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Judge to Snooki: You're a Lindsay Wannabe

9/8/2010 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jersey Shore's" Snooki just got schooled by a New Jersey judge, who called her a "Lindsay Lohan wannabe" ... after she pled guilty to a crime after a drunken escapade on a Seaside Heights beach.


As we first reported, Snooki was arrested in Seaside Heights, NJ on July 30  ... after she was spotted using a beer bong and falling off a bicycle.

Judge Damian Murray scoffed at Snooki in court, saying he didn't know if her antics were scripted, adding, if it was scripted Snooki needed to decide "if it was worth trading your dignity for a paycheck."

But that wasn't the end ... The judge called Snooki's actions "rude and self-indulgent."

Snooki pled guilty to disturbing the quiet enjoyment of the beach but the disorderly conduct charge and another count were dismissed.

Snooki could have been thrown in the slammer for 90 days, but the judge let her skate with 2 days community service and a $533 fine.
Snooki addressed the court and said she was "very
embarrassed" and says she was never in this kind
of situation before.


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Lindsay Lohan wanna be! Snooki as of now is much higher on the celebrity food chain than Lindsay Lohan!

1467 days ago

my 2 cents    

Rude, profane, obnoxious and self indulgent is no way to go through life Missy !!!

Did her lawyer actually say that he spent a day with her cleaning up a Zoo ?

One more thing - did Snook's lawyer forget the underage drinking party at her house, resulting in the death of a young person ?

1467 days ago


She's fat and has a big nose!!!! ICKY-POO_POO!!!!!!

1467 days ago


What exactly is this little orange person famous for? What has she actually done in her life?

1467 days ago


could we possibly ship both Lindsay and Snooki to Uranus and just leave them there

1467 days ago


How can someone that NASTY, SHORT, UGLY & DISGUSTING be famous for being a DRUNK? What kind of example is that to the world or America? Seriously, those things only happen in America. Americans sometimes wonder why people hate them, that's one reason why, because someone like her her get's paid for being a slut on TV. UGH!

1467 days ago



1467 days ago


not even a famewhore! famewhore wannabe! haHAHA how embarrassing

1467 days ago


1. Fines should be based on income, not generical.
2. Community service with animals...oooh, she learned her lesson!!!! Maybe community service should be base on the crime? Something alcohol related or whatever.

Damn justice doesn't make sense at all!!!!!

1467 days ago


That Judge took this moment to grandstand and get his 7 minutes of fame. He knows what's going on with that show because he watches it like the other 5 million or so viewers. Shame on him!

I know you all like to poke fun at this girl and the cast of the show, but let's face it, you more than likely watch it every week, otherwise why comment on something you know nothing about. It's so easy to make fun of someone when your not doing it to their face, right ?

On another note...Snooki is from Poukeppsie Upstate New York, and Angelina is from Staten Island. Pauly is from Rhode Island and the rest are from somewhere in the 5 boro's of New York !

Thank's Snooki for helping all those animal's at Popcorn Park Zoo. Every little bit counts for those poor animals.

1467 days ago


It's time for mommy to shut her mouth! Did baby Lindsey cut you off yet? Snookie gets "hammered every night" As does Lindsey, man or woman, she can't be alone!I won't be around in 15 years, but you can bet "snookie" will be a 200 lb woman with 5 kids. and some guy looking for a "young snookie". Oh Lindsey is now so well "used" by both men and women, who'd want her? Oh I'm sure some one would would screw the infected bitch,,,

1467 days ago


She looks like one of those chicks who lives on "the Rez".

1467 days ago


Judge Damien Murray.. All that man does is hand out fines all day in Seaside and Lakehurst. That's all their after..He seems fair but lets you know how it is sometimes.. Thats the least packed ive seen that court room during the summer.... even in court she gets celebrity status.. bull****..

1467 days ago


oh come on

now even judges want to make it to TMZ???????

I like her , she's just selling (and we know that nuthing happens by mistake in the show business where professionals create and maintain the image of their clients)

but a judge? is there a PR for judges too?

1467 days ago


I hope that everyone learns something about this situation. We are all guilty before God so stop pointing fingers please.

1467 days ago
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