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Susan Boyle Walks Off 'America's Got Talent'

9/8/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Susan Boyle has left Los Angeles in tears after being snubbed by a songwriter who refused to let her sing one of his hits on "America's Got Talent."


Susan arrived to L.A. earlier today to perform the song "Perfect Day" on the show.

Sources connected to the show tell TMZ ... producers needed permission from the songwriter, Lou Reed -- the former lead singer for The Velvet Underground and famous for "Walk on the Wild Side" --  but at the last minute they were informed that Reed refused permission because he isn't a Boyle fan.

When Boyle found out, she dissolved into tears -- unprepared to change her tune for the show.

We're told Boyle went to LAX this afternoon -- still in tears -- and is catching a flight back to London.

"America's Got Talent" refused to comment.



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SuBo is a kareoke singing joke, who sold a **** ton of records because people felt sorry for the plain old lady that an audience laughed at. And you're fooling yourself if you think that "moment" wasn't 100% manufactured by reality show producers.

Smart choice, Lou.

1506 days ago


Love Susan!! Sometimes the world is just an insane and awful place. Hopefully she can present her wonderful talent in a better venue.

1506 days ago


If she already recorded that song on her album I hope they pull it.
He's a miserable SOB, he shouldn't have waited until the last minute.
Sad little has been.

1506 days ago


I always knew he was a Richard!

1506 days ago


Can anyone explain to me why a totally cool woman like Laurie Anderson would marry Lou Reed?
I have wondered this for years and can only hope he is nicer in real life than he seems.

1506 days ago


Miss Boyle is famous for having temper tantrums when things dont go her way. How many time has she sung IDAD? She could have sang it instead. If she is all that talented then she should write her own songs. A song writer has the right to not let anyone sing their song. He probably listed her her CD and said to himself OMG - I dont want that cow singing any of my songs. He doesnt need the money. He is worth a fortune.

1506 days ago


I would be devastated to. It shows the song meant something to Boyle and she was denied to sing it. We love you Susan! Reed is being a jerk!!!

1506 days ago


Why are you all assuming that what this article said about Susan leaving in tears is true? She is an incredible strongh woman and we don't know what happened yet so lets not assume and start the attack on Susan.I can see how the bullies were waiting to attack again.She is not to blame but somebody made a mistake here, apparently they did not have him in writing.

1506 days ago


It's Lou Reed's song. It's HIS property. He can do what the eff he wants. He owns the rights.

Perhaps Susan Boyle is just a little bit too entitled in her diva attitude, what with stomping off like a spoiled child. But of course, it's all about her. Puh-leeze.

This looks like Lou Reed making a political statement to an industry that rewards no talents, circus acts and general freaks fame and fortune instead of promoting the performers who have actually paid their dues.

Oh, boo hoo Susan Boyle, with your millions. Had you not been unfortunate looking, you'd be just another schlump with a modi*** of talent and still unknown, which by the way, does not entitle you or your producers to assume that you can use anyone's work without their permission. Arrogantly: this is how she behaved. "NEXT" is how she should be treated.

1506 days ago

the debster    

will and suck it sound ignorant too. You two are so dumb the first letter of your names don't even deserve to be capitalized!!! Susan Boyle has a phenomenal voice. If you don't believe me listen to her bonus track of "Wings to Fly" on youtube!!! Or to you does music have to be loud and bust your eardrums to be good? If so, that's why you can't tell the difference between real music and bull****.

1506 days ago

nyc fan    

i use to help lou reed when he shopped at the boutique i worked. you have no idea what a jerk he was to me. no one else would wait on him because be was so cranky & demanding. i do think he's a musical genius BUT he's an mean,angry, miserable person.

1506 days ago

the debster    

Lou is the biggest jackass on the planet!!! Didn't Mr. Stupid realize how much royalties he would rake in if he allowed someone such as Susan to sing one of his songs? HIS LOSS!!!! jay, abe, and sloppy seconds, you all don't sound too bright. GO BACK TO FIRST GRADE WHERE YOU DUDES BELONG!!!

1506 days ago


Lou Reed is an idiot!!! If I was in his place I would have gladly let her pick what ever song she wanted to sing!!!

1506 days ago


He really has a bad case of the uglies!!! They always say - what you see on the outside is a reflection of what is inside!!!

1506 days ago


wow! -- I bet there are more Susan Boyle fans, than he has ever had. He did get a boost when U2 involved him in their tour several years back with one of his little satellite of love tunes.

Man, get a grip dude..

Susan.. hang in there, he's just an unhappy old has been, never will be again and he's upset that your career is booming..

1506 days ago
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