to confirm the story. Nobody's going to perjure themselves for the bit of cash they may or may not have already received.... The court also has access to the passenger list, either the defense or the prosecution could subpoena any of them.

1476 days ago


all wrong
you go to rehab because you need it (he offered to go, not me)

but like this (he'll go if the court will reduce the punishment) looks like he's making fun of the system

and that's offensive (to the system which means to us)

now I say he must pay in full .

enough of this drama boy

1476 days ago


Can someone please explain why a he has a publicist?

1476 days ago

The Love Sponge    

The Rip Taylor of flight attendants. HELLO, Let's have a couple of beers and a slide.

1476 days ago


i saw from the beginning he snapped, yo ureach your limit and snap, a dramatic snap it was , it was not fake, he snapped, the one last drop of a rude passenger and he could not take it any more, that is stress and depression at a high level, airlines should take care of their staff better, since the staff take so much crap and disrespect from the passengers

1476 days ago


he'll be starring in the Broadway Musical entitled, "I've got the Jailhouse JetBlues".

come on girls, step - kick - step - kick and slide.

1476 days ago
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