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50 Cent: Mayweather's Baby Mama Just Wants Money

9/9/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

50 Cent is already in Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s corner -- the rapper, who just spoke with Floyd moments ago, claims Mayweather's baby mama is making up domestic violence allegations for a quick payday. 


Fiddy just posted the following message on his Twitter -- "Another case of angry baby mama wanting money. Police are looking for [Mayweather]. I just got off the phone with him."

50 then added, "She's claiming he hit her but has no bruises. Floyd went to see his kids last night if a fighter of floyd caliber hits u, u would b bruised."

As we first reported, the Las Vegas PD are looking to speak with Mayweather about the domestic violence allegations made by his baby mama Josie Harris ... and will decide whether to arrest him.

UPDATE: 50 just added, "I talked to him before and after the situation he wasnt even upset. He said he asked her why was the house so dirty she started trippin."

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Mayweather is such an *******. All he can hit is a woman. He is so scared to fight Manny. Anyway, that is Karma, for him being such a certified *******.

1468 days ago


50cent is on point

this broad has done it before, she's a liar

1468 days ago


TMZ - why would you even bother to report this? Who cares what some ignorant rapper thinks. 50 can barely create a full sentence. And what makes him think he's qualified to comment on such a serious situation. Stick to the only topics you know...rap and bullets!

1468 days ago


Never mess with a broke b*tch when you're rich.
If Floyd the same guy that leaves some of the greatest fighters in the world looking like zombies, I doubt he could hit a girl and leave no bruises what so ever. Let's not forget that the b*tch already lied ONCE about him hitting her cause she was jealous. She's already getting more than she needs, just like 50s baby mama who was getting 25k a month without any court papers, a million dollar mansion and multiple cars but she was a greedy b*tch and wanted 50k took it to court and ended up with 6k. The b*tch is gonna have a hard time when Floyds kids turn 18.

1468 days ago


Congrats Floyd! You just improved your record to 42-0 by a TKO on Harris!!!

Maybe next time you can sign the contract and fight Pacquiao next?? Stop fighting women, fight a MAN instead! STOP DUCKING PACQUIAO.

As for 50??? Who cares what he say LOL

1468 days ago


My question is Was 50cents there did he see what went down, I THINK NOT so how can he speak for anybody but himself. Abuse is not a good thing, and just because "HE" didn't see any bruses doesn't mean there aren't any. There is also emotional brusing. That's the thing about "BLACK & WHITE men" they are always trying to find a way out of anything. If you make babies take care of the babies!!!!

1468 days ago


allegations then hiding then racial slurs, like father like uncle like son!! plain and simple
yea he did it. just another excuse to not fight manny,
man up fool, quit being a duckstar, you ruinning your legacy

1468 days ago


The issue is why was he at her house unannounced in the first place? Ask that... Why is he worried about the cleanliness of her home i'm sure she was cleaning it before he was there and long after he was gone. Oh, and don't get it twisted some black men are very violent towards women who are not docile and dimwitted and let anything go on because they are only worried about how much money they are getting! u feel me. Some women actually love their men and don't want to share and when that man feels or sdecide they can do whatever they like because they have money and their woman does not agree and discards them and tells them to do it alone and get out...believe me they do get upset because they know they let a GOOD thing go for some BS... We really don't know how or if he did assault her as we did not see any pics of her after the allegations but I do doubt he hit her as she stated because she would have been out cold not doubt. However, when you are being abused hitting, slapping or doing anything in an abusive manner is fighting to the one being assaulted. Mayweather needs to MAN up and call before he comes and stop being mad at her because he got dropped by the neighborhood gold digging hoe...like the fellas stated let h**s be h**s and keep you a good woman beside ya...GROW UP.

1468 days ago


Wow...I saw a comment that makes me wonder are people even reading what they write "EVERY BLACK WOMEN DESERVED TO GET HIT?!" Wow, what ignorance is shown with that statement alone. I guess they were abused or discarded by black women because they were weak. However, in essence there should be NO fighting what so ever...we are grown people who should be able to converse and if not converse YELL without touching each other...NOBODY has the right to hit someone other than in self defense...and that's plain and simple. NO time for DRAMA keep it moving. A lot of these men and women need to grow up "BOTH" because remember we don't know these people personally and we only see one side. Yes, he is rich but how did he act before? You know Mayweather is a low down person who does not look out for anyone who did so for him...baby mama included...know that...peep out his personal history...trust he is a suck neezy..for real. These are things I don't necessarily have proof of other than these are people who were his friends and that he grew up with ...so ask them. Don't really know why they would lie (not even out of spite...they are not the type)

1468 days ago


Floyd!!! You're going down baby. You MF dumb@$$, @irhead. It's just a matter of time. Keep messin' up! It doesn't matter how much money you have, it will have wings and start flying. Whatever you're doing keep doing it baby.

1467 days ago


It's pretty apparent that 50 and Money are on the down low. I've heard this rumor before... I am not saying they don't sleep with women, they do. But they like to spend some special time with each other... if you know what I mean.

Anyways, the Mayweather's are a very accomplished family of wife and women beaters. You got Floyd Sr., Roger and now Floyd Jr. They may be rich, but they are trashy as hell.

1467 days ago


Didn't 50 cent recently burn HIS baby mama's house down??? But what do you expect from someone whose own mama didnt't raise right because she was nothing but a crack selling whore!

1467 days ago


Isn't 50 Cent the writer of the song, "Have a Baby By Me, Baby, and Be a Millionaire?"

1467 days ago


#47 They're not even together, she has a new boyfriend which is allegedly what got Merryweather so pissed off to start with! She's managed to get a restraining order, and says Merryweather beat her in front of their 3 kids - so I guess it's more than her word hm?! She needs to ensure he can't see the kids if that's true, they'll be terrified of him now, breaking back in through the kids bedroom window Jeez!!

1466 days ago


#61...............GOOD ONE!!

1466 days ago
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