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Joe Montana Tears Holes in 'Rudy'

9/8/2010 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Montana has some issues with the way his former college team was portrayed in "Rudy" -- because the former Notre Dame superstar just insinuated Rudy Ruettiger was more of a joke than an inspiration.


Montana -- who played on the 1975 Fighting Irish squad with Ruettiger -- appeared on DirecTV's Dan Patrick Show this morning and said of the flick, "It's a movie remember ... not all that's true."

After a dismissive sigh, Montana undermined some of the main storylines in the movie saying, "The crowd wasn’t chanting … nobody threw in their jerseys."

Montana acknowledged that the real Rudy did play in the final home game ... and did get a sack -- but stated that when the players carried Rudy off the field, they were "kinda playin' around ... I won't say as a joke, but playing around."

Joe finished, "He worked his butt off to get where he was ... but not any harder than anybody else."

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El Grande    

Unfortunately for Joe, a team mate of Rudy not driven by avarice has said they did not hoist him up as a joke. Joe has inserted himself into something his block head cannot comprehend.

Why doesn't he just go on tour and say the truth about Santa Clause, the tooth fairy, and Rocky Balboa. What an idiot.

We already knew it was not accurate - it is a movie.

Joe is not only an idiot, but a money grubbing, narcissistic, mono-syllabic king of the dolts.

1469 days ago


No kidding the whole story wasn't true, but Joe's missing the point of the story that is true. That if you set a goal and work at it you can achieve it. your going to hit walls and fall down along the way but the point of the story is that no ones life is pre-written and no matter how you grew up you are in control of your future. I grew up not poor but we lived pay check to pay check. now I just started my first year at a law firm and im making good money, more than my parents ever thought I would. Because I knew what I wanted, set a goal, stuck with it, and got what I wanted.
Come on Joe, cant you just fade into obscurity gracefully? And bottom line is that a solid guys movie like Casino, The Untouchables, Rocky...the kind you can watch more than once..RUDY RUDY RUDY

1469 days ago

Irish Fan    

You mean to tell me the movie really did not represent what happened? You don't say.....WHAT FREAKING MOVIE DOES?

Even when Rudy was interviewed after they made the movie he stated they took some liberties with some scenes.

Come on Joe....let it go......

1469 days ago


Reading the posts on here about Joe Montana something is very obvious. The age of the average poster must be less than 30. Joe played for ND in the mid 70s before any of these posters were born. He probably played in the NFL before they knew who he was. This is obvious due to the amount of disrespect. Rudy was a movie, the guy played one down of one game in college. He was just a regular guy who was the subject of a fictional book. It was based upon a true story, but give Joe a break, he is not going to Lie to justify some author who wrote a book or some player who would probably not lie either and back Joe up.....

To all of you talking bad about Joe, it is important to remember what an incredible player he was.
6 ft 2 inch and weighed 200 lbs. No steriods, no growth hormones, no cocaine, no vicotin. Started four Superbowls and won four Superbowls. Won a NCAA National Championship at Notre Dame. Despite being born with a narrow spinal cavity. The guy was a natural and doesn't deserve this.

1469 days ago

slip horan    

well you know the story plant a potato get a potato joe is an a hole son will be an a hole. joe its a movie a good movie Regis already said that the jersey thing never happened but that the players went and asked for him to play. and the director put that in the movie but its a true story. One other thing that is true about the movie Dan Devine is an a hole too.

1468 days ago

Bruce Furst    

Joe...Where have all the good times gone? You are sounding like somebody that is yesterdays news and maybe got dissed by the new generation of ND fans this weekend. Did Rudy get a better seat? More attention? Any relevance or hanger on potential for your endorsements/TV commentary just followed Elvis out of the building! You deserve a 15 yard penalty for unsportsman like conduct...Sadly, this asinine comment will be the way you will now be remembered by many...

1468 days ago


Joe needs to go peddle a gondola!

1468 days ago


Obviously, movies have things put in for dramatic effect. But the whole point was it was an underdog story. Joe Montana wasn't a runt with no athletic ability. It sounds to me, Jealousy was at the heart of this interview despite the fact that he did provide truths about the movie. If he were truly happy for Rudy's accomplishment's (I mean this kid had no talent) he would have said so. Montana needs the reality check.

1468 days ago

mr. m    

The truth, while not as sellable as the Hollywood version of the Rudy story, to me puts Rudy's actual acheivements in a better light for the following simple reason: When Hollywood, and in many cases the minds of individuals, create legends that exagerate actual events, it raises the question of how much is exageration and what did the "legend" in question actually accomplish? I cringe when Hollywood uses the phrase "based on a true story" because they are more often than not so losely based that their relation to actual events is unrecognizable. I found the movie somewhat corny, unbelievable and a bit over the top, and without knowing the actual events, found myself dismissing far more of the story than what actually happened, according to Joe Montana's comments and the comments of Dan Devine and others. The movie is unfair to coach Devine, and the true story seems to show that Rudy was more accepted and recognized by his team, including the coaching staff, than as portrayed in the movie.

1468 days ago


The most touching point in the entire movie for me was when Rudy's father gets off the bus at Notre Dame Stadium and looks arund like he's died and gone to heaven. Whether that actually happened or not is irrelevant because if did not happen, it should have happened. It's also representative of what Notre Dame at least used to mean to whole generations of working class Americans who feared that they never had a chance in this country. The success of Notre Dame gave them something to look up and aspire to.

1468 days ago

Kevin Gettis    

Joe, it sounds like you're hating on Rudy! You wait over 20 years to "expose" the "truth." Why now? I'm not aware of your sneakers or any of that, but don't compromise your legacy for something like this. You're bigger than that!!! When I was a kid, although I've never been a 49ers fan, I couldn't ignore what you gave to sports and let alone the NFL. So, it's up to you if you choose to continue to tarnish your legacy, because people love a true underdog and true or not, we liked Rudy's story!!!

1468 days ago


I don't think Joe went on the show to set the record straight about Rudy - he was ASKED, and should he lie about it?? "Rudy" is a wonderful, inspiring movie; I was born and raised in South Bend, IN and am a die-hard Notre Dame fan, so of course I love it. But anyone familiar with Notre Dame knows that Dan "Rudy" Ruettiger is not the cute, cuddly character that Sean Astin played (and played well). He's an opportunist who has made a nice career capitalizing on those few seconds on the football field in 1977, and he has had his moment in the sun. I don't think Joe Montana,superstar QB, no matter how long ago, is spending time being bitter about whatever attention Rudy has gotten. He was just stating facts. This does not diminish the movie's impact.

1468 days ago

GIrl Football Fanatic    

Joe is soooo right. Anybody from ND country, which is where I reside knows the true story. And, it is NOT what was in the movie. Rudy's story as portrayed in the movie is a myth if not an outright pack of lies.

1468 days ago


Listen to the audio. Joe Montana doesn't tear any hole in anything except the illusion that Hollywood equals the real world. Montana is not mean spirited, not petty and not jealous. He was nice about it and just put the truth behind a screenplay into context. Great QB, great movie and great story. None are affected by what Joe Montana said.

1468 days ago


We all got suckered in by Hollywood one more time.
Joe just told us the truth, that's allright.
I can understand all the guys here who are mad now, that they shed a tear or two for Rudi now feeling duped and letting it out on Joe.
Now Joe had the real story, 'The Catch", no ifs, buts or anything, it's on film.
Joe you were and still are the Man.

1468 days ago
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