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50 Cent: Mayweather's Baby Mama Just Wants Money

9/9/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

50 Cent is already in Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s corner -- the rapper, who just spoke with Floyd moments ago, claims Mayweather's baby mama is making up domestic violence allegations for a quick payday. 


Fiddy just posted the following message on his Twitter -- "Another case of angry baby mama wanting money. Police are looking for [Mayweather]. I just got off the phone with him."

50 then added, "She's claiming he hit her but has no bruises. Floyd went to see his kids last night if a fighter of floyd caliber hits u, u would b bruised."

As we first reported, the Las Vegas PD are looking to speak with Mayweather about the domestic violence allegations made by his baby mama Josie Harris ... and will decide whether to arrest him.

UPDATE: 50 just added, "I talked to him before and after the situation he wasnt even upset. He said he asked her why was the house so dirty she started trippin."

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WOW i knew it ran in your family but we all know you won't end up in prison like your cuz jason drake family thank god for me you never helped him out or I'd be dead is crazy full blown crazy family

1449 days ago


If floyd wants his house clean, tell him to pick a broom or hire a maid. GF doesn't have time to clean the house, she's GOT a job, it's called being a MOM and taking care of the children, which is more work than most men could handle.

1449 days ago


I guess the cops should pack up and go home. Fitty and his crack dectective skills solved the case. He is after all witty and intelligent.

1449 days ago


50 cent needs to mine his business and keep his 2 cents to himself; he's only getting one side of the story.

1449 days ago

Isabella Aguilera    

Michie...thanks. you owe me an iced coffee. i now have to clean my monitor from the coffee i choked on from your post.


1449 days ago


I'm gonna keep this short. 50 I like your music, but your comment on this situation sickens me! FIRST OF ALL, did you see her personally? For you to sit there and comment about how she didn't have a bruise and is only looking to get paid, makes you look like a schmuck! How can you sit there and stick up for a WOMAN BEATER!?!?!? I personally saw her and yes she had bruises and cuts on her face and THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME SHE'S HAD A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST HIM! AND THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME HE'S PUT HIS HANDS ON HER!

I DO NOT KNOW HER PERSONALLY, but can confirm the marks she had from this DOUCHeBAG! I HOPE that Mayweather DOES NOT get away with this AGAIN! And I hope they take his license to fight away!

1449 days ago


reply to this bloggin ass non-lawyer:
'So if Floyd isn't guilty, why did he leave? Another point and case the DA will bring up. Second, who the hell cares what 50 thinks anyway? Another point and case the DA will bring up, why did Floyd call 50 (who isn't a lawyer) to tell him his side of the story instead of the police. Third, no bruises huh? '

50's opinion doesn't matter-as far as court is concerned. but thats ur only valid point. just cuz ur a 2nd year jealous ass law student doesn't qualify u to know ****. shut the **** up blogger...i would have posted ur whole post but i was tired of reading your nonsensical bull****

1449 days ago


Never mess with a broke b*tch when you're rich.
If Floyd the same guy that leaves some of the greatest fighters in the world looking like zombies, I doubt he could hit a girl and leave no bruises what so ever. Let's not forget that the b*tch already lied ONCE about him hitting her cause she was jealous. She's already getting more than she needs, just like 50s baby mama who was getting 25k a month without any court papers, a million dollar mansion and multiple cars but she was a greedy b*tch and wanted 50k took it to court and ended up with 6k. The b*tch is gonna have a hard time when Floyds kids turn 18.

1449 days ago


I can't wait to see Manny kick Mayweathers ass. He deserves to be knocked out.

Let's see how is "Yes men" explain that to him.

1449 days ago


all this drama causes wrinkles, gray hair and messed up kids. Stop it.

1449 days ago

don rychlick    

the da will see if it real or not!

1449 days ago


at 26... grown man or not, nobody goes to see their kids at 5am.. are you retarded? He was probly trying to get some ass and she said no so he hit her.. Going to see his kids? I cant stop thinking of how ignorant that was to say.

1449 days ago


either he is on drug or drunken! he will shown up in next 3 day after drugs/alcohol down

1449 days ago


Im on Team "Money Mayweather"....these BabyMammas are dangerous.....especially the latest trend is the domestic violence trick.....easiest way to a payout....unless your Mem Gibson

1449 days ago


Floyd should dump her quick before her drama runions this young mans career. There are PLENTY of mature women that would appreciate a man that is taking care of business. He works, and can provide, qualities that a woman should appreciate. He deserves better. He has worked too hard to get set back on some dumb crap! Best of luck Floyd...

P.S. I am African American female mid 40's and good looking! :-)

1449 days ago
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