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Rudy Ruettiger's Teammate: Joe Montana Is WRONG!!

9/9/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Montana is wrong about "Rudy" -- according to a member of the 1975 Notre Dame football team ... who claims the guys weren't "playing around" when they famously hoisted Daniel Ruettiger onto their shoulders.

Rudy Ruettiger

TMZ spoke to #79 Jay Achterhoff -- who literally participated in Rudy's legendary quarterback sack ... and dude insists the events in the movie are "98% true."

Achterhoff tells us, "Rudy was carried off the field that day ... but not as a joke -- but because he finally got to play."  He added. "You've never in your life seen a guy who wanted to be on the field more."

Achterhoff -- now a regional manager for a trucking company -- also says he's "disappointed that [Montana] wasn't more supportive of Rudy" during the shocking interview with Dan Patrick yesterday.

So how does Rudy feel about Montana's comments? His rep told us, "The movie is based on his story. Other than that ... no comment."

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No Avatar

City Girl    

Joe is a piece of work. When his hometown was dedicating their football stadium with his name, he would not show up for the dedication unless HE WAS PAID !!!!! True story. This left many fans of his cold, and many still do not associate him being their "hometown hero."

1468 days ago


This is a classic case of Alpha Beta syndrome. Montana was always the popular athlete hanging in the "A" group and saw only what he wanted to. So from Montana's clouded perspective, he was telling the truth, he was just a lil disconnected from reality. People see what they want to see and that's what Montana saw. Just proof of his Alpha Beta mentality!

1468 days ago

Mickey Watt    

Montana is being an ungracious jerk. Let Rudy keep his 15 minutes of fame untainted. After all, Montana received much more than that.

1468 days ago


Suck it Montana! Your 15 minutes expired a long time ago!

1468 days ago


Prior to this, I always thought Joe Montana was the epitome of a classy guy......I have changed my opinion...Montana is about as classless as they come....Rudy wins, Montana loses......Jabrad

1468 days ago

Random Comment Person    

Montana sucks. Why talk s.hi.t on Rudy after all these years? Why not point something out when the movie first came out? Prolly cause Joe didn't need the attention then. I'm glad this dude came forward to stick up for Rudy and it's nice that Rudy took the high road with Montana. Douchebag.

1468 days ago


Montana is a preak, Steve Young is much better QB than you so get over yourself. No one is paying you attention that you have to take on someone else to get a little of it? You're whining as usuall and not surprised. Freaking bastard.....

1468 days ago


Joe is in Real Estate and financial trouble! His kid is a 3rd string junior at his Alma Mater.let's kick Rudy around. It's amazing a few years back he was quoted as saying when Rudy made the tackle it was like winning a national championship!!!

1468 days ago

Windybottom Brownpants    

I used to be a staunch Joe fan....now all I see is a washed up douchebag. Granted, there were a few Hollywood embellishments in the film but where the f does he get off trying to diminish the fact Rudy was carried off the field in honor and glory. Prick.

1468 days ago


Joe sounded like a spoiled quarterback who didn't get the attention he wanted...

1468 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Lovin' Rudy! He's stayin' classy and above-board in regard to Montana.

1468 days ago


Montana is a BIG EGO....... Heck I have stories from friends from the Atlanta Gold Club...... Maybe Joe would want those spread around ?

1468 days ago


How come Joey didn't say something about the movie 20 years ago? He is an old, bitter man who needs attention. Once a Whiner always a Whiner. Get over it Hannah.

1468 days ago


Hey Joe, Did you ever hear the phrase DON'T TAKE A POSITIVE and MAKE IT A NEGATIVE". Must be nobody's paying you any mind ? So you decide to try and step on someone's good name, to get your ugly hairless mug back in the papers ? A no class move NO-JO. Go polish your ring, and don't raise your eyes, gaze at the ground when you are in the presence of someone like Rudy. No wonder you have been forgotten by the media. You would be lucky if you had the heart and desire that someone like Rudy. You just sullied your rep in the court of public opinion, hall of flamer.

1468 days ago

Joe Montana    


1468 days ago
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