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Joe Montana Tears Holes in 'Rudy'

9/8/2010 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Montana has some issues with the way his former college team was portrayed in "Rudy" -- because the former Notre Dame superstar just insinuated Rudy Ruettiger was more of a joke than an inspiration.


Montana -- who played on the 1975 Fighting Irish squad with Ruettiger -- appeared on DirecTV's Dan Patrick Show this morning and said of the flick, "It's a movie remember ... not all that's true."

After a dismissive sigh, Montana undermined some of the main storylines in the movie saying, "The crowd wasn’t chanting … nobody threw in their jerseys."

Montana acknowledged that the real Rudy did play in the final home game ... and did get a sack -- but stated that when the players carried Rudy off the field, they were "kinda playin' around ... I won't say as a joke, but playing around."

Joe finished, "He worked his butt off to get where he was ... but not any harder than anybody else."

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My in-laws went to college with Joe Montana. Everyone hated him. He was a giant douchebag. Yeah, he was a great football player, but that didn't mean he wasn't a miserable human being.

1506 days ago


Sure they did.

1506 days ago


I hope next time you come to campus you get booed all the way back to California. Didn't your Momma teach you if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all?

1506 days ago


This article is a good example of the problems with modern media: nobody fact checks and nobody tries to understand the context. Almost everyone posting comments seems to think that Joe went around trash talking about Rudy. But, that is only because TMZ is portraying it that way. He didn't go on the Dan Patrick show to talk about Rudy. He was asked questions by the host and he answered them honestly. He obviously didn't even want to talk about it, if you heard the interview. Give TMZ credit though, they made a bunch of idiots get pissed off over something that just doesn't matter.

1506 days ago


EVERYBODY knows they took a lot of liberties with the movie.

Because it was....a MOVIE!

The one who got it worst was the late Dan Devine.
He was made to be the bad guy even though he was totally behind Rudy making one game from the start when he took over the team.

He was REALLY mad that how he was portrayed in the film.

1506 days ago


Most people say the same as I. Joe appears to be jealous..leave Rudy alone. He did nothing to make Joe look stupid, but not so for Joe. A jerk?????Joe

1506 days ago


You know, if Rudy's story had happened at any other school besides Notre Dame, it would have been seen as the near-tragedy it really was, not an inspiration. But Notre Dame is "special", so it's fine that some 5'6" kid is obsessed about playing for his favorite football team.

Too many kids throw away educational opportunities or even ruin their lives chasing an impossible dream of playing big-time college or pro sports, and movies like "Rudy" just play right into those delusions. How many other guys like Rudy are out there, except they weren't quite lucky enough, and now they're in prison or working dead-end jobs?

So Joe Montana says that a 5'6" kid was a bit of a joke to his Notre Dame teammates? No doubt about it! It's just that the "Cult of Rudy" has made a hero out of the guy, and now no one wants to point out the obvious.

1506 days ago

speedy 20    

when the movie first came out dan devine also said that the whole thing with the jerseys was not true and that in fact all the seniors were going to play anyway.

1506 days ago


Joe seems to have been hit in the head a few too many times. How the mighty have fallen. Shame on you Joe. Rutiger somehow made the practice squad without any athletic talent and then got into 1 game for 2 plays and made 1 tackle. And you are only now complaining about the film? How many moments in the sun did you have Joe? Should they all be yours or can a "regular" person have just one too? Joe sounds very much like the new corporate elite that thinks everything belongs to them and only they deserve to be paid. Everyone else should work for minimum wage. Joe, you've diminished your career with these statements and you'll be less thought of as a "great player"

1506 days ago


Yo tards!!! Montana isn't saying anything that Rudy himself hasn't already admitted to!!! When Montana is talking about "throwing jerseys" he means the FICTIONAL scene where the players protest and each drop their jerseys off in the coach's office. When in reality Dan Devine, the coach, was the one that came up with the idea of playing Rudy in the first place. The production company got Devine's permission to make him the movie's "heavy" in order to make it work and he agreed, he just didn't know they'd make him look like that much of a jacka$$. And the fans also didn't chant "Rudy" to get him into the game. They only chanted his name AFTER he made the tackle. The only real issue with Motana's comments is the "carrying him off the field" part. That is such a rare honor at Notre Dame, since it hasn't happened since, that I seriously doubt they did it in jest. But besides that, the best QB in history is correct.

1506 days ago

Don Rinaldi    

Hate A Honis Joe said this in 82 : In Real Life: "Oh, the guys just went crazy on the sideline," said Joe Montana on Charles Kuralt's "Sunday Morning" show in December 1992. "I mean, it was like we had won the national championship almost. I mean, that's how -- how excited everybody was for him."

Hmmmm....what a difference now from the second year player then....jealous old hater.....those sneakers are a joke ! Like Jeff Spicoli said ". You **** !"

1506 days ago


Not sure how much of the movie is true, except for a kid who aspired to attend and play at Notre Dame. He didn't have the high school grades, or talent to play there but he never gave up on his dreams and made it.
You might have been born with more natural talent Joe, but that should not take away from Rudy's accomplishments which was to attend Notre Dame. How about giving the guy a pat on the back rather than sucker punch him?

1506 days ago

ND Steve    

Say It Ain't So, Joe....

1506 days ago

J. Hoffman    

Aside for not coming to NFL functions (unless you get paid), you just have a big mouth. What good was it that you said this about Rudy? Very immature and you have just disgraced Notre Dame and the 'Niners. Isn't it time for your nap?

1506 days ago


Joe, you suck!
You can't just let the guy have a moment?
Whether the details of the story were real or not the message was never give up.

Do you also steal candy from kids at Halloween?

1506 days ago
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