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Rudy Ruettiger's Teammate: Joe Montana Is WRONG!!

9/9/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Montana is wrong about "Rudy" -- according to a member of the 1975 Notre Dame football team ... who claims the guys weren't "playing around" when they famously hoisted Daniel Ruettiger onto their shoulders.

Rudy Ruettiger

TMZ spoke to #79 Jay Achterhoff -- who literally participated in Rudy's legendary quarterback sack ... and dude insists the events in the movie are "98% true."

Achterhoff tells us, "Rudy was carried off the field that day ... but not as a joke -- but because he finally got to play."  He added. "You've never in your life seen a guy who wanted to be on the field more."

Achterhoff -- now a regional manager for a trucking company -- also says he's "disappointed that [Montana] wasn't more supportive of Rudy" during the shocking interview with Dan Patrick yesterday.

So how does Rudy feel about Montana's comments? His rep told us, "The movie is based on his story. Other than that ... no comment."

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BTW, I didn't mean LOOKED LIKE Spencer! God no!! I meant an attention whore, controlling, immature, 2nd grade mentality, boy who will never become a man!

1505 days ago


Joe is a media junkie and I think he was just jelous cause they made a movie about Rudy and not him. The guy has always had it handed to him.

1505 days ago


Steve Young has class. Joe Montana's a jerk.

1505 days ago


I'm glad someone came out contradict Joe Montana when I was reading his comments yesterday I thought he sounded like he had a case of sour grapes. Heads up Joe even if you felt the way you did you should have kept your mouth shut you showed a remarkable lack of class when you decided to intentionally humiliate your former team mate.

1505 days ago


Montana is a s***bag piece of garbage.

Maybe he should focus his energy on controlling himself so he doesn't make out with a women in wheelchairs (YES I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES) while you are on the road and your wife is back home, instead of crapping on other people's achievements. It went down at the old Whiskey Bar in Time Square.

1505 days ago


You folks are right - Montana should never have told the truth! He should have lied!

Happy now?

1505 days ago


I just watched one of Rudys speaches, he opened up with it took Joe Montana 4 super bowls to get here and me just one tackle and made he a few other pokes at Joe threw out the speach. I would be a little pissed to.

1505 days ago


After the interview Joe told a group of four year old kids that there is no Santa Claus and then he kicked a puppy for good measure.

1505 days ago


Jealous Joe runs his mouth once again! The guy was disliked by so many of his teamates!He is mad at the world because he turned out to be a STIFF in front of the camera.He is envious of Steve Young's tv career, now he picks on poor Rudy!

1505 days ago


"Oh, the guys just went crazy on the sideline," said Joe Montana on Charles Kuralt's "Sunday Morning" show in December 1992. "I mean, it was like we had won the national championship almost. I mean, that's how -- how excited everybody was for him."

1505 days ago


Just like I said yesterday, everything Montana said was true and has been admitted by Rudy himself for the sake of making a movie work. But the only thing I was doubting was Montana's comments about why Rudy was lifted off the field. The dropping off the jerseys to the coach's office in the movie was fictional, since it was Dan Devine's own idea to play Rudy. And the crowd chanting his name to get him on the field was fictionalized as well since the coach put him in on his own accord and the crowd chanted his name AFTER he got the sack. The only thing I found odd was Montana's account of Rudy being lifted off the field. That is such an honor at Notre Dame, a rare one at that. One that the players are all most aware of, that there is no way they would have done it to be sarcastic. That was most sincere. That is the only thing where Joe is wrong.

1505 days ago

I am Spartacus    

You people think Rudy is Sean Astin is Rudy, many people have said the real Rudy is arrogent and full of himself especially once the movie was made. A lot of the movie was exaggerated.

Joe didnt say they carried him off as a joke, but the movie makes it seem like everyone at the game was there for Rudy. They didnt chant his name until after he made the tackle. I played football and now coach football and when i played we had kids that sucked but tried hard and when they'd get in during blowouts we would cheer them on not really as a joke but we werent also being serious, it was all in good fun. Thats what he means.

Everyone is attacking Joe for answering a question honestly. Why should he lie and say the movie was totally accurate just to add to the story? He's not the first guy to say that the movie wasn't totally accurate.

1505 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

So Montana is turning into the typical old cranky former sports star ****.
Completely unnecessary of him to do what he did and belittle Rudy.
Nice job prick.

1505 days ago


my neighbor was at that game and he did say no one was chanting "rudy" like in the movie. I have no idea about the jerseys or the sack (montana DID say he got the sack, he didn't deny that). it's too bad he even talked about it like that, let the guy have his glory, but he's not exactly lying.

1505 days ago


Joe, you need a new PR guy, call me,555-6789

1505 days ago
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