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Judge to Snooki: You're a Lindsay Wannabe

9/8/2010 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jersey Shore's" Snooki just got schooled by a New Jersey judge, who called her a "Lindsay Lohan wannabe" ... after she pled guilty to a crime after a drunken escapade on a Seaside Heights beach.


As we first reported, Snooki was arrested in Seaside Heights, NJ on July 30  ... after she was spotted using a beer bong and falling off a bicycle.

Judge Damian Murray scoffed at Snooki in court, saying he didn't know if her antics were scripted, adding, if it was scripted Snooki needed to decide "if it was worth trading your dignity for a paycheck."

But that wasn't the end ... The judge called Snooki's actions "rude and self-indulgent."

Snooki pled guilty to disturbing the quiet enjoyment of the beach but the disorderly conduct charge and another count were dismissed.

Snooki could have been thrown in the slammer for 90 days, but the judge let her skate with 2 days community service and a $533 fine.
Snooki addressed the court and said she was "very
embarrassed" and says she was never in this kind
of situation before.


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Everyone on the East coast visits the Jersey Shore during the SUMMER that is ALL this show was suppose to showcase the general PUBLIC turned it into ALL of them BEING FROM JERSEY (which they are not) just shows how slow the general public really is! Cause even here in PA we GO TO THE JERSEY SHORE EVERY SUMMER, when I moved here from the south THAT was the BIG THING to do according to the other "IT" kids in my school and THAT IS WHERE I WENT! Does that mean I am from Jersey as well? Considering I spend my summers there? REALLY! It was about KIDS on the east coast,strangers(ya know like Real who VISIT and RENT A SHORE HOUSE where? AT THE JERSEY SHORE righhhhhhht! DID THEY EVER say they LIVED THERE ALL YEAR ROUND?? Because I NEVER ONCE HEARD THAT come from ANYONE or any clip at the start of season 1!

1475 days ago


Thank you Sammi! If I have to hear "you should be embarassed, those people from Jersey make you look stupid" one more time!!! My friend went to high school with the stupid Situation, he's from Jersey... FOR GOD'S SAKE PAULY IS FROM RHODE ISLAND!!!! We don't want to take credit for these dummies.

1475 days ago


& no I HATE this show. Really sad this is WHAT gets you famous in America, smh!

1475 days ago


BUT... in Nicole's defense... She pled guilty, accepted her fine and community service without attitude, apologized for her behavior.

She showed respectful behavior to the court and to the city.

NOTHING like "It's Someone Elses Fault" Lohan. I don't think the comparison was fair.

1475 days ago


This beast needs to throw herself off a tall building, hopefully far enough to destroy that ugly face!

1475 days ago

snooki hater    

Never been in a situation like this before? Seems like the stupid broad has a case of selective memory. What about when she was investigated for serving alcohol to minors at a party at her house with her white trash mom, which resulted in the tragic death of a classmate and rocked the little town of Marlboro on Thanksgiving?

"should be a convicted felon; child killer; cheat; tanning bed addict; sleazehole; the epitome of a true piece of kaka, ...violent thug; juvenile smut-peddler; sexual predator; one of the 50 most loathsome people in America; and the Douche of the Decade."

1475 days ago


Skank would actually be 2 Lindsay wannabes. She is at least twice Lindsays size already, what will she be in another 10 years? No talent except for passing along STDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reality shows suck!!!!!!!!

1475 days ago


in defense of ooompaloompas everywhere, please dont compare us to this person...youre giving us a bad name lol

1475 days ago


How sad when you have to be parented by a judge! She acts like both her parents are total scuzzzzz. Hope they're proud of what they produced............

Wonder if we could establish a trade agreement with North Korea? We'd give them this h0 in exchange for 2 sacks of rice. Pardon me, we'd give them this h0 and provide them with as much rice as they need for the next year. Probably not enough but worth a try!

1475 days ago


A couple of rounds with a cattle prod might give some awareness to this waste of humanity!

1475 days ago


ROFFLMFAOPMFP @ snooki Hater. Way to class her up with GGW goof.

1475 days ago


Is she black? Or is that just the most extreme case of fake tan ever?

1475 days ago


Snooki's like a prison jumpsuit...She's all orange and when she's on you, you start to question your life's choices.

1475 days ago


She's like a Christina Aguilera look alike imagine snooki with blond hair same face see the video "a voice within" from Christina with black hair snooki look alike.

1475 days ago


She isn't a Lindsey wannabe...she's 7 Lindsey wannabes! She's short and round as a pig.
By the way, who is Snooki - seriously?

1475 days ago
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