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Joe Montana Tears Holes in 'Rudy'

9/8/2010 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Montana has some issues with the way his former college team was portrayed in "Rudy" -- because the former Notre Dame superstar just insinuated Rudy Ruettiger was more of a joke than an inspiration.


Montana -- who played on the 1975 Fighting Irish squad with Ruettiger -- appeared on DirecTV's Dan Patrick Show this morning and said of the flick, "It's a movie remember ... not all that's true."

After a dismissive sigh, Montana undermined some of the main storylines in the movie saying, "The crowd wasn’t chanting … nobody threw in their jerseys."

Montana acknowledged that the real Rudy did play in the final home game ... and did get a sack -- but stated that when the players carried Rudy off the field, they were "kinda playin' around ... I won't say as a joke, but playing around."

Joe finished, "He worked his butt off to get where he was ... but not any harder than anybody else."

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I will say this, Rudy was present at Notre Dame during opening weekend against Purdue... he was charging $50 for an autograph of a personal item or just some pictures he had on hand. $50!!!! There was even contemplation of charging just for pictures. I'm sorry, but on the inside, ND is sick of him taking advantage and giving himself more clout than he is worth.

1511 days ago


Joe Montanna said this didnt happen..he probably thinks we didnt land on the moon...Montanna is full of himself...what an ass...he treated Young like crap..this old fart needs to get over himself and enjoy his shoe commercials

he is trying to take glory from this guy: It is Rudys only glory and he has to crap all over it..you can see how much it meant to him in this interview

1510 days ago

Big Jim    

Remember Joe Montana is a REAL football star. He's got super bowl rings. Not sure if he's in Hall of Fame, but he should be.

Rudy? A footnote of history. Like Joe said "Its a movie. Not everything in it is real".

1510 days ago


as for Rudy selling his autographs for $50, isn't that what American capitalism is all about? He didn't force anyone to buy anything, he didn't ask for a 1/2 trillion dollar bailout, he didn't lie about what he did, he didn't steal any money - I think we should reserve our anger for the *******s on Wall Street that conducted the biggest heist in U.S. history

1510 days ago

Daniel B    

If the guy really was as small and naturally unathletic as the movie portrayed him, then yes, he DID work harder than most or he couldn't possibly have been there.

1509 days ago

Joel N.    

Glad he spoke up. It's a shame the way hollywood fabs things up to tug at our hearts when they aren't true.
When I first saw the movie years ago, I thought "wow, what a great story and it's true". I found out later that all of the tear jerking parts were made up or exaggerated. Hollywood at its best-deciet.

1502 days ago


isnt joe's son hannah montana the 3rd string quarterback for notre dame??????

1499 days ago


I don't understand why Joe took almost 17 years to come out with the story he claims. At one time, Joe, you were a hero to many American football lovers...followed by many. Now, you've let them down. According to what's been printed since the movie, 98% of it is the truth..just imagine the younger generation that it has inspired. We need more "Rudy's" in this day and time. They're out there somewhere...let's just hope and pray they are recognized by us.

1496 days ago


The movie has a great message. Like most "Based on a True Story" Hollywood movies, it's a fictional movie based on a few actual events. Joe Montana is spot on. In real life, Rudy is a disillusioned man with severe delusions of grandeur.


1492 days ago


Seems the real message of Rudy was he graduated from Notre Dame. That he played football for a set of downs was secondary. Its easy to pee all over the little people from the top of the dome. Especially when it didn't take much to get there. Rudy was a poor kid from south Chicago who took the long way to success. To demean this a tragic thing for an Icon to spend his time doing. Joe you are a big disappointment off the field. Don't grow into a Ty Cobb. Be quiet and sell those lame shoes

1481 days ago

Mox Rankin    

Joe Montana can go **** himself

1462 days ago


Sounds like Joe has told it as it really was. I have always thought the "Rudy" thing was way too exaggerated. The movie was totally dumb. The guy makes one play and he's a hero?? Please--give me a break.

1423 days ago

Joe Bertolucci    

To all you idiots that are talking to probably the best QB to ever walk on a football field "EVER" like he is stupid,jealous,or anything else is crazy...some moron probably asked him what really actually happened with the Rudy dude, and Joe told them!!!!
Do not get me wrong I loved the movie Rudy, and Joe Montana too.
I was never a niner fan but I will always be a Montana fan!

1369 days ago

Ron Halpern    

Gee, I didn't know Montana was such an *******.

1265 days ago


Do you feel better now getting that off your chest? Do you sleep better at night having shed light on this major story line? WOW! Rudy wasnt true? No kidding! You are kind of a jerk Joe. Sad really. I loved you when I was a kid. Now you are just a sad little man. He didnt work harder than you, huh? Well..he was smaller and had no athletic ability...I would say he did. But if you feel better about yourself after giving that interview, that is what is important, right?

1244 days ago
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