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Tiger Woods Mistress -- Fired from Hooker Gig

9/10/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... one of Tiger Woods' mistresses was fired from her job as a "working girl" at Nevada's most famous brothel ... all because she opened her big fat mouth.


Devon James -- mistress number 20ish -- is still featured on the website for the world famous Bunny Ranch in Carson City, where owner Dennis Hof confirmed Devon was employed as a sex worker for "a while."

But Hof tells us he recently fired Devon's ass after she injected herself into the Tiger Woods media circus because she "broke the code -- which is privacy and discretion with all clients."

Hof continues, "She is a disgusting excuse for a working girl ... she's a scumbag and a snitch."

As for Devon's rate during her stint at the ranch -- Hof explains, "It's negotiable depending on what you want ... but it could get into the thousands."

Hof ended with this parting shot -- "Now that she doesn't work here anymore ... I wish nothing but the worst for her."

A rep for Devon tells us, "She worked there one time before the Tiger thing."

The rep also insists that management at the Bunny Ranch continues to call Devon because they want her to work there.

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lol did TMZ really sensor the word CIR***STANCE? That is really stupid.

1470 days ago

hung and dashing    

He's just mad because he sees that today's hookers and working girls don't need him or a pimp. All they need today is a famous, super rich man for a quickie, a lawyer and the media to get MILLIONS of dollars (for services rendered). No need for a pimp. The new middleman is a high-profile attorney (in perhaps a red suit and bumblebee pin).

1470 days ago


Why would a legal brothel fire someone for talking about their job? Do men really think that no one knows or should know that they pay for sex? Hookers are people too. They have friends and lives. If prostitution is a business transaction like any other, it is as public as any other business transaction.

1470 days ago


Paging Gloria Alred. There is a hooker in crises. Get on your broom and fly over to her as soon as possible.

1470 days ago


She opened her big fat mouth for the wrong reason - Gulp..

1470 days ago


OMG this prostitute is a mother. I feel sorry for the poor child.

1470 days ago


Tiger's women are sooooooo classy that they are fired from being hookers. !!! Wow. Imagine that. Not good enough to even practice at the lowest profession in the world. Way to go Tiger. You sure are the man.

Now we see why you couldn't appreciate Elin. She is so waaaaaaaaaay out of your class. You belong with dogs and donkeys. Not real women.

1470 days ago


I like this guy. doesn't take any **** from his bitches. kick her to the curb is right!

1470 days ago

Fred Farkel    

#43 Jean:

Look. I would love to tell you how/why I am so familiar as to how the LPIN (Legal Prostitute in Nevada) business works.

Those details do not matter. But I will tell you from a totally pragmatic point of view... if a woman can earn a mid six-figure income by working 4 months per year... enjoy her stay on this planet, visit all the far away places, mingle with people that you will NEVER be able to mingle with... then why wouldn't a woman with the appropriate talent do it???

I understand that you do not approve. I understand that most folks would not approve.

OK. Who cares???

I spent much of my life getting my college degree and then shuffling paper in a cubicle.

You talk about a crime against humanity?!?!?!?


I have been a part of the LPIN industry in the past and now own another business that when it closes everyday - I go home and have no worries. The day to day opertion can be handled by trained monkeys.

And I am making a fortune.

And let me tell you... just like the LPIN business... many folks have a problem with what I do now.

I just laugh... all the way to my next 6 month vacation... and I take TWO six month vacations per year.

Oh by the way.

In them olden days, I got to be with the hottest women on the planet.

And I wasn't charged 10 friggin cents.


They were not anywhere in sight when the sun came up.

I envied no man on this planet.


Thank you.

1470 days ago


You know your life is ruined when...
you get FIRED from being a PROFESSINAL WHORE.
aww,back to the streets with you!
Next time,only use your mouth for your overpriced BJs you give and for screaming the names of your clients lustfully.
Shut your trap,sweetie-no one wants hear the crap coming out of it.
"She is a disgusting excuse for a working girl"-now that's a real good oxymoron right there. All "working girls" are disgusting.Period.
And so are you,you disgusting gross old-man pimp.

1469 days ago


Damn. I came back to get that recipe and TMZ had deleted it. On the plus side, they also deleted the religious extremist that seems to be going bananas all over every page.

I guess I'll never get that pasta =(

1469 days ago

Dennis Hof (BunnyRanch)    

I have to say I love the comments! Even nurses and doctors have to abide by privacy issues, working girls need to do the same thing! Any way you cut it Tiger's girls have no business outing him for a few bucks, karma will get them.

1469 days ago


Dennis Hof is a piece of S#@T media whore who will do ANYTHING to get traffic to the bunny ranch website. He neglects to remember that BY LAW he must have signed permission to keep EVERY girls picture up on a yearly basis. When a girl does quit he trashes her life and calls her a drug addict. Nothing he says is credible or worth printing.

1469 days ago


"...disgusting excuse for a working girl"? When has there been anything less than a disgusting excuse for a working girl?
Dennis Hof is a disgusting excuse of a man. He really should be shot off into space.

1469 days ago


@ #76 aka samantha.

I didn't know that. Wow, what an a hole

1468 days ago
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